Cypress Hill – Till Death Do Us Part

Cypress Hill - Till Death Do Us Part1. Another Body Drops

Nice hard rock styled beat by Muggs but still maintains its gangsta appeal. B-Real starts it off with a really dope verse and in fact B-Real carries this song really well. The chorus is really bland though, but it’s not a bad way to start an album. Good

2. Till Death Comes

Softer piano type beat by Muggs, nothing really interesting about the beat, pretty bland. The chorus is cliche’d and just doesn’t fit that well. B-Real tries but this track is really boring. Wack

3. Latin Thugs(Feat Tego Calderon)

Nice Latin style beat with the horns. The raps are in Spanish and well I can’t understand so it’s pointless for me to try and interpet what they’re saying. Decent track. Average

4. Gangja Bus(Feat Damian Marley)

We’rd Nu-Jamaican type track, it’s pretty wack as well. Damian Marley is really annoying and the beat sucks. This track gets worse and worse by the second. Wack

5. Busted In the Hood

Finally, some dope music by B-Real. B-Real starts telling some stories and the production by Muggs is dope, has a hard yet smooth type feeling to it. B-Real is honestly one of the best rappers out and it’s great to hear him rap. Good

6. Money

What’s with the really bouncy West beat? it sounds like a Kurupt track on speed. B-Real tries but this beat is really annoying, come on Muggs atleast make some good dark west production like you have in the past. Average

7. Never Know

Now this is what I’m talking about, very dark beat but the chorus is really annoying with them rapping really slowly in unison. B-Real carries it well. Good

8. Last Laugh(Feat Prodigy & Twin)

NOOOO!!! Not nu-metal Cypress Hill! The beat sounds like DJ Clues Fantastic 4 part 2(Final 5 off Vol 2) but with guitars strapped to it. B-Real really does a great first verse, then the beat changes. Prodigy does the chorus and I think that’s a good idea since Prodigy hasn’t been good since The Infamous. Good

9. Bong Hit


10. What’s Your Number(Feat Tim Armstrong)

Well this is the single anjd it’s decent but nothing really good, they use The Clash’s “The Guns Of Brixton” and they use it well. Has a ska’ish feel to it with B-Real’s raps over it. Average

11. Once Again

Has a detectivish type beat to it, like a spy co-vert op beat I can’t explain it but it’s decent but really fast and B-Real raps well over it. Nice track but they can do so much better. Good

12. Number Seven


13. One Last Cigarette

This is like Illusions 2004. Nice dark beat with B-Real rapping well over it, they even have the guy who’s tied up make sounds over B-Real’s vocals! Good

14. Street Wars

Nice track, the beat is pretty basic but with chants added and B-Real once again shows that he’s one of the best rappers out. Not a track you’d expect the old Cypress on but whatever doesn’t matter it’s still a good song. Good

15. Till Death Do us Part

I love the organ beat mixed with that West flavor, very tight track and the beat on the album. B-Real raps well over this. This is like a mixture of dark and light type beats and it mixes well. Good

16. Eulogy



All in all this gets a Good rating. Is it good? Yes but is it their best one? No way. I’d suggest getting everyone of their other albums including Psycho Realm’s self titled album before you get this.

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