U.G.K – Side Hustles

U.G.K - Side HustlesThe Texas duo Bun-B and Pimp-C better known as U.G.K. or Under Ground Kingz is back with their fifth album Side Hustles. Side hustles is more like a compilation than a pure group album as the album has features on almost every single track. Side hustles hit the stores September 2002.

1. Belts to match (Featuring Smitty and Sonji) 

If you like the unique U.G.K. sound you won’t be disappointed on this track. Alligator shoes with the belts to match are a part of the verse in others words a track in true pimp style. What more to say than a dope song.

2. Breakin sketti (Only Bun B Featuring Rob Jackson)

The beat on this track is bit darker and the first track and the lyrics are a bit more hardcore. Kentucky based Rob Jackson kicks some tight lyrics on the track. This track was also on released as a single from Rob Jackson. Overall a nice produced track.

3. They down with us (Featuring Scarface)

The track begins with a sample from an old school track after that Scarface drops some hardcore lyrics. The track is also on Scarface`s solo album “Last of a dying breed”.

4. Dirty dirty remix (Featuring Mil)

This track was taken from Philadelphia based rappers Mil’s debut album “Street Scriptures”. I can’t hate on this track even though it has an East Coast influenced beat.

5. The Corruptors Execution (Featuring B-Legit and E-40)

With bay area veterans B-Legit and E-40 this track can’t come wack. The Corruptors Execution was on the Corrupter movie soundtrack. The action movie featured actors Mark Wahlberg and Chow Yun Fat.

6. Pop the trunk (Featuring Celly Cel)

If you are a Celly Cel fan you will immediately recognize the beat on this track cause it’s in true Celly Cel style in other words a funky beat with heavy bass to back it up. This is not a bad track but not exactly a classic. You can also catch the track on Celly Cel’s solo album “G-filez” and on his best of album.

7. Cigarette (Featuring Too short, KB and Eightball)

I really like the lyrics on the track (it was only a cigarette I was smoking Mr Officer) All the rappers on the track come out tight. In other words another tight track, The track is also on Too Shorts compilation Nation wide ghetto bass.

8. We big mane (Only Bun-B Featuring Q and Marquaze)

This is another solid produced track. The lyrics on the track are about ballin and them trucks with them chromed out rims.

9. All about it (Only Pimp-C Featuring Too short)

Too short slow downs the tempo on the track the typical Too Short way. This track isn’t exactly my favourite on the album but I can’t say that it is wack because it isn’t. You can find this track on Too Short nationwide independences day.

10. The game (Only Bun-B Featuring Mil)

I had never heard Mil before but he got some skills and he doesn’t get less tight with Bun b on his side. Tight beat, tight lyrics = a tight tight track

11. Pocket full of stones (Pimp-C remix)

To me this track is ageless it was tight when it was on the Menace II Society soundtrack back in 92 and it’s tight now 2003. If you haven’t heard it check it, it’s a classic.

This album was a bit controversial because it had a lot off old tracks on it and people didn’t think that it would hit.
One reason that there were no new tracks on the album could be that Pimp-C was on lock down when the album dropped. Overall a really nice produced album with guest artists from all coasts, a no U.G.K. fan would probably rate this album 3, 5 but I am hooked on U.G.K. so Ill gives it a 4.