Spice 1 – Spiceberg Slim

Spice 1 - Spiceberg SlimOakland rapper Spice 1 has been in this game for a long time, working with a lot of people. Among those: 2pac, Celly Cell, UGK, C-Bo and Jayo Felony. I’m expecting this album to be a solid release.


1. Spiceberg Slim

The album starts off with the title track. It’s a funky but still hard hitting track with Spice 1 spitting some hard shit, and the chorus is catchy as *****. “Spiceberg Slim” is a perfect way to start off this album. If I was at the store listening to the cd, I’d buy it right after hearing the first track.

2. Welcome back to the ghetto

“Welcome back to the ghetto” sounded like a Bone Thugz song when I first put it on. But don’t worry, Spice 1 ain’t on the biting trip, it’s just the chorus kicking in at the beginning of the track… And it’s actually tight. Spice 1 is spitting some hard shit as usual and ya’ll know he can do that in a really tight way. Production’s some tight west coast shit.

3. If it ain’t rough, it ain’t me

If you ever doubted Spice 1’s lyrical skills, listen to this track. Spice 1 is flowing wild as ***** over this west coast beat. I was listening to this when I was kind of drunk once, and I’d repeat it like 10 times cuz the bassline amazed me so…

4. It’s nothing

Everything about this track is catchy, from chorus and lyrics to the beat. Spice 1 is doing some Ja Rule or Nelly shit when he’s combining his rapping with singing. It’s all good tho, I know Spice 1 wouldn’t go pop on me.

5. Thuggin (Feat. Tray Dee & Kokane)

The production on “Thuggin” sounds like something you’d be able to hear on an 80’s party. It sounds kind of funny but maybe that’s what they meant for it to do… Tray Dee’s dropping some tight shit and Kokane’s doing a catchy hook.

6. You got me *****ed up

The Black Bossaline has done it again! The beat on this cut is BLAZING!!! And Spice 1 sounds perfect to it too! Don’t sleep on this one!

7. Turn da heat down (Feat. Outlawz)

Spice 1 worked with Pac in the past, Outlawz was Pac’s group… So for this album they teamed up to turn that heat up with “Turn da heat down”. Spice 1 and the Outlawz are saying how hell’s coming to earth, or atleast that that’s how they feel when all these bad things happened to them. You know… the usual…. Pac and Yak…

8. Haters come out and play (Feat. Spade)

The first time I heard this track, I thought it was wack. I’ve heard it 3-4 times now, and I think it’s really tight. The chorus is still kind of wack and Spade isn’t the world’s greatest rapper, but it’s a tight track with some very nice production.

9. Niggaz I roll with

Nice production. Nice rhymes. Put together, and you get a weak song. Skipper.

10. Lucky I’m rappin (Feat. Jayo Felony)

Jayo Felony is one of the rappers I think should get more props. On “Lucky I’m rappin” is no exception. If ya’ll go out to buy this album, you should get a Jayo Felony album to go with it… Production on here is tight, but it don’t have the same edge as a few of the previous tracks had.

11. Azz hole naked

There is no doubt that this album had its highlights in the beginning of it, but you’re still able to find a few really tight tracks back here, too. Production is weird but tight on “Azz hole naked”, and Spiceberg’s flowing as if he was borned with a mic in front of him.

12. Das O.K (Feat. Rappin 4-tay)

Right when I thought I’d find a few fillers, I found this track! “Das O.K” has got a funky beat that could be taken off of a N.E.R.D album. The difference is that this track’s got better rappers on it. Rappin 4-Tay, the underrated Bay Area rapper, is rhyming with a raw calm, and Spice 1’s flowing wildly as usual.

13. Pistols, Power, Paper

I guess I won’t find any fillers on this album. I’m at the last track and it’s as tight as most other tracks on this album. “Pistols, Power, Paper” has got a heavy beat with some trumpet shit to it to complete the production, and Spice 1’s flowing about how he’s a gangsta. Tight.


It’s hard to grade this album.

Highlights were: “Spiceberg Slim”, “Welcome back to the ghetto”, “If it ain’t rough, it ain’t me”, “It’s nothin”, “Turn da heat down”, “Lucky I’m rappin”…. Hell just listen to the entire album!

While most tracks were really tight, the album only had 13 tracks. I guess Spiceberg could’ve filled it with 4-5 fillers, but that woulda made me like this album less.

On the other hand; If this album had 4-5 more tight tracks, I would have graded it atleast 4 out of 5. Instead, I’ll grade it 3.5 out of 5.

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