Empty Mynd – It’s Serious

Empty Mynd - It's SeriousEmpty Mynd was born in Panama City and raised in South Central L.A. and has been doing his thing for a while. He’s now releasing his first album on his label Westworld Entertainment. All tracks are produced or co-produced by Empty Mynd but music credits goes to ProttoeZak and others. I’m not sure what that means.

1. The Truth

The album starts of with “The Truth” about Empty Mynd who’s basically telling his life story, or at least the life history of Empty Mynd – the artist. The track’s got a real tight heavy beat completed with something that sounds like a medieval instrument and an instrument that I can only assume is a keyboard. It doesn’t matter what the instruments are – it’s a real tight track and it’s a real good way to start of the album.

2. Mashin feat. Tha Wizad of Oz, Lobo, Da Grench

Next up on the album is “Mashin”. Just like “The Truth”, it has a heavy, tight beat. I don’t know who’s who so I can’t really grade the guests but they’re all dropping tight verses. It’s a tight track but it’d be better with an other hook; It’s done by Tha Wizad of Oz with a special effects voice and I’m just not feeling it. It’s got a good thought behind it though and if the special effects were dropped I’d probably like it.

3. Hold Up

You can tell this is a West Coast album, and coming from me that’s a compliment. “Hold Up” has got a heavy, tight beat (I know, I’m being repetitive but it really does) and I’m really feeling Empty Mynd on this one. He’s coming out real raw and the hook’s made to raise your adrenaline. These first three tracks has really made me dig this album.

4. Ya’ll Don’t Want It feat. Eskeleto

“Ya’ll don’t want it” is a smoother track with a pretty heavy baseline and a tight hook. I found this line funny where Empty Mynd’s recreating an alleged conversation at a club:

“Seems like everybody got a little something to say
when they all up in the club and they all in my face like:
“Hey Empty Mynd man your album is cool. You’re the coolest n*gga that I ever met in my life dude”
I’m like “Whatever motha*****a step aside for me”.”

The beat’s latin inspired and the guest, Eskeleto, is actually dropping his verse in Spanish. It’s cool, but I don’t understand a word he’s saying.

5. Down Wit Me

This next tracks beat got repetitive real fast. Empty Mynd’s spitting about why you should be down with him and how you should get the ***** away from him if you’re not. The repetitiveness of the beat’s trying to be saved by some samples thrown in but it doesn’t help much. To its defense I’ve got to say that i was feeling the beat before getting tired of it.

6. Living The Life feat. D.L. Lewis

“Living The Life” is a slow jam and D.L. Lewis is the RnB cat singing the hook. Empty Mynd’s rapping about partying and living the life which might be suited better on an up-tempo party beat but whatever works for him… It’s a real cool track.

7. A Day In The Life feat. Lil Spade, Lord & Da Grench

Track 7 is another slow jam. Empty Mynd and his guests go a little deeper on this one, and I like that. To me, a slow jam needs to be either a love song or a deep song and I don’t think Empty Mynd’s the type of rapper that does a love song. I’m feeling this track. Hook’s real tight too.

8. Datz Gangsta

“All I came to do, is keep it gangsta”, says Empty Mynd on a slow but raw beat. There’s not much more to say about this song. I’m definitely feeling it.

9. Real Talk feat. Wizad Of Oz

“Real talk” is about gangs. Empty Mynd’s talking about how it is and how he represent his gang. He does warn people about how you’ve got to maintain focused since money will bring you up but also take you down. The hook’s made with special effects again but I don’t mind this time around. It’s a cool track without weak points.

10. Westcoast Rydaz feat. Draft Calhoun

Empty Mynd is a westcoast rydaz, and so is the guest here, Draft Calhoun, who is doing a real good impression on me with his 2 verses. There’s a great chemistry between the guest and Empty Mynd, too. Empty’s got a rawer flow on this track and it’s probably to match Draft Calhoun. The beat’s up-tempo and makes you nod your head = always a good thing.

11. 42nd Street feat Lewis & Klassic

This is a nostalgia trip back to 42nd Street, where I’m assuming Empty Mynd grew up or lives at. The mellow beat is perfect for a song taking you back somewhere and I’m really enjoying this song right here.

12. Hell Yeah feat. Beto Man, J Killa & Eskeleto

Eskeleto’s once again dropping a spanish verse on “Hell Yeah”. The difference between the previous appearance and this one is that this is a track where all three verses are in Spanish. The only English fragment on this cut is the hook. I don’t mind but at the same time i don’t understand a word. The beat goes well with the rest of the track since it’s Hispanic influenced aswell.

13. World Wide Ryde feat. Spade, Lord & Major Factorz

Empty Mynd is a world wide ryder, I guess. “World Wide Ryde” has a slow but heavy beat that I’m really digging. The guest do their job with more or less deep verses and so does Empty Mynd, making this a nice track.

14. Why

Why people wanna hate on Empty Mynd? I have no idea. He’s a pretty tight rapper and a nice producer.

All in all this is a real solid album. It started off real well but the other half of the album didn’t match the first. Beats are tight all the way through with few exceptions and even though Empty Mynds lyrics often lack deep meanings, he does surprise me here and there. He’s definitely got skills and after listening to the album a few times for this review I’m definitely going to look for his music in the future. The guests are doing their jobs too and doesn’t lower the standard of the tracks they appear on. The album is real solid and has no fillers wich is rare nowdays.

Production on the album is solid. A few tracks are above the average for this album while some are below average. Compared to other projects out there though, production is strong.

I rate this album 3,5 out of 5. It’s close to 4 than it is to 3.

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