UGK – Underground Kingz

UGK - Underground KingzDisc 1

1. Swisha And Dosha

Nice, electric guitar type beat. It doesn’t get annoying, and still maintains a solid base for both Pimp C & Bun B. Pimp C starts it off with a pretty good verse, I mean, he definitely showed some nice emotion, and with Pimp, you’re usually going to get some nice emotion. Bun B carries to meat of the rapping with a very nice verse, completely cementing himself as the lyricist of the group. The chorus is pretty good, as the actual singing isn’t good, but it fits the track so well, that it sounds good. Pimp C lets his crudeness shines, and that’s the Pimp C I know and love. Good.

2. Int’l Players Anthem (I Choose You) (Feat Outkast)

Andre starts off with a pretty nice verse, and the ton of the album fits the mood. Juicy J & DJ Paul produce a relaxing, soulful beat, sampling “I Choose You” by Willie Hutch. Pimp C does his usual, fun verse. Bun B pretty much outshines both men, and flows the best over this beat. I sort of didn’t like Big Boi’s verse, to be honest. It seemed like he didn’t really care, and it really ruined the whole tone of thos track. Oh well, it was a good enough track. Good.

3. Chrome Plated Woman

Nice player-type beat, produced by Pimp C. Pimp, having produced this track, knows exactly how to flow over this, and does a great job. Bun’s verse is, of course, really good, but it’s Bun B, and consistency has always been his strong point. Nice chorus, with some organs playing in the background, on top of the beat. Nice stuff. Good.

4. Life Is 2009 (Feat Too Short)

Nice old school beat by Scarface. Pretty much a “Life Is…” remake, and that’s definitely not a bad thing. Pimp C is the one who truly makes the most out of this beat. His voice is perfect for these type of tracks. Too Short sounds like it’s a chore to rap, and that’s pretty much a given for current Too Short. Good track. Good.

5. The Game Belongs To Me

This track really didn’t do much for me. I mean, saying “Bobby by the pound and Whitney by the key” is funny, but the beat is standard stuff, and UGK sound bored. Average stuff. Average.

6. Like That (Remix)

I like the beat here. It’s pretty much a party beat mixed with some rapid flavor, but it works. Pimp C tries his hand at some rapid flow, and does a pretty good job here. The chorus is pretty standard, but I dig it, a lot, because it’s just that: simple. They’re not trying to be complicated here, and that’s great, because rap music doesn’t have to be complicated. Bun does a good job, of course, but that’s already known. Good.

7. Gravy-Slower

type beat, and I don’t exactly care for it. These type of tracks sort of bore me, and this is no exception. While UGK try, this whole tone is just unbearably boring. I mean, it’s not horrible, but it’s incredibly unremarkable. Average.

8. Underground Kingz

Nice starting with the piano, then right into the funk-type beat, with horns splashed throughout. They both do a good job, but man, the chorus is just a little too unimaginative. Still, the track is pretty good. Good.

9. Grind Hard (Feat Young T.O.E. & DJ B-Do)

Nice, heavy-style, southern crunk beat. T.O.E. is pretty horrible, actually, and almost manages to ruin the whole track for me. I mean, the name “Young T.O.E.” is bad enough, but he makes things worse with his awful rapping. Pimp C does the best job on this track because his voice suits this perfectly. B-Do is standard stuff. This was two features trying to ruin a decent track, and it almost does that. Average.

10. Take Tha Hood Back (Feat Slim Thug and Middle Fingaz)

Nice, crunk style beat, very hard hitting. I’m just glad the features don’t actually suck, so I don’t have to worry about them ruining the track. Everyone does a really good job, and this, while unlike UGK, is pretty good. I appreciate UGK for doing something different. Good.

11. Quit Hatin’ The South (Feat Charlie Wilson & Willie D)

Oh yeah, Willie D is pretty great and Wilson can sing, so this will be good. Pimp C produces a pretty good, laid back beat, with funk styles and organs. A long singing section, but I dug it. Willie D is pretty much the best thing on this track. I mean, Willie’s always been the most underrated rapper alive, so it’s nice he has a feature on this album. Good track. Good.

12. Heaven

I liked this, and it’s a nice slice of different compared to the other tracks. Pimp C produces a nice slow-paced, funky track. Pimp C, of course, raps perfectly over this type of track. Bun B does a pretty great job, too. Good track. Good.

13. Trill Niggas Don’t Die (Feat Z-Ro)

Good, funky type track, mixed with some horns and a nice bassline. Pimp C does a great job, Z-Ro does a good job, even though he trips over his words a few times. Bun B does pretty good job, of course. Good track, and a nice way to end disc 1. Good.

