Lost Boyz – Love, Peace & Nappiness

51WUAC482QL._SL500_AA300_This is the second album from the group Lost Boyz. Members are Mr Cheeks, Freakie Tah, Pretty Lou and Spigg Nice. It’s also the last album released before the passing of group member Freakie Tah (RIP). All tracks have Mr Cheeks on them, and most have Freakie Tah on them in the backround or with a verse.

1. Intro

2. Summer time
Tight beat. This is a typical party track and I’ve played this track at X number of parties myself!

3. Me & MY Crazy World
Mr Cheeks rap about how hard it can be to pick between 2 women. One of my favourite tracks on this album. Mr Cheeks shows why he’s one of Queens finest.

4. Beasts from the East (feat. Canibus, A+ & Redman)
There is no doubt Mr Cheeks, Canibus, A+ and Redman was a good combination. They all come out tight on this track. Canibus proves how underrated he is with lines like “You don’t wanna test me, this MC is so ill I got aids scared to catch me”. I’m glad these MC’s hooked up for the same track!

5. Love, Peace & Nappieness
This is a fine example of how well Freakie Tah fit in in the backround of Mr Cheeks lyrics. I can’t imagine this track with ONLY Mr Cheeks. Nice Production on this one too. If you listen closely you’ll hear how sick the beat is.

6. Black Hoodiez (Skit)

7. So Love
Sick beat. Nice chorus. Tight track overall. Don’t have much to say about it except it’s tight.

8. My Crew (feat. A+ & Canibus)
Once again A+ and Canibus come out tight and show us why they were brought in on this album.

9. What’s Wrong
This is not one of my favourite songs on this album. The hook is realy catchy tho, and as usual Freakie Tah spice up all tracks he’s on.

10. Certain things we do
Catchy hook once again! Tight production too. This is a tight, and kinda slow, song to play when night becomes morning and you still wanna party!

11. Games
Definitely one of my favourite tracks on this album. Tight production, tight lyrics and when you hear this you’ll definitely bounce your head!

12. Get Your Hustle On
Freakie Tah goes hard on this track! There is no denying in that he’s missed in the industry when you hear a solo track from him like this one.

13. Tight Situations (feat. Queens Most Wanted)
Tight, kinda mystic production on this track. Mr Cheeks lyrics is, as usual, tight. But on this track they’re also a little bit more raw.

14. Day 1
Mr Cheeks give it up for the people that was down from day one. Representing his people.

15. Why
Lost Boyz also got some words for the critics and the haters. I can’t imagine anyone else screaming “WHYYYY” in the backround than Freakie Tah.

16. From my family to yours (feat. Queens Most Wanted)
This is a dedication to fallen rappers Tupac and Biggie. A very nice gesture to them.

Overall this album have good production, and good lyrics by mainly Mr Cheeks. Guests like A+ and Canibus show up with lyrical skillz. Redman also does one of his tightest verses on this album. Freakie Tah is a very tight compliment for Mr Cheeks. I heard Mr Cheeks solo album and I have to say you could really tell how much Tah was missed. In my opinion this is the best Lost Boyz album out there!

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