Quasimoto – The Further Adventures of Lord Quas

Quasimoto - The Further Adventures of Lord Quas1. Bullyshit

Great way to start off the album. This is “Bad Character” Part 2. Quasimoto talks about bullying people and acting like a psycho. Great stuff as usual. Good

2. Greenery

The bass is way too loud here. I don’t like this track at all. This track is very messy and just all around awful. There’s not much rapping here, it’s just a bunch of samples and talking. This is terrible. Wack

3. Crime

Bouncy beat here, a little dull but it’s ok. Quas & Madlib rap about stealing money and getting away with it. The problem here is that the track just cuts off and then some talking samples come in, this happens a lot on this album and it’s just annoying. This is too short to be anything good. Average

4. Hydrant Game

Terrible beat here. The Unseen was filled with jazzy smooth beats, this album is filled with sloppy beats that are poorly done. This is not a good track. Wack

5. Don’t Blink

80’s sounding beat here, it’s like I’ve stepped out of a time machine. Some people don’t like Quas, they think his voice is annoying and is just some gimmick. I think Quas is brilliant, and though while it is a gimmick, it’s a good gimmick. This track isn’t that good however. Wack

6. Players of The Game

Great starting here, I wish Madlib used this starting as the main beat, but he doesn’t. After the great starting is over, we’re stuck listening to a basic bass beat with annoying samples. Why is this album off to a bad start? Wack

7. Bus Ride

Good track about alcoholism, but there’s one problem and that problem is the cut off samples. The samples totally ruin the flow of the track. Still a good track though. Good

8. Closer(Feat Madvillain)

DOPE! MF Doom brings the dopeness here as he raps the first verse, great stuff from Doom as usual. I dig the beat here, very gloomy. Quas & madlib have the second verse and again it’s very dope. This is the best track on the album. DOPE!

9. Maingirl

Nice beat, I can’t really describe it, it sounds like one of those old war type tracks you’d here on one of those old “Sinbad” type movies. Quas raps about women. Good track. Good

10. Civilization Day

Good beat here, very funky sounding. This track is about judgement day and what goes on. Very interesting track. Again there are samples and they aren’t needed. Does Madlib actually think the voice samples appeal to people? I mean sure in moderation they’re ok, but not on every damn track. Good enough. Good

11. Bartender Say

Very MF Doom-ish beat here, I like it a lot. Interesting concept here, as Quas & Madlib talk to a bartender. See this is where voice samples work. Good track. Good

12. 1994

Drum heavy beat here, it’s very boring though Madlib does a great job flowing to it. This track is about…of course the year 1994 and how Hip Hop was back then. Average(Madlib did a good job)

13. Another Demo Tape

Very dope track here. This track is about listening to demo tapes and throwing them out of the window. Again there are cut off’s with stupid voice samples. Good enough track, though the samples do get redundant. Good

14. Raw Deal

Flute heavy track, then it gets really sloppy. Yea, this isn’t the Unseen, this is just a mess. Wack

15. Mr. Two-Faced

Decent track, I can’t really describe the beat here, though there are voice samples scattered throughout the track. Quas & Madlib do a good job. Good

16. The Exclusive(Feat M.E.D.)

This is a MED solo track and it’s really good albeit very short. MED spits the real here, very relateable lyrics. Great beat here, very relazing with “One Love” sayings scattered throughout. Good stuff. Good

17. Fatbacks

“I like my asses fat, not flat” is said atleast 40 times in the beginning, that gets annoying. This is about….of course fat asses. This track annoys me. Wack

18. J.A.N.(Jive Ass Niggaz)

-Good track, the beat is all sped up soul samples which is soothing. Quas & Madlib do a great job on this track. Good

19. Shroom Music

The beat is all over the place, just very sloppy. I hate tracks like this because if you say it’s awful then someone will say “Dude that’s because you have to be on drugs to get it!”. So you have to be on a substance to like a track? That sounds like an excuse to defend a terrible track. This track is awful. Wack

20. Rappcats Pt. 3

Nice track here. A very old school Hip Hop beat here. Madlib gives props to all the old school groups. Good stuff. Good

21. Strange Piano

Nice piano beat here, very heavy sounding. Quas & Madlib trade lines here. Great track, I’m a sucker for piano beats. Good

22. Life Is…

This was called “Chippin'” on “Stones Throw 101”. This track is terrible, way too many voice samples here. Just an awful track that’s so sloppy. Wack

23. The Clown(Episode C)

Weird beat here, but it has a soothing feel to it. Quasimoto raps about some weird stuff. Good track. Good

24. Raw Addict Pt. 2

Nice funky sounding beat here. Madlib talks about buying records and how it’s a habit. I’m also addicted to buying music. Madlib also raps about being addicted to making beats. Great track. Good

25. Tomorrow Never Knows

The beat has a funky feel to it and it also sounds like a video game. The track is about how you never know what will happen in life. Good track. Good

26. Privacy

Nice bouncy piano beat here, very upbeat sounding. Quasimoto comes tight here. Nice way to end the album. Good


All in all I’m going to give this a Good rating. Ok the album had some really terrible tracks and some really sloppy ones, but there were also some really good ones as well. Madlib went sample happy on this album and he really needs to stop putting so many on tracks because it kills the flow. This was not “The Unseen”, so don’t even try to compare the 2. Cop this if you’re a Stones Throw fan, but if you’re new to Quasimoto, then get “The Unseen”.

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