Disc 2.

1. How Long Can It Last (Feat Charlie Wilson)

Very nice funky-type track, mixed with some soul samples. Whoa, Pimp C is trying his hand at a different production style, and I dig it. Pimp C does a good job flowing. Wilson has always been a good hook guy, so he delivers the goods in that department. Bun B is pretty great here, but when is he ever NOT great? Good.

2. Still Ridin’ Dirty (Feat Scarface)

Scarface produces a nice beat, sort of bouncy but mixed with some funk and a nice dark piano. Everyone does a good job, and I’m really digging the variety displayed on this album. UGK isn’t afraid to try different styles, and it works.

3. Stop-N-Go (Feat Jazze Pha)

Stop-N-Go? Isn’t that a gas station? Jazze Pha produces a beat that doesn’t sound like what he’s used to producing. Whoa, I’m shocked, SHOCKED I tell you! This is like a bad Scott Storch track, though, and it makes the track an annoying batch of noise. Bad track, just bad. Wack.

4. Cocaine (Feat Rick Ross)

Really slow-type track, and it’s pretty smooth sounding. I mean, you have to be in a certain mood to listen to this, but it’s still good. The chorus is simple, but I like the singing. Good rapping, too. Good.

5. Two Type Of *****es (Dizzee Rascal & Pimpin’ Ken)

Whoa, Dizzee Rascal? I mean, I’m not a Rascal fan, but this is quite the random guest. Funky type track, and it’s pretty much standard UGK machismo. Dizzee really tries to not sound like the odd man out, and he does a pretty good job of doing that. What’s next, a guest appearance from El-P?

6. Real Women (Feat Talib Kweli & Raheem DeVaughn)

The randomness continues, as Kweli guest stars on this track. The beat is pretty funky, sampling “You Can’t Hide Love” by Skip Scarborough. Kweli is so out-of-place here, but he actually does a good job, and doesn’t sound uninspired like his usual guest appearances. Good track. Good.

7. Candy

Pretty good beat by Scarface. I can’t really describe it, it sort of has an Eastcoast, reflective feel to it, sampling “Bridge Thru Time” by Lonnie Liston Smith. Bun does a great job here, as these type of beats were made for him. Good stuff. Good.

8. Tell Me How Ya Feel

Jazze Pha tries to mix his style, LiL Jon’s style, and Scott Storch’s style, which is odd, because Storch produces like a low-rent LiL Jon nowadays. Pretty much a standard, UGK track. Well, standard for this album, which isn’t a bad thing. Good.

9. Shattered Dreams

Funky type track by Pimp C, and I dig it. I mean, there’s really nothing that distinguishes it from other funky type tracks on this album, but it’s still good. Good.

10. Like That

Oh man, LiL Jon produces a really bad track. Like, really, really bad; it’s very sloppy, and in turn, makes UGK rap horribly. I’ve never been annoyed by Pimp C, and I was annoyed. This was horrible. Train Wreck.

11. Next Up (Feat Big Daddy Kane & Kool G Rap)

What odd guest appearances, but I’m definitely not arguing. Hey, even Marley Marl produces the beat, and it’s piano heavy and pretty decent. I mean, I was expecting more, but this track isn’t bad. Big Daddy Kane definitely knows how to vibe with UGK. Kool G Rap sounds out of place, but he does a good job. Good, albeit disappointing track. Good.

12. Living This Life

Nice, slow-paced, organ beat, mixed with some nice bass. Good reflective type track. Good.

13. Outro


14. Bonus Track: Int’l Players Anthem (I Choose You) (Feat Three Six Mafia) (Chopped & Screwed)

I can’t stand chopped & screwed, so of course, I couldn’t stand this. I just don’t get the appeal of this mess, because it sounds freakin’ horrendous. Wack.

15. Bonus Track: Int’l Players Anthem (I Choose You) (Feat Three Six Mafia)

Same beat as before, but mixed with Three 6 Mafia. I actually liked this one better than the Outkast version. Good.

16. Bonus Track: Hit The Block (Feat T.I.)

Swizz Beats is a pretty horrible producer nowadays. I mean, if there’s one producer who’s inconsistent, it’s Swizz Beats. This beat is horrible sloppy, and makes everyone sound horrible. It sucks that this album had to end on this note. Train Wreck.

All in all, I’m going to give this a “Good” rating. I liked this, and I appreciate UGK for trying some new stuff. My one gripe, was that this album was insanely long, and could’ve been shortened up a little bit. Still, this is recommended.

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