Jayo Felony – Underground

Jayo Felony - Underground1. Cop Killer 

Just an intro.

2. Whatcha Provin 

DOPE!!!! The beat is really eerie but it has that Westcoast feel to it. Jayo flows really well on this track, his flow is smooth here. Man Jayo is really overlooked, he can rap over any beat. Good chorus as Jayo sort of raps and sings about gang banging. Great track. DOPE!

3. Du Lo Gang 

Interesting beat, sounds like dogs barking, really bouncy beat and very hard hitting. Jayo flows really good on this track, this is about the Du Lo Gang(Of course) and how they live. Another great track. Good

4. All Day & All Night 

The beat is bouncy and funkish, I like the 2 elements mixed here. The beginning is a little annoying. Jayo does a good job rapping here. He raps about partying, smoking, drinking, you know the usual. Chorus is the same as the beginning of the track and it’s still annoying. Good track minus the chorus. Good

5. You & Me 

Just a skit.

6. Mandingo 

Great beat here, has an eerie feel to it. This is Jayo’s song for the ladies. I like the beat a lot, it goes from eerie to bouncy, this track is perfect for cruising in your ride, make sure you bump it loud so old people can hear it. Chorus is ok as some girl sings, I like the beat changing up when the chorus kicks in. Jayo does a great job. Great track. DOPE!

7. True Stories 

Great track, the beat has a funkish feel to it, also has an epic feel to it, I can’t really explain it. Jayo raps calm here, really good flow. Pretty good track, I dig the chorus, it’s simple but it works. Good

8. My Name In Your Mouth 

Very eerie beat here, has a Westcoast feel, like a Hollis beat but much more dark. Everyone comes tight on this track. Good

9. Flow 4 Ya 

DOPE!!!! I love the beat here, it’s dark and very bouncy, I like the 2 styles mixed together. Jayo rips this track to pieces. One of my favorite tracks on the album, you need to hear this track! DOPE!

10. That’s On Me 

My favorite track on the album. The beat is really good, nice electric guitar type synth mixed in there with organs. Jayo does a great job here, as he raps with vicious tenacity. You need to hear this track, just a great way to end the album. DOPE!


All in all I’m going to give this a DOPE! rating. This is one of my favorite Westcoast albums, although it felt more like an EP. You have to hear this album, it will blow your mind.

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