Speedy aka Gotti Gotti – Flight Risk

Speedy aka Gotti Gotti - Flight Risk1) Flight Risk

The name of the album, so you gotta expect something firey. Love the beat, amazing piano keys on this. Speedy states his gangsta, states his affiliations, states what he’s about. Perfect track to open the album out. 5/5

2) Blacc Ass Nigga

Beat is decent, nuthin’ special. This is a ***** song to me, ***** songs gotta be sumthin’ Pacish for me to really feel ’em. Speedy spits some game on this, I’m feelin’ the hook, he rides the beat well. Middle of the track it cuts out, Speedy on the phone…”Sup *****? You gotta get yo’ ass over here now.” She says, “Okay Daddy.” Beat rolls in again, then track cuts out AGAIN!! Speedy *****in’ two *****es. Shit is comical on the real, but overall decent song. 2.5/5

3) Bring Some Friends f/ Tha Realest

Beat is knockin, Realest kicks in, sounds a ***** lot like Pac on this track, but his lyrics ain’t to his par. “It really doesn’t matter *****, bring some friends! A gutta nigga.” Speedy lowers his tone of voice on this track, and raps some good shit. Pretty good. 3/5

4) DeathBeforeDishonor Radio (skit)

Turn your *****ing speakers down before you play this, cuz the ***** is screamin!! ahahaha

5) Gangsta Rapperz f/ Young Roscoe, Method Man & Prodigy

This track blew me the ***** away, so far the hardest track thus far. Beat is crackin’, Method Man and Prod do the hook, back and forth, murder it. Method kicks in, ain’t heard him spit like this in awhile. Speaks his gangsta, strait up. Speedy jumps on next an rips the track apart, real talk. Roscoe finishes it off, he spits okay, but I’ve heard a shitload better from him. 4/5

6) Hustle N Da Hood f/ C-Bo, Neko Supreme

I really like the beat on this, love the hook on this. C-Bo shines the greatest on this track, “Yeah they swear I’m from da Bay the way I pop collars, bark like a rotweiler, hot like Impalas, shit i been hotta, finni jeans, tims, prodda, step to my men you step to a mack 10 choppa, 500 sport proppa..”. I don’t know who Neko Surpreme is, he got a deep ass voice, slow flow but I’m feelin it. Speedy ends the track on some gangstaish. 3.5/5

7) Skit

This Kurupt, they ask him when is the new album commin out? Kurupt says, “I don’t have one, why should I? They don’t want me to make a mutha *****in record. I make a record, I cause wars.” Everyone wants this nigga to make a *****in record! And thats even the *****es talkin…

8) Gangsta’s Roll f/ Kurupt Young Gotti

This track is so point point, the beat is so on point, Kurupt murders the hook, catchy as *****, my favorite track so far. Nuff said. 5/5

9) 21 Gun Salute

This track is okay. Its the type of track that’ll grow on you. 2/5

10) Rollin’ Stone f/ Neko Supreme

Got that dirty funk sound, love that sound. I think its sampled, who the ***** am I to know. Top Down! Close Doors! But the rims still spinnin!!! Speedy a sloppy low tone, my favorite style he got for real. Neko spits some very nice shit. Both ride the beat, nice feel to this track. 4/5

11) Ghetto Millionaire

Whoever the ***** is on this, she spits some serious fire, flammable like propane. Second rapper on this track, flows nice on this track. Beat is catchy as *****. Speedy okay spittin. 3/5

12) Supa Fly f/ Dru Down

Dru Down is *****in’ comical, no one got flows like Dru Down!! No exception here, beat is alright, could have been better. Speedy comes in, spits some alright shit. Without Dru Down, song ain’t shit, but he can’t even save it alone. 2/5

13) Hood Shit

Mellow ass track, good for bumpin’ down the street, and nothing more. 2.5/5

14) Move The Car

Cheesey ass gun shots and breaking windows sounds, then an AK spits in, horns sounding…sounds like their playing Duke Nukem, no word of a lie.

15) Street Grimmey

Sometimes you have to run through alot of shit until you find a gem. This is it. Play this LOUD. 5/5

16) Feelz So Good To Me f/ The Game, Too Short

Ohh no, it can’t be, another *****in’ gem. I’m beginning to feel The Game’s music alot, he’s still hungry, let’s see how long it lasts. He spits real nice, flow on point like it always is. Speedy kills the shit. What else can you expect from Too Short? 5/5

17) Crash Dummy f/ Roscoe, Piyow

On a roll here, love this beat. It’s like Atari shit, swear on it. Now here comes Roscoe with that real shit, “No love for the law throw slugs on ’em all, I’m bout to go balistic on ’em, dis’ Killa Cali Yo milli’s an calico’s thats all I need to split the whole district open..” Whoever Piyow is, he salutes Roscoe. Tri on the track speaking some real talk, “Don’t ride for a nigga who don’t ride for himself.” 4.5/5

18) See Saw N f/ Zig Zag

Zig Zag rips the track up. Beat is okay, feelin’ it. End of the track, gun shots, and they ain’t on no Duke Nukem shit! I like this track, Speedy came correct. 3/5

19) We Ain’t Listen f/ Young Noble and EDI (I think)

Gangsta, strait gangsta. The beat is so gangsta. Excellent damn track. Speedy shows his talent here. Outlawz come correct, ***** it’s about time. 5/5

20) Gangsta Shit f/ C-Bo, Big Eastwood 5/5

Just ride! JUST RIDE!!! Another gem. Eastwood murders tracks, like always, so does C-Bo. *****, so does Speedy. 5/5

21) It’s Hard Out Here

A track wit’ some debt, an its overdue. Speedy speaks on his own death, his families deaths, ITS HARD OUT HERE!!! Damn, good track. 4/5

22) Bonus Track f……………..YUKMOUTH AND GAME???????

Incoming mail. INCOMING MAIL! That *****in’ track, Speedy put it on the album and put his own verse on it. Jelly Roll beet. I can’t believe this track to tell you truth, Yukmouth really murders this track to pieces. 5/5


Overall Rating: 3.5/5

This is a STRAIT GANGSTA RAP ALBUM TO THE T!!! To be honest, I was impressed with this album. Speedy’s style is original, and he knows what the ***** he’s doing. Although his high pitched style gets a little irratating (or maybe cuz I’m hung over) after awhile, he switches it up to in my oppinion, the better low tone flow. I find the best tracks mostly, the ones with feature from Kurupt, C-Bo, Eastwood, and his other homies, but Speedy came correct on this album. I’d say probably the most bangin’ WCMG rapper’s solo album to date. Production never fails to shine from C-Bo’s camp, NEVER!!!! Here is no exception. I reccommend this album if your a Westcoast fan, and definatly if your a fan of West Coast Mafia Gang.


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