Da Band – Too Hot For TV

Da Band - Too Hot For TVAlot of us watched Da Band on MTV through all the drama and crap. Finally they released their debut album “Too Hot For TV”.

1. Intro 

2. My Life

Real good song, nice beat. Really deep track, basically Da Band’s members are talking about their life, nice track to bump. Sara blesses the chorus with her nice little verse.

3. Living Legends

One of the best tracks on this album. Dylan starts with his “Ragadadon” type shit, which gets annoying after he says it over and over. Da Band member spits some nice verses on that cut. Dylan again is on the outro of this song with his “Ragadadon” type shit. Dylan is on the chorus.

4. Tonight

This is basically a R&B/Hip Hop type of track. They talk about what they going to do with their honeys at night. Nice track if u into R&B/Hip Hop tracks.

5. How You Like Me Now (Featuring Mysterious) 

That track was recorded during the first season, before they even moved to the house, because I know heard this exact track before the second season was released. It is a nice song, the beat is not complicated or anything, but it sounds nice. Sara is on the chorus. Real nice track.

6. I Like Your Style

This is another R&B/Hip Hop type track. This is a little better then the “Tonight” track. This beat reminds me of a Jazze Pha beat for some reason. Nice track though.

7. What We Gonna Do

Nice track with a nice guitar playing in it. Sara is on the chorus, sounds like a club song, nice song to bump.

8. Why

Dylan on the intro of this track, this is another good track; the lyrics to this song are a little better then the lyrics on the other songs. Chopper and Fred ripped it, but Babs and Ness’ verse kinda sucked if u ask me.

9. Stick up

This track is basically Ness and Fred going to rob a bank, and real nice track, really different from the other tracks on this album. A really nice track. Dope lyrics too.

10. Watcha Be Doing? (Interlude) 

11. Chopped Up

Chopper solo, real nice track, with a nice beat. Chopper sounds like Lil Wayne just with more skills. He is a good rapper, not your average south rapper, nice track.

12. Bad Boy This Bad Boy That

I don’t see why this was the first single, it’ not even that good, this is an average song if you ask me, there are way more better songs on this album for this to be the first single. And for a first single, they should’ve picked a song where all the members are in it, not just 4 people.

13. Do You Know (Featuring Wyclef Jean) 

This is a nice song, the chorus to that songs sounds like the chorus to an old Cam’ron feat. Wyclef song. It’s a nice song, Da Band talk about where they are from. Wyclef produces the beat, and it has some electric guitar sound to it. Dylan has a nice reggae type verse on this song. It is a nice song.

14. Hold Me Down

This song is dope. The best verses on this track got to be Dylan’s verse, Fred’s verse and Chopper’s verse. Ness and Babs were aaight too, but not too good.

15. Cheers To Mr. Bentley (Featuring Madd Rapper) 

Ok, I ask myself, why did they have that track on the album why couldn’t they put a Dylan solo or a Ness solo on that track? I don’t see the point of this track, yeah, Bentley lived in the same house as Da Band, but there was really no need to this track. This could’ve been an outro, not a track on the middle of the album. Da Band’s members are not even in it…

16. They Know

The beat to that song reminds of the “Shake Your Tail Feather” beat. Chopper and Fred are rapping on this track. It is a good track.

17. Go Steady

Sara solo, she can sing, she is a good singer. I personally don’t like this track, but that is because I’m not a big R&B fan. If you enjoy R&B music, you will love this track, if you don’t enjoy R&B music, I suggest you skip this track.

18. Holla (Outro)


This overall is a nice album, I expected a little more, but it is still a nice album. Some tracks really saved this album, it’s a nice album. I did not like this album at first, but it grew on me. I would have to grade this album between a 3 and a 3.5/5.

Nice album!

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