T-Nutty & Big No Love Present: Lyrical Octane

T-Nutty & Big No Love Present: Lyrical Octane1. Intro

2. Excuse Me(Ant Locc, Bleezo, Pain, Scitso)
Sloppy beat here. Out of control drums don’t really work with eerie sounds. The rappers range from painfully bad to decent. Not a good way to start off the album, because right off the bat they put this track on, instead of putting a T-Nutty track. Wack

3. 2 Gether(Bleezo, Bop, Sav Sicc)
Much better track, because it showcases some rapid spitters over a really decent slow/fast(Does that make any sense?) beat. The beat is not anything special, but it gives talented rappers like Bop a chance to showcase his skills. Besides, these type of tracks are more lyric/flow based than beatwise based. You want a beat based track? Go buy a Dipset album, and pick any song. Good

4. Invasion(G-Macc, Keylocc, Big No Love)
I dig the beat, because it has an old Siccmade feel to it, complete with each one giving their own eerie tell. I miss these type of tracks, because they were the bread & butter of the Sac-Town rap scene for a long while. I think I might be the only one who digs “Loaded” way more than “Season of The Siccness”, and this track had a “Loaded” feel to it. Good

5. Off The Edges(Sav Sicc, Lexo, T-Nutty)
Relaxing yet eerie style beat, I dig it because it doesn’t get in the way of the lyrics. T-Nutty is of course the most overlooked rapper in the West right now, and outshines the other rappers on this track. I appreciate the effort displayed by the other rappers, but I sort of wish this was a T-Nutty solo track. Good

6. On Tha Roof(G-Macc, Big No Love)
Decent eerie slow style type beat. It again has an old Sac-Town feel, but something’s missing. I dig Big No Love’s style, because while it may not be all fancy, he atleast tries to make the track mean something. G-Macc does a good job as well. Again, this track had the tools, but something was missing. I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt. Good

7. Dump-N-Reload(Sav Sicc, Skari, Bleezo)
Heavy piano mobbish style beat. They all shine here with rapid spit, after rapid spit. Now this really lives up to the compilation name. All of these guys have bright future’s in the rap game, because they can pretty much flow correctly on any beat. Good

8. 7 Doors(Gushmoe)
Wow, this track is really, really horrible. Gushmoe is pretty horrible here, with an awful flow. The beat is just sloppy, and lifeless. Wack

9. G.A.N.G.(Bleezo, Skari, Sav Sicc)
Some more really good rapid spits from these guys. The beat sounds like something that would be playing during a fairytale. I was waiting for someone like Robin Hood to jump through my window with Friar Tuck. Anyway, this track was really good. Good

10. Testimony(Big No Love, Keylocc)
The beat is basic stuff, but the flows & lyrics are on point, and make up for it. See, this is why I enjoy listening to these type of rappers, because even though the beat may suck, they all try their best to make the track work. Good(They tried, and that’s what counts)

11. The Savageness(Bleezo)
Pretty good beat here, it’s calm & has a pretty good synth style added to it. Bleezo gets his chance to show what he has in his lyrical arsenal, and he doesn’t disappoint. Really smooth rapid flow, and cunning lyrics. Good track. Good

12. Rhyme I Wrote(Bleezo, Sav Sicc)
Simple beat here, nothing fancy, but nothing ugly. The flows make up for it, and once again the rappers get a chance to shine. Sometimes you hear someone say “Wow, you hear that new *Insert rappers name here* track? Man, that beat was dope”, and they never say anything about the actual rapper or the lyrics he spat? This is the opposite here. Good

13. Spree(Bleezo, Ant Loc, Skari)
Nice beat here. It’s like a weird mixture of Vallejo rap, Sacramento rap, & Frisco rap. A good triad of sounds here. Some nice rapid spits, and good lyrics from pretty much everyone. Good track. Good

14. Nolove-a-lude(Big No Love)
Very good track here. The beat is just straight gangsta & gritty. No Love flows really well here, and even channel’s X-Raided for a bit. Good

15. Part 2(Big No Love, Ant Loc, Bleezo, Skari, Sav Sicc, Bop, & T-Nutty)
Wow, that’s quite the feature list there. The beat is basic stuff, a little dark with some heavy drums. Everyone comes correct here, it’s such a long list of features that everything just sort of blends together to make one big good rap track. Good

16. Regardless(X-Raided, T-Nutty, Big No Love)
This was the track I was looking forward to. X-Raided & T-Nutty have incredible chemistry. I really think they should do a duo album together. Heavy ready for war type beat, it’s really dope. Man, X just rips this track to pieces, with T-Nutty right behind him. No love does a great job as well. This was insane, and easily the best track on this album. Now picture X & T-Nutty doing these type of tracks on a full album together. DOPE!

17. Outro(Savsiccness, Bleezo)

All in all this gets a Good rating. Well, it definitely lived up to it’s name. It wasn’t just rapid spitting though, you had a variety of different sounds. You need to check this album, especially track 16.

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