Digital Underground – Future Rhythm

Digital Underground - Future Rhythm1. Walk Real Kool(Shock G, Erika “Shay” Sulpacio, & Marsha Lurry)

Nice way to start off the album, this isn’t a rap song so don’t get it twisted, this is pure funk right here with the master of it Shock G. I never got why people never gave Digital Underground especially Shock G his props, he brought 2Pac into the game and still gets no praise, it’s a shame. Nice song to chill to with a great chorus sung by Shock G, Erika, & Marsha. DOPE!

2. Glooty-Us-Maximus(Money B, Numskull, Saafir, Shock G, Skatz, & Humpty Hump)

DOPE! This song is about…of course the bootay(heh). Money B starts it off with a funny verse then Numskull with the typical Luniz humor, then Saafir with a dope verse(Man Saafir is such an underrated rapper, he has one of the dopest flows ever), Shock G with a good verse, Skatz with a decent verse but compared the the others he just doesn’t cut it, but he tries. Shock G and Humpty Hump(Best Alter Ego EVER!) do the chorus and Humpty Hump adds his 2 cents after Skatz. Man this song is crazy. DOPE!

3. Oregano Flow(Gumbo Soup Mix)(Shock G)

One of many Oregano Flow mixes, this one is the more dark and eerie one but it’s still very dope. Nice song to just relax to. DOPE!

4. Fool get A Clue(Shock G & Black Spooks)

The beat is so off the wall and dope, it’s very eerie and funky that it’s classic. Shock G with a very funny yet disturbing verse, but still Shock G owns and he can never have a bad verse. Shock G sings a great chorus(The man can do it all!). The Spooks do a great job as well. I love the ending when they sing the “My Country Tis Of Thee” yet they add their own sarcasm to it over a great beat, that’s pretty much the only time you’ll hear cursing here. DOPE!

5. Rumpty Rump(Money B)

One of my favorite skits ever. Money B leaves a message on Shock G’s answering machine and gives this weird albeit great idea about Humpty Hump’s sister called Rumpty Rump with a fake ass and all, Money B’s cracking up giving this idea really funny stuff but it’s a skit and I can’t rate it.

6. Food Fight(Humpty Hump & Del)

DOPE DOPE DOPE!!!! Del of Hiero fame joins the original big nosed rapper Humpty Hump on this song and man this is some straight up weird hip hop. Humpty Hump starts it off with a great verse about….what else food. He talks about swinging melons and all that, great stuff and the chorus is so bizarre that it’s classic. Del with a good verse but he just can’t match Humpty Hump and I’m a Hiero fan as well. Humpty Hump with one of his best verses ever after Del, talking about what rappers when they eat. This was such a great concept song. DOPE!

7. Future Rhythm(Introducing Krazy Horse & Mac-Mone)

Different song but very dope, nice rapping and a great introduction to these 2. Good’

8. Hokis Pokis(A Classic Case)(Humpty Hump & Piano Man)

DOPE! Man this is such a weird song that I love it. The make quack songs like a duck and Humpty Hump tells them to “SHUT UP!” very funny stuyff. It has to be heard to be believed. DOPE!

9. We Got More(Shock G & the Luniz)

Yup Num & Yuk join Shock G for this song, nice egyptian type beat, very dope song and if you’ve heard this on “Don’t Be A Menace…” then you’ve heard this song. Still a classic song with Shock G carrying it but the Luniz are no slouches themselves. DOPE!

10. Hella Bump(Feat Krazy Horse & Shock G)

This has to be one of the best beats I have ever heard. This song is about music and how they are addicted to it and that putting fake music into your veins is bad for you PREACH ON! Shock G does a great job with his singing/rapping style. I am a bump junkie! DOPE!

11. Stylin(Kenya, Shock G, & Tyranny)

DOPE! The beat has some funk to it but it’s hard to explain. Very dope stuff, classic Digital Underground. This doesn’t have your stereotypical rapping to it, they all add their own style to it and make it a classic. DOPE!

12. Midnite Snack(Piano Man)

This is moreso a skit than anything else so I can’t rate it.

13. Oregano Flow(Hot Sauce Mix)(Shock G)

DOPE! The best version of this song, they even add tribute to George Clinton to it. Great song with Shock G just owning it on vocals, man why can’t people just realize that this guy is one of the best musicians out, not just a rapper but a MUSICIAN! Nice bouncy funk beat. DOPE!

14. Want It All(Digital Underground)

Very nice way to end the album with all the camp just having fun. Shock G, Money B, & Humpty Hump just do a great job on this song with Shock G doing his singing rap style and Humpty Hump rapping about wanting a whole bunch of food and women. I love the happy style smooth relaxing beat. DOPE!


I’m giving this album the DOPE! rating because it is one of the best albums I have ever heard. There was hardly any cursing and they didn’t even need to curse to get their point accross. This album is a real breath of fresh air out in the cutthroat word of rap and this album just shows how politics in the rap business suck. Get this album! You need this album in your music collection as it has everything from funk, to rap, to soul. BUY IT!

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