2pac – Nu Mixx Klazzics

2pac - Nu Mixx Klazzics”Nu Mixx Klzzsiks” is a Death Row re-make of old 2pac tracks released on the label. The production team is “Tha Row Hitterz”, and as far as I know that’s Darren Vegas, Jim Gettum, Ambassador Cash and Monster O from Booya Tribe. Since the album’s old tracks remixed, the review will mainly concentrate on the production.


1. 2 of amerikaz most wanted feat. Crooked I

The albums start of with the “Nu Mixx” of “2 of amerikaz most wanted” who originally featured Snoop Doggy Dogg. Snoop’s been replaced with Crooked I on this one. The production’s better than I expected. The beat is banging and Crooked I is ripping it. It’s too bad that the track’s overshadowed by the original version. If 2pac was replaced with i.e Kurupt, this could be a lead single for the upcoming Crooked I album. Now people will compare it with the original, and the original was a classic. The song’s the B-side of the lead single and I can definitely see it getting played at clubs.

2. How do you want it feat. KC & JoJo

Ya’ll probably remember the original “How do you want it”. I know ya’ll remember the X-rated video! This one’s still got those lil bells in there, and the beat’s a lot the same but you can still hear it’s changed. A flute is also added to it. The track’s fresh and I like it.

3. Hail Mary feat. The Outlawz

This Nu Mixx has a nice new beat on it, and the mixing’s pretty nice too. Some people even say it’s better than the original… In my opinion it’s not, but it’s actually kind of tight. I’m positively surprised with the Nu Mixxes thus far.

4. Life goes on

“Life goes on” was the first single for the album. It’s a Darren Vegas Nu Mixx and it’s got a weird sound to it. I can imagine bumping this when smoking or being drunk… It’s funky like that. I don’t know what Death Row was thinking tho, cuz there’s no video out for this track. Not yet, at least…

5. All eyez on me feat. Big Syke

Let me first say that I’m glad they left Syke on this one. Putting an other rapper on it would only result in hating and critics saying that the album’s an attempt to promote the new generation of Death Row artists. The remixing of this song has a nice thought, but the wrong instruments. It sounds too “computer made”. Listen to it and you’ll know what I mean.

6. Heartz of men

Once again “Tharow Hitterz” seems use a cheap keyboard to reproduce a track, and once again that ruins it since the thought behind it is good. The beat’s good but the cheap sounding instruments make it hard to enjoy the music. You can tell they tried to make a sick beat tho – just like Quik did on the original version.

7. Toss it up feat. Danny Boy, Aaron Hall, KC & JoJo

Damn! I’m definitely feeling this one! The Nu Mixx has the same kind of production as the original, but it’s a lil improved. I love the added guitar string, and this might actually be an improved version of the old version of the song. Death Row recently released an unseen video for this track recorded back when 2pac was alive. They should have saved that video and released it with the “Nu Mixx” over it. That would’ve been a hit.

8. Hit em up feat. The Outlawz

Ya’ll remember the original – a classic diss track, maybe the best diss track ever. The Nu Mixx is weak. I’m not feeling the beat at all, and it’s the first track on this album I’m not even feeling a little bit this far. On top of that, they used the clean version… Don’t ask me why.

9. Never had a friend like me

“Never had a friend like me” might be the second track that is, in my opinion, improved. The Nu Mixx has a funky beat with an electric guitar playing over it. I’m definitely feeling this one.

10. Ambitionz az a ridah

This is an other one of those tracks that I’m feeling but can’t help but comparing it to the original, and the original track is a part of a 5 out of 5 classic album. I have to say “Tharow Hitterz” did a good job with this one, tho. I’m feeling the beats different tones and the electric guitar in the backround.


“Tharow Hitterz” seems to have some good ideas, but they need to get better production tools. On some tracks, the beat’s real tight but the instruments are taking it down to a “below average” level. On top of that, EVERYONE listening to this album will compare the remixes with the original versions of them. Topping those versions is a very very hard thing to do. My favourite Nu Mixx is “Toss it up”, where the production team actually improved the original beat. Other nice reproductions are “Never had a friend like me”, “2 of amerikaz most wanted”, “How do you want it” and “Ambitionz az a ridah”. The albums down-falls are “Hit em up” and “Heartz of men”. An other bad thing about the album is that it’s only 10 tracks. I grade these Nu Mixxes 3 out of 5, meaning an average score.

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