Eazy-E – Eazy Duz It

Eazy-E - Eazy Duz ItEazy is hot off the streetz of Compton and got a CD packed with more plays on the name ‘Eazy’ than you could shake a stick at!

For maximum enjoyment, this CD has been reviewed with a remastered edition of the CD.

0. Prelude:

“Now you got the album- what the ***** u gonna do with it?!”

1. Still Talkin’

Starts off with two OGz talking about how they knew E when he was just a kid. Actually its really just the NWA boys! Eazy chats *****y in each verse broken down by the OGz talking and a crazy sample from the maestro in between. A great start to the CD.

2. Nobody Move ft MC Ren

Possibly one of the oldest stickups in rap. Eazy and Ren decide to perform a stickup and in true gangsta style, there are mishaps! The beat and Eazy’s storytelling style draw you in while the hook is tight as *****- “Nobody move, nobody gets hurt- BLAM!”

3. Ruthless Villain

Ren kicks a ‘corner of the block’ freestyle over a hyped drum look. Actually, the beat isn’t that hot but Ren’s lyrics are and E takes the hook. I’m still not even sure it’s even a freestyle but the Ren’s lyrics are still tight.

4. 2 Bad Mutha’s

Forget any Neptunes beat you heard, this is what a true drum driven beat is about. Yella takes the live drum kit (whether its live drums or programmed, I don’t know) to make one hell of an energetic drum driven beat. One of NWA’s best from before their EFIL4ZAGGIN style production. Quite possibly my favourite Eazy collabo, or Eazy song, period.

5. Boyz N The Hood 

Straight oldschool classic. One of E’s most memorable songs. E raps about driving round the hood in his ride and the day to day happenings he sees. Sounds very much true to 80’s rap. You totally have to feel this song. Make sure you turn up your speakers to fully experience this classic.

6. Eazy-Duz-It

FEEL the intro to this track! When I first heard it I hoped it would continue throughout the whole track. The actual song is still straight dope and got a nice selection of loops to keep it jumping

7. We Want Eazy

Made to sound like a live performance. The type of song that would sound dope on a live set. Sit back and vibe to this, its like being at an NWA concert! Great live-sounding instrumental. At the breaks people step to test E but he brushes them off with his *****y remarks!

8. Eazy-er Said Than Dunn

Slightly less up-tempo than the other cuts on the CD, “Eazy-er Said Than Dunn” has the same loop throughout and is broken down at the choruses. Not my favourite song on the CD

9. Radio

Another true classic from E. Eazy and the NWA posse are in the at the local radio taking phone calls. When I heard this song after a long while I thought it was a bit faster but the slightly slowed down beat adds to the funky step of the song. E is yelling his verses into the mic rapping about always having his music on the radio, the song has not one cuss word in it! Also utilises some aspects from NWA’s Eastcoast ‘cousins’ Public Enemy (listen to the chorus I mean)

10. No More ?’s

Great concept for a song. E is being interviewed but raps his answers instead of speaking them! I particularly like this song for its main loop which isn’t too dissimilar to some of Prince’s guitar riffs. The second verse is also commendable for the darker atmosphere of ‘ganking’

11. I’mma Break It Down

I heard NWA kicked out the Arabian Prince for making their beats too dancey. “I’mma Break It Down” is an example of the work he probably worked on. The sounds are quite jumpy and it sounds like “Something 2 Dance To,” but it’s still a pretty cool and energetic song.

12. Eazy-Chapter 8 Verse 10

The outro to the CD. Really is nothing special, just a church ceremony but in Eazy’s name (to add to the already numerous amount of ‘Eazy’ jokes made on the CD. Rather than a religious passage, its about a driveby. Typical Compton style…


Eazy-Duz-It is an album hard to fault. It represented the old “Straight Outta Compton” sound NWA had before their EFIL4ZAGGIN change in later years. Dre and Yella’s productions are tight and above the average sounds of the oldschool sounds of its day. Eazy is young, *****y and humorous and pack with lots of plays on his name. He is trendy, cool and dope, the anti-role model for ghetto kids. No one but Dre and Yella could have put together what they did. E’s voice is very recognisable and unique and made the style of shouting into the mic cool! E managed to pull off a classic, and the CD will hook you into the oldschool sounds. Its an essential.


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