Danger Doom – The Mouse & The Mask

Danger Doom - The Mouse & The Mask1. El Chupa Nibre

In case you’re out of the loop, Danger Doom is Danger Mouse & MF Doom, which means Doom does the rapping and Danger does the production. I like the beat by Danger here, it has a very mellow feel to it and also very cartoony. MF Doom does a great job here, he doesn’t sound as muffled as he usually does. I like this track but what’s with the beeping? This had to be intentional, but it’s still very annoying. Great track otherwise. Master Shake tries to call Danger but gets the answering machine, so he leaves a funny message. Oh yea, this whole album is built around Adult Swim, so many characters show up and do voices. Great track. Good

2. Sofa King

Nice violin type beat here. MF Doom comes pretty tight here as he raps about the usual dope jibberish that you have to encode later on. Good track. Good

3. The Mask(Feat Ghostface)

A dream collabo in many rap fans minds, and it has finally happened. I like the beat by Danger here, very horn heavy. Doom starts off the track with a great verse. Ghostface with the next verse and he does a really good job playing the paranoid super hero. You know, both of these guys speak some dope jibberish. Dope track! DOPE!

4. Perfect Hair

Very smooth sounding beat, again it sounds cartoonish. MF Doom raps about a bunch of incoherent stuff. I like Doom a lot and this is what makes him special. You see, he doesn’t just rap a bunch of jibber jabber, he actually tells a story with his jibberish, so you most likely will get the meaning later on in life. Master Shake again tries to call Danger. I like this track. Good

5. Benzie Box(feat Cee-Lo)

Nice Westcoast-ish beat by Danger. Cee-Lo rules it on the chorus. Total styles clash between these 3(Yes, even Danger), but they really all work together well. Doom is Doom here. The usual good stuff from these guys. Good

6. Old School(Feat Talib Kweli)

This is a track dedicated to the wonders of cartoons. We all have watched Saturday morning cartoons, so we all can relate to this track. Kweli does a great job with the first verse, he sounds like he’s having a great time rapping about cartoons and their inspiration towards him. Doom does a great job with his verse as well. Great track. DOPE!

7. A.T.H.F.

Meatwad gives a little rap in the beginning, pretty funny stuff. Doom just raps about all the members of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force. You know this is why I like Doom, he’s not afraid to be original and to not be “Gangsta”. He doesn’t have to rap about guns and gangs, he’s just himself. This track will please the ATHF fans. Good

8. Basket Case

DOPE! This is my favorite track on the album. Harvey Birdman is king here as he gives a hilarious rant about the 70’s in the beginning. This track is about convicting Danger Doom and MF Doom has to give his story. Doom’s lyrics are very schitzo-like, references to straight jackets and anti-psychotic medications. Doom even tries to give his own testimony at the end, only to be laughed at by everyone. This track is amazing. DOPE!

9. No Names

Very 70’s sounding beat but it’s mixed with some bouncy Westcoast elements. Just an amazing beat that I can’t really describe. Doom raps about women and the like. Great track. Good

10. Crosshairs

I dig the beat here, nice guitars and very relaxing but also has violins mixed in. MF Doom raps about some abstract stuff, I can’t follow Doom sometimes but that’s why I dig the guy. Great stuff as usual. Good

11. Mince Meat

I like the track but it’s probably my least favorite on the album. Doom does a good job but the beat just bores me. Good(Just barely)

12. Vats Of Urine

The Mooninites do the beginning and actually add a lot to the track along with the sinister violins. Doom does a great job. Man this track is eerie sounding. Great stuff. DOPE!

13. Space Ho’s

This track is brilliant! Doom actually disses Space Ghost! Space even appears on the track. Man what a clever track, hell even Zorak is on the track. Danger flips the Space Ghost theme here with the whistles and what not. Gangsta rappers WISH they could do a track like this. DOPE!

14. Bada Bing

Nice way to end the track, very bass heavy beat and Doom rips it. Meatwad raps at the end. Good stuff. Good


All in all this gets a Good(Leaning on DOPE!) rating. This album is just amazing. This is easily album of the year. MF Doom & Danger Mouse hit a home run here. COP THIS NOW!

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