Tha Dogg Pount – Dogg Food

Tha Dogg Pound - Dogg FoodTHA DOGG POUND “Dogg Food” Released October 31st 1995

LABEL: Interscope Records, Deathrow Records

BILLBOARD: The Billboard 200 1995 No.1 ‘Dogg Food’
Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums 1995 No.1 ‘Dogg Food’
Hot Rap Singles 1996 No.5 ‘Lets Play House’

PRODUCTION: Suge Knight, Dr Dre, Dat Nigga Daz, Emanuel Dean, Kurupt, DJ Pooh & Dave Swang.

01. Intro (0.18) Typical Deathrow Records Intro, ‘Welcome we have been expecting you’ and the ‘Like We Always Do Bout This Time’ kicks in to introduce the first track off this album.

02. Dogg Pound Gangstaz (5.21) One of the first and certainly not the last gangsta, hardcore, westcoast tracks on this album. Produced by Daz this track is really raw and Deathrow at its best. The raps are real hard and this song has to be a classic for all Deathrow fans and DPG fans. The track goes into a nice ‘W Balls’ Radio skit which is very funny.

03. Respect w/Big Pimpin’ Delemond, Prince Ital Joe & Nancy Fletcher (5.54) Another great hardcore beat from Daz who laces the track down with real Westcoast aggression. The raps are perfect and the beat Daz performs here is outstanding. Its got a tight bump to it yet Daz still keeps it hard.

04. New York, New York w/Snoop (4.50) Kurupt has his time to shine solo with the big dogg of the pound back in its day Snoop. DJ Pooh did this track with a mad ass G Funk twist and it was one of the tracks that provoked the Eastcoast/Westcoast War between rappers on wax. This song was truely the most controversial track on the album as Eastcoast rappers hit back with songs from the likes of Capone-N-Noreaga’s ‘L.A, L.A’. A great track and a classic in all aspects as raps were tight by Young Gotti and Snoop’s hooks were bumpin heads.

05. Smooth w/Val Young, Snoop, Kevin “Slo Jammin” James & Ricky Harris (4.35) Another perfectly laced track by DJ Pooh who did some real classic work on this album and in his career in music production. This track is very G Funky and is a 100% guarantee to get a party jumpin. The beat is helped with a bit of Snoop who kicks off the beat superbly, a classic track once again that features another ‘W Balls’ interlude at the end which is quite amusing that features Kevin ‘Slo Jammin’ James.

06. Cyco-Lic-No w/Mr Malik & Snoop (4.55) A hard beat brought to you by Daz again this track is definately bangin. Mr Malik tears the mic apart in this lyrically along with the DPG. A great beat that has gangsta all over it and it is a must for any hardcore gangsta rap listener. Mr Malik takes everything on this track to the bank on a unforgetable grand finally.

07. Ridin’, Slipin’ & Slidin’ w/Mz. So ‘Sentral (4.01) Produced by Daz and co-produced by Dave Swang this beat is toned down to just some nice smoove flow and a phat beat that keeps the head boppin up and down to the tweaks and tangs of Daz production. The rapping is perfect on this track as DPG lyrically shoot their way through the beats.

08. Big Pimpin’ 2 -Big Pimpin’ (1.35) The second episode to the highly successful first ‘Big Pimpin’ track which was featured on the ‘Above The Rim’ soundtrack, unfortunately the track continues from where it ended on the first…and thats just Big Pimpin’ laying down game, no rappin which is a shame cause the beat is Daz bangin.

09. Let’s Play House w/Nate Dogg, Michel’le (3.24) A track which put the DPG on the charts. This was a perfect track for the DPG to release to the world as it was still a mad beat yet had the stretch to hit the world wide audience. This song was hooked by Nate & Michel’le and the raps were executed by Daz & Kurupt. A great production effort by Daz and another tight track.

10. I Don’t Like To Dream About Gettin’ Paid w/Nate Dogg (5.15) Daz helps the LP tone down once again with production to the level of reality on how we struggle bout tryin to get somewhere in life. Nate Dogg performs on the hook perfect as he smoothly laces the mellow beat. The raps are toned down also but its one of those songs you sit back to and just contemplate. A great track all round, even for the gangstaz.

11. Do What I Feel w/Lady Of Rage (3.30) A phat G beat from Daz as he delievers a great hard pace of gangstas to the table with The Lady Of Rage who lyrically spits straight heat. the song is bumpin and the track is kinda like an anthem for the DPG members who ‘Do what they feel and do what they like’.

12. If We All Fuc w/Snoop (3.13) Performed by Kurupt & Snoop this beat is literally bangin ho’s left, right and centre. Daz on the mixing board doin his producing on this beat as the DPG bring a nice funky slow beat bout gettin yo ***** on! Snoop ends the track with a special *****in interlude which gets the ***** wet and dicks hard for the next track…

13. Some Bomb Azz ***** w/Snoop (4.29) This was surely the song to get your ***** on during those days, the Snoop outro from the previous track to his intro to this track is funny as hell and the beat is slow bangin all the way with a tight bass drop. Daz does a great job on beats and all rapping is on target. ‘Have you ever had some ***** that make you wanna scream Dogg Pound’ i have.

14. A Doggz Day Afternoon w/Snoop & Nate Dogg (2.45) A very tight song which was for some reason cut short. This song was really hard shit and had all the ingredients for a nice gangsta rap beat from DPG. The whole click unite for jus under 3 minutes to bring a lil’ of each others talent, disappointing song-due to length, mad ass beat and raps.

15. Reality w/Tray Dee (6.16) A cruisin beat and cruisin flow by Daz and his co-producer Emanuel Dean. The song is tight though and its there for the listener to blaze up and sit back on the world. Tray Dee has to be the highlight in this track as his rapping flow and lyrics were breath taking in the first few hits. All round classic to blaze one to as the DPG let go towards the end and just let the beat play out for a while.

16. One By One (5.09) A crumble of bass and shakers that make this beat funky along with the hand of Daz’s great production work in this LP here is another G-Funk hardcore beat. Daz raps on this beat crazy along with Kurupt as if the pair are battling each other but they are only schoolin’ us on the skandolous shit out there like *****es that’ll slowly subtract us with diseases.

17. Sooo Much Style (5.43) Kurupt has a turn at doin a beat as he producers this track which is Eastcoast influenced in slight ways but with the help of Daz was kept on the Westcoast tip. The raps are cool on this track and the beats mellow out the listener and this is a great song to end the LP with, a Kurupt produced track, which was rare, and a bangin beat.

This was another excellent album Deathrow Records released in their prime time. The production by Daz was perfect and it was good to see the DPG pretty much complete their own project themselves. With Dr Dre mixing it up and Deathrow on a high this was classic all the way through. One of the first real Westcoast gangsta G-Funk albums of all time which will always be in the West’s Hall Of Fame. Beat after beat, ryhmes after ryhmes this was fire from the intro to the the last track, not much to say cause its all explanotary in the album.

RATING: $$$$$ **CLA$$IC**

The all time classic album from the DPGC. All fans must have this album and itäs not worth downloading it cause it’s a must to have the original. If you don’t have this album or have never heard it then you should get it NOW. This is real west coast heat, real classic shit. This marks a point where west coast rap got harder and still kept its funk!

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