Mic-C – Candyland

Mic-C - Candyland1. Candyland

Very dark beat by Phonk Beta, it has a Loaded style to it. Mic-C’s style is really slow, it’s like he’s rapping on Unisom. Really good song here, if you like that Sac-Town style. Good

2. Nonbelievers

Nice bouncy beat here, first it starts off slow then it kicks in once Mic-C starts rapping. Mic does a good job on this track rapping about the people who didn’t believe in him. Good

3. One More Day

I don’t like the slow piano sounds on this track, it’s supposed to create an eerie vibe but it just doesn’t work. Mic-C did ok though. Average

4. Too Much Stress(Feat Hollow Tip & Young Ridah)

No this is not the Ridah from the Mob Figaz. I don’t like the beat here, it’s way too generic for my taste. Hollow does a good job and the rest are just “meh”. Wack

5. Nasty Nights

Pretty good beat here, nice and sleazy sounding. Of course this track is about “ho’s” and “Pimping”. Mic does a good job, but really the beat carries this one. Good

6. Money Talks

Nice bouncy track here. Mic raps about money and how he needs it. Well that’s something everyone can relate to. Good

7. Die Hard(Feat J-Mack)

Decent beat here, it’s pretty basic. J-Mack is awful and really ruins the whole track. I can’t listen to this crap anymore. Wack

8. Don’t Take This Lightly

Slower paced beat, I like it, it has a nice No-Cal vibe to it. This style of beat fits Mic’s style really well as opposed to some seizure inducing crunk beat. Good track. Good

9. Can You Handle(Feat Ballin A$$ Dame)

The beat sounds like that one Vegas level on Sonic 2, same sound and everything. The chorus is mindnumbingly stupid and overall just a weak track. Wack

10. Ghetto Police(Feat Hollow Tip)

Decent piano here with some weird synth type bass, that’s a bit of a styles clash of beat styles there. Hollow shines here. Good(For Hollow’s work)

11. Northside Ridahs(Feat J-Mack, Hollow Tip, & *Kappone)

The beat is just boring, I really can’t listen to it without falling asleep. Just skip this, though Hollow’s first verse is pretty good. Wack

12. Game Over

Some weird poorly done Latin type guitar beat is on this track over some boring backdrop. Is this the best you can do? Pathetic. Wack

13. I Don’t Stop(Feat Slim Loc 1 & Lunaticc)

Really dope track, and a nice way to end the album. Mic-C does a good job here with the first verse. Slim Loc 1 is none other than C-Lim and he does a decent job even though he has a voice that shouldn’t belong in rap. Good track. Good


All in all I’m going to give this an Average rating. There were some positives here(No skits, no intro’s, no outro’s, etc etc) and then there were some negatives(Formulaic beats, weak rapping, J-Mack, etc etc). Listen to this first before buying.

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