MC Paul Barman – Pallelujah

MC Paul Barman - Pallelujah1. It’s Here

Intro to the album, really annoying.

2. Paullelujah

Typical Barman here, which isn’t that bad. You know some people may think he’s annoying but Barman entertains me. Paul Barman has some hilarious lines(The Ritalin line for example), the Barman gimmick is genius as well. Nice cartoony beat, total cheesy over the top song with Barman singing “PAULLELUJAH!!!!” in the chorus, the same crap being sung in the intro. Good stuff. Good

3. ***** Mobster

Horrible title name, but the beat is really catchy. Nice horns in there and again just overall over the top feel that made his first EP so great. Barman talks about getting with all these women, his humor and sarcasm will fly over the heads of some people, for example my sister thinks he’s horrible so I always play his music when we’re driving heh! Funny song with a very dope beat and a stupid title name and an even more idiotic chorus albeit hilarious. Good

4. Old, Paul

Terrible intro to the song, going about 40 seconds of just nothing interesting. Barman’s flow on here is great because like always he tries to fit in as many big words as possible making a very sloppy first verse. Chorus is really funny, nice to play in public when you’re driving around the mall parkinglot heh. Better second verse for Barman as he finally stays on beat. Third verse is funny as he tries to change up his flow. Great comedy here. Good

5. Bleeding Brain Grow

Nice guitar type beat, it has a salsa flavor mixed in with it. Barman uses the “Reading Rainbow” song as the chorus but replacing it with “Bleeding Brain Grow”. Typical Barman stuff but once he starts singing it boosts this song up to Good status and then he lists some dope rappers. How can you not like this guy? Good

6. N.O.W.

Horrible beginning, it’s just terrible, so bad that you’ll skip it once you hear it. Stupid song, but can be funny when playing it in a club with people on the dance floor who have never heard Barman. Average(For comedy)

7. Excuse You

Barman goes western? Hmmmm this song is a little weird and not in a “Oh this is so weird it’s genius” way. Way too stupid for my liking and I usually like Barman’s sense of humor. Wack

8. Vulture Shark Sculpture Park

Great beat, very very dope stuff. This is a totally different beat then you’d expect Barman to rap on. Good stuff. Good

9. Anarchist Bookstore Part 1

DOPE! MF Doom produced this beat and man it’s one of his best beats EVER! This is a really different track for Barman but he does a great job. Barman channels Twista(Heh) as he raps in a rapid hilarious flow. Weird chorus, kind of annoying when he mentions “”. Great track, the best Barman track EVER! DOPE!

10. Burping & Farting

This is the greatest track ever made heh! Hilarious track as Barman talks about….what else but BURPING & FARTING! Isn’t that genius? Hilarity is just running rampant all over this track. Whoops forgot to turn off “Sarcasm Mode” on my computer. Ah here we go I turned it off man is this track horrible. Train Wreck

11. Talking Time Travel

Weird starting and I mean weird, kind of eerie as well. It then gets hilarious as Barman gets into Willie Nelson mode as he sings a little country tune and I’m rollin on the ground hearing this. Barman even says “darn tootin” thus boosting it to Good rating. Good

12. Anarchist Bookstore Part 2

Another Doom beat but it isn’t as good as Part 1, weird track all around as it starts off with voice samples. Good track though as Barman is in his glory here. Good

13. A Somewhat New Medium

Not really a track, just one long outro as Barman says some funny stuff about “Parrot shit” over a pretty dope beat. I cannot rate this though.


All in all this gets a Good rating. You have to appreciate Barman’s humor to appreciate this album. Barman’s music is a guilty pleasure of mine. Some really Good tracks and one DOPE! track is not bad for his first full length album. Cop it only if you like Barman’s style or else it’ll be just too weird and “nerdy” for your liking.

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