The Game – Doctor’s Advocate

The Game - Doctor's Advocate01. Lookin’ At You Produced By Urban EP Pop
The beat is tight, but it sounds like a Dr Dre produced track and Game even adopts the Dr Dre rapping style. It bumps at the same time, I wish and I am sure Game fans wish he would’ve just been himself. In this track he pretty much tells you he is back. Great Intro tracks. C

02. Da Shit Produced By DJ Khalil
This bangs the ***** out, yeah it sounds like Dr Dre did it, but damn, the shit bumps your speakers, but again The Game sounds like Dr Dre. But he shows and proves he can do it without Dr Dre, Game rips it. B

03. It’s Okay (One Blood) Produced By Reefa
The street single, Love the reggae concept with Junior Reid. Game gained more fans with this track. Although I think Game could’ve spit the mixtape power on here with his lyrics, good track though. B

04. Compton (Feat. Will.I.Am) Produced By Will.I.Am
Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas and former Ruthless records Signee is making a lot of noise appearing and producing on artist’s albums. Great track and the shit banged out. Great teamwork on this album, a nice banger to represent Compton. – B

05. Remedy Produced by JustBlaze
Song bangs a lil , but I think the Public Enemy – “Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos” beat should’ve been left alone. I think Just Blaze could’ve came harder with another beat that hits that he usually makes. -C

06. Let’s Ride Produced By Scott Storch
This song rides out, something to cruise to, but he sounds like Dre, beat is tight by Scott Storch, chorus is nice, but need that 1st official single power like the last album. -C

07. Too Much F/ Nate Dogg Produced By Scott Storch
Not really a album worthy track…why? Beat sounds like a Dr Dre track. Beat is ok, sounds like something May J Blidge would sing over, Could’ve been harder or replaced with another song. -D

08. Wouldn’t Get Far F/ Kanye West Produced by Kanye West
This track is a gem. I think they used the same sample from Jadakiss’ “By Your Side”. Eiher way this song is nice from the beat to the chorus. Nice track with Kanye on it. They both did their thing talking about the certain ladies. – A

09. Scream On ‘Em (Feat. Swizz Beats) Produced by Swizz Beatz
This track goes a lil harder, not bad. Game spits hard on this track, different kinda production by Swizz Beatz. -B

10. One Night (Produced By Nottz)
This song is a deep track from the lyrics to the chorus. Explains what he has been going through with internal beefs he has with his former Black Wall Street camp and I believe his brother, Deep song! -A

11. Doctor’s Advocate (Feat. Busta Rhymes) Produced By Jonathan “J.R.” Rotem
This track is a gem on the album. Going off the concept of The Do*****entary’s “Start From Scratch”. Game apologizes and dedicates this song to Dr Dre. It speaks on their falling out and Game’s betrayal to Dr Dre. Busta also did his thing on the last verse co-signing Game’s words. Well crafted track. – A

12. Ol’ English (Produced By Hi-Tek)
Bangin track, Hi-Tek does his production at his best as usual, Game takes you on a trip through memory lane with a drunken and high twist. Smooth track, good to smoke and drink to -B

13. California Vacation (Feat. Snoop & Xzibit) Produced By Jonathan “J.R.” Rotem
This is a straight West Coast banger right here. Game does use Dre’s style of rapping on here a lil bit but the shit bangs. I think Xzibit steals the show on here. They all did their thing. Straight Gangsta Shit! -B

14. Bang (Feat. Kurupt & Daz) Produced By Jelly Roll
This sounds like some old West Coast Hip-Hop shit right here with a Gangsta twist. The beat bangs out by Jelly Roll. The all did their thing on here. Good to see Game put Tha Dogg Pound on this album. -A

15. Around The World (Feat. Jamie Foxx) Produced By Mr. Porter
Okay, I may get hate with this along with the whole review, but I think this song is nice. Single/Video worthy as well. I think he can win with Jamie Foxx on the hook; nice smooth beat.  -A

16. Why You Hate The Game (Feat. Nas) Produced By Just Blaze
The final gem on the album. Bangin beat by Just Blaze and Marsha from Floetry did her thing on this track. In my opinion she brought life into this song. Lot of credit is due to her. Song bangs as Nas and Game trade verses on here. 9:22 seconds of Hip Hop.  -A

In all honesty, I think Game held it down on his own and with the help of others…Although it could’ve been better without using the Dr Dre styles! .All in All, I think he did a great job for his major label sophomore release’s effort. It could bring much more light to the West Coast as well. I wouldn’t call is a classic, but its definitely one of the best albums in 2006. I would label it a street classic. Less name dropping as well. This album is definitely worth the cop. Has a lot more West Coast sound to it then the last one. Bangin album and good for the collection – Gangsta Rog

Album Rating: B-

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