Kurupt – Same Day Different Shit

Kurupt - Same Day Different ShitKurupt aka Young Gotti is half of The Dogg Pound. The second half of the group is the man that produced this entire album: Daz Dillinger.

Kurupt and Daz was at the top of their carreer when dropping Dogg Food. Kurupts first solo came after leaving Death Row when he released KuruptionTha Streetz Iz A Mutha and Space Bookie: Smoke OddesseyTha Streetz Iz A Muthais as close to a classic you can come in my opinion, if not a classic.

Kurupt later returned to Death Row whom dropped Against The Grain after his departure. The album was tight in my opinion and Kurupt whom had been falling off a little bit did his best to keep his flow up. Alot of people think Kurupt fell off, while he is saying he just changed his style a little. Personally, I like the raw and energic Kurupt better than the lazy laid back Kurupt. It’s natural to compare Same Shit Different Day to Against The Grain.

Kurupt has, surprisingly, chosen to drop Same Shit Different Day on the same day as the new Dogg Pound album, Cali iz Active, is being released.

1. Intro

Kurupt is talking about some old classics he’s been on saying he’s still bringing them classics.

2. Scrape Thru Tha Hood

Kurupt’s starting off the album with a dark and pretty slow but still futuristic beat. Young Gotti’s trying to go hard which is good since he’s been going over to a more laid back style lately. While the flow is cool, the rhymes are pretty lazy. It’s still a tight track.

3. Make That Ass Shake

Daz is mixing his own production style with a newer style and I like it. In my opinion, Daz stayed with his old style a little too long while the game went forward and created a new style based on his old work. His old style was dope, but the bangers were absence lately. Kurupt has a rawer flow here than for example the new Dogg Pound album and that’s a good thing. All in all this track just doesn’t do it for me, though.

4. I Get High 2

I Get High 2 is a banger. Daz laced down a fat beat for Kurupt to spit hot shit over it. Maybe tight beats is what Kurupt’s been missing lately? Either way, this is a banger and should definitely be a single!

5. As Time Fly By feat. Daz Dillinger

This beat reminds me of When Thugz Cry by Bizzy Bone but with more bass and more banging. Daz is featured on As Time Fly By and in my opinion he’s lifting the track a notch even though he’s not really doing a verse. He’s mainly on the hook and does some other appearances. The beat’s banging and it’s good to hear these type of bangers from Daz again. It’s been a while. Kurupt seems to step up too as the beats gets tighter. Real tight, and surprising, development of this album…

6. Gangstaz Part 2 feat. Daz Dillinger

Daz does his first verse on the album on Gangstaz Part 2 and he does it well. Daz brings energy to a track. The beat’s tight but not as banging as As Time Fly By and I Get High. It actually gets a little repetitive… An other thing that kind of bothers me about this track is that Daz outshines Kurupt. Kurupt used to outshine Daz! Did Daz become that much better or did Kurupt fell off? You be the judge.

7. Ryde And Roll

Ryde And Roll has an other tight beat from Daz whom has now grown a lot in my eyes even though I was a fan before. Unfortunately, Kurupt is on his “***** a *****” mood and rhymes ***** with ***** a few times etc. You know the deal. It’s cool sometimes but it’s getting a little worn out.

8. What Can I Do feat. Ashton Jones

What Can I Do is for the females. The hook’s real girly and the RnB additions prove this is something to bump when your girl’s at your house. I bet Kurupt had to bite his tongue a few times since he likes to go all out on a *****. It’s funny to me how the male RnB singer is listed as a feature while the female isn’t. Either that’s a mistake, a part of Kurupts *****-a-***** attitude or the guy just sings like a girl from time to time. This is a cool slow jam but it’s not a track I’ll bump more than once.

9. Yes I’m A Quiccer

You rarely hear producers recycle beats. Daz is one of the producers I’ve heard done it before. Here’s an other example. This track is a recycle of the beat from the track Step Up on Tha Streetz Is A Mutha. A few instruments has just been replaced with others and some small changes has been made. The original had Crooked I and Xzibit over it and that combined with a young Kurupt outshines this track by far. It might’ve been tight if there was no other track to compare it with.

10. Shoot Em Up (Skit)

11. Accessories (Nina Breeda)

Accessories is wack. The beat isn’t wack, but it’s weak and Kurupts flow is lazier than ever. His rhymes are pretty lazy too. Filler.

12. I Did It

Who took the Behind The Walls beat and changed a few things to make a new song? This is where Daz comes in saying “I Did It”. Second recycled beat on the album even though it’s pretty different from the original. Daz didn’t produce the original either… Mike Dean did. This beat is pretty cool still, but Kurupt keeps spitting his lazy stuff. It’s a shame…

13. Ain’t That Somethin’ feat. Daz Dillinger

Ain’t That Somethin’ has a banging beat that reminds me of that Daz track It’s Not Over Until I Say So or whatever it’s called. It just reminds me of it though… it’s not a remake as previously said about other songs on this album. The track’s real tight and blast-that-ass-Daz makes a real tight appearance again. Tight way to wrap up the album.

14. Young Gotti Outro


Same Day Different Shit has its up and downs. Kurupts flow seems to be depending on the production. If the production’s banging, Young Gotti spit some hot shit with a raw flow but if the production’s a little weaker Kurupt goes back to his lazy flow with random rhyming words put into sentences. I Get High 2 and As Time Fly By are the best tracks on the album in my opinion and should possibly have been considered being put on the Dogg Pound album Cali Iz Active instead as it’s the groups big comeback album. Daz still has capacity to bring out bangers and he proves it here. His So So Def solo album’s been in the works for a while now and is hopefully filled with bangers. Unfortunately, Kurupt’s not keeping up. I think it’s safe to say Kurupt fell off. At the same time, it might not be fair to compare this Kurupt with the hungry young Death Row rapper he was over 10 years ago. He’s a solid rapper but below the average rapper in flow and rhymes.

About 5 tracks into the album I was thinking that this album is a lot tighter than the Dogg Pound album, but the second part of the album really disappointed me and now I have to say the Dogg Pound album is a better purchase. Compared to Against The Grain, this album has a few bangers that would definitely make the cut for that album, but overall ATG is a better album.
I rate this album 3 out of 5. Average. Bring on Daz solo…

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