Sheek Louch – Walk Witt Me

Sheek Louch - Walk Witt Me1. For You 

Odd starting and really an odd beat, atleast for Sheek to be spitting on, not saying it’s wack in fact it’s good, problem is it’s way too short. Good

2. Ok

D-Block cannot and I repeat CANNOT make a party track to save their lives. Case in point: Jadakiss’ whole first album, boy what a flop piece of garbage that was but that’s another story. This track sucks OK! Oh yea this track is wack OK! Train Wreck rating? OK! Train Wreck

3. Turn It Up

Man 3 songs in and Sheek’s already exposed as a rapper that needs to be carried(Have a good guest guide him through a track). I like Sheek but he’s just really REALLY boring. He tries but he’s just getting exposed as not being ready for solo status. Good track for the Alchemist beat and atleast Sheek tried. Good

4. How Many Guns

Yup he’s exposed, he’s a 1 trick pony. All he can rap about is guns, oh man who cares how many guns you have? He needs Styles P or Jadakiss to guide him through, hell even J-Hood. Ugh! Wack

5. In/Out(S.P.)(Feat Styles P)

The best member of the Lox joins Sheek. This track is about murder(GASP SURPRISING ISN’T IT?!!??!) but the beat is dope and they try atleast, well Sheek does, Styles P just kind of sleep walks through it. Good

6. I Ain’t Forget

Total filler. Wack

7. Walk Witt Me

Good track as Sheek finally tries something different. Song has a good message. Good

8. Crazzy

Man the skit at the beginning is soooooo long, good track otherwise. Good

9. Ten Hut(Feat Jadakiss)

D-BLOCK!!!!! This is really vintage Lox Ruff Ryders era as they rap about going to war over horns. Good

10. How I Love You(Feat Styles P)

This track is so bizarre as Sheek basically disses the girl he “loves” I’m thinking this track is sarcasm at its finest which is pretty clever having Styles give a totally heart felt chorus. Average

11. 3-5-4(Tarrentino)

Nice storytelling track, it’s about nothing new or anything but it’s good. Good

12. Don’t Mean Nuthin(Feat D-Block)

D-Block are on the song, they forgot to put them in there. Nice east beat mixed with West flavor. J-Hood and Jadakiss own this track. Good

13. D-Block(Feat J-Hood)

FINALLY! I’ve been waiting for J-Hood to rap on here. All J-Hood needs to do is change his subject matter, he’s already better than Sheek. Beat is like a newer West sound, decent beat but they do carry it well. Good

14. Mighty D-Block(2 Guns Up)(Feat D-Block)

DOPE DOPE DOPE DOPE!!!!!! Such a great track, great way to end the album and worth the price alone. Jadakiss starts it off with a good verse then Sheek rips it, I love the scratching in between raps, it just adds to the flavor. J-Hood up next with a hood tale and Styles ends it. DOPE!!!!


All in all I’m gonna give this a Good rating. Good first try and unlike DMX’s album, Sheek actually tries to establish himself as a solo and is not unmotivated. There’s really not that many guests. Last track is so dope!

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