Hi-C – The Hi-Life Hustle

Hi-C - The Hi-Life Hustle1. Hi Life (Intro) 

2. Say Woop

Good way to open up the album. This is a party song and gets you hyped. The lyrics are cool on this song. The chorus is not that good though, it doesn’t make the song wack or anything but it could’ve been better. Song is still got. 8/10

3. I Don’t Wanna Know 

“I Don’t Wanna Know” features Nate Dogg. The lyrics to the song are really good and he talks about something a little different. The beat is heat, and with Nate Dogg on the chorus, you have to know this song is hot! 8/10

4. Talk 

“Talk” features a crazy ass hard hitting beat. Guest appearances on this song include Sly Boogy and E-40. Sly Boogy is one of the best lyrical MC’s out in the west right now, so his verse on this song is fire. Hi C comes in the second verse with a nice verse. Some of the lines were real tight, such as “Niggaz be killing me with these gang bang raps/I got homies so bang’d out they need a gang bang patch/”, that is a fire line. E 40 comes in the thirds verse, his verse is not as hot as Hi C’s or Sly Boogy’s but that doesn’t take away the fact his verse is tight. 8/10

5. Coochie Coochie (Intro)

6. Coochie Coochie 

This song sounds like something you would probably hear at a strip club. Hi C raps a little faster then he usually does on this one. He has some funny rhymes on this too, “What? Wait a minute hold up/Told you before I pays for no butt/I don’t give a ***** if the ***** have platinum and gold in it/Don’t pay to stick my pole in it/”. DJ Quik is on the chorus of this song. This song is cool and gets a little addicting after you listen to it for a while. 8/10

7. Let Me Know

Here comes the highlight of this album. DJ Quik produced song, with DJ Quik on the beat, you know this is a guaranteed hit. This is one of the songs you will be playing the most from this album. DJ Quik is also featured on the track. He takes up the third verse and even after Quik retired, he still got heat. 9/10

8. Pop It 

This is another one of those hard hitting tracks. Hi C’s flow is a little different on this, not very different but you can see a little difference here and there. Big Steele is pretty dope on this track. He has a deep voice, which makes his verse hot, his verse is kind of short though. 8/10

9. Hey Hey

This song for some reason reminds me of “Pop It” beat is similar and the guest appearance is the same. This a party song and I think would be good for a radio single. Overall this song is nice. 7.5/10

10. Big Girls Need Love Too 

This one is one of the nicer tracks on this album. The title basically says what this song is about, some of the shit he talks about on there is pretty funny. Definitely a track you need to check out. 8/10

11. Stalker (Skit) 

12. Fo A Buck 

This beat is nice. The lyrics to the song are real nice. It is basically bout girls so broke they would do anything for a buck. I like this track a lot, a slower track, still dope. 8/10

13. So Good 

This song features James DeBarge. This is kind of like a love song, it is dope, a slower track, and this is one of the better love rap tracks I heard recently. James DeBarge is a good singer, and Hi-C’s rhymes are hot as usual. 8/10

14. Hit Me Where It Hurts 

I do not really like this song, it is produced by Quik, but the beat sounds goofy a little bit, it’s not my style really. This song could’ve been way better. 6/10

15. Run Up, Done Up 

Song produced by Quik, the hook on this song sounds nice, Hi-C’s flow on this one is really nice. Definitely something worth checking out. 8/10

16. X Pills

This beat bangs, the hits and claps go real well on this one. This track is basically about ecstasy and shit like that. Overall this track is dope. 8/10

17. Do It 

Quik is on the beat for this one too, it sounds like some old school shit that would be from Quik’s “Safe + Sound” album. The bass line on this is hot as *****. The hook has that Roger Troutman Talk box shit, real nice song. The song is long too, 8:15!!! Still a dope track. 8.5/10


Overall this album is nice, we’ve been waiting for this album for a long time and it is finally here. Most the production is by Crawf Dog (Hi-C) and DJ Quik did a couple of beats. If you are a fan of DJ Quik and his family, you should pick this up, if you are not familiar with them, you should check out this album, it is definitely a hot album!!

Final Rating: 3.5/5

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