Silkk the Shocker – Made Man

Silkk the Shocker - Made ManSilkk the Shocker – Made Man – 1999 No Limit Records


1. The Day I Was Made – Production: O Dell 

An intro of Silkk becoming a mob made man, a mix of Godfather and Scarface choosing him to join them. Starts into a quiet piano beat and Silkk spits some shit over it. A decent intro to the album with some good lines about life in general.

2. Somebody Like Me ft. Mya – Production: Whole Records

Over a guitar fueled beat, Silkk drops some shit about his past with a lady. A little laid back, serenade with Mya on the hook. Decent for a love track.

3. It Aint My Fault 2 ft. Mystikal – Production: Craig B

a brash beat with Mystikal yelling like a freak in the background. He comes out first yelling like only Mystikal does, fast paced and in your face. The chorus is just horrible, “it aint my fault, it aint my fault…” Boring song.

4. Ghetto Rain ft. Master P – Production: Craig B.

A track over a slower beat, deep and thoughtful. Perfect to the track where P and Silkk talk about their life in the struggle, losing their brother and other hardships. One of the best tracks on this album, deep shit.

5. This Is 4 My – Production: KLC

A piano fueled beat with Silkk doing some spoken word over it. Nothing more than a track of dedications of the album. Rather useless to the album.

6. Commercial One – Skit 

Silkk causing shit with some guy on the street.

7. You Know What We Bout ft. Jay Z – Production: Craig B 

Repetitive beat but it bangs in the speakers a bit. Basic ass lyrics by Silkk, with a weaker flow that mimicks Master P a lot. Its too bad they put Silkk on first because when Jay Z steps in, if people haven’t skipped the track, he puts on a display flowing over a wack beat, and makes it work somehow. He saves a track that was destined for garbage and makes it worth listening to. Shining moment on the track, unfortunately for Silkk, it’s Jay Z that did it.

8. I Want To Be With You – Production KLC 

What’s a rap album without a phone call to/from a girl and the rapper talking about having to work in the studio. Finally Silkk shows some skill at flowing over a beat instead of trying to sound like a typical No Limit track. He hits a highlight with his skills on this track.

9. All Because of You ft. Mia X – Production: KLC

Another track following suit of Slick Rick’s “Lodi Dodi”, Snoop did it great, Silkk on the other hand… not at all, the production of this track is just retarded and not in a good way. It’s just disgusting, the entire track is a mess beginning to end. Horrible, just horrible.

10. No Limit ft. Fiend, Mystikal – Production: KLC 

If you thought the last song was bad, I’ve contested ever since I heard this song for the first time, that it is by far the worst song ever made in rap’s history. This is just a torture to listen to, I highly suggest you do, so you know that no matter how drunk or high you are, you could be a rapper if this ever made a cut onto a major label’s album. I repeat – WORST SONG I’VE EVER HEARD IN MY LIFE.

11. End of the Road ft. Sons of Funk – Production: Sons of Funk 

A deep song about life and how it can go bad in an instant. Over a piano loop, it’s a good output by Silkk, the chorus is perfection to fit the song. A good song if you’re missing a lost one, or to have played at a funeral. One of the highlights of this album. Great track.

12. We Won’t Stop ft. Master P, C Murder – Production: Carlos Stephens 

Three brothers on one track, not often you’d see that in rap. Song about no matter how high they can make it in life, they’ll always be dragged down because of where they came from. A good beat, but they really shouldn’t have yelled over it. Flows are the big drawback to this track.

13. Mr. 99 – Production: KLC 

Finally KLC puts out a beat on this album that doesn’t totally suck. It’s still pretty bad nonetheless. The clicking just rides louder than the rest of the beat, but the constant “MR” yelling in the background makes this track junk. Not that it wasn’t to begin with. Horrible.

14. It Takes More ft. Ghetto Commission – Production: Carlos Stephens

A song about being a thug and gangsta and how people act the part but it takes more than that to be one. Silkk does what he can on a cliché track. Nothing special, but not as bad as most of this album.

15. If I Don’t Make $ – Production: DJ Whop 

When the song first starts it seems like a slight intro before Silkk is about to bust out rapping, but no. He does this through the entire track just barely more than talking over another bad beat. A chorus jacked from DJ Quik’s “Dollaz and Sense”, and true to form, they ruin it.

16. It’s Going Around Outside ft. Rico – Production: Sons of Funk

The Sons of Funk bless this album with another good bout of production for Silkk. They do their best to save this album with tracks like this. Another deep track that Silkk is able to shine over, another track for the fallen.

17. Put It On Something ft. Mia X – Production: Craig B

A good beat for this album, more bass provoking than most of the album this far. Silkk has a decent flow over this one. While on most albums this would be a filler, on this album, its actually one of the better songs.

18. Commercial Two – Skit 

Skit about some *****es walking around a mall complaining. Whatever.

19. Southside Niggas ft. Master P, C Murder – Production: Mo B. Dick

The brothers team up again on the album and over a beat sounding like it was made on a child’s xylophone, they do another sing along pile of shit. The verse by C Murder is actually pretty dope, but still the song isn’t much to it.

20. Get It Up ft. Snoop Dogg – Production: Beats by the Pound 

They end the album off with the best track on the album. Snoop kills this beat, which sounds perfectly suited for the Dogg. This track is fire, possibly the best track Snoop ever made on No Limit. Banger, and west coast style shit. Tight track.

Basically if Silkk isn’t going over a beat by Sons of Funk and doing a memorial type track, or having guests like Snoop and Jay Z, Silkk is trash on this album. Maybe it isn’t him so much as the horrendous production, which proved that KLC is the worst producer of all time. This album includes two of the worst songs ever made in rap with “No Limit” and “All Because of You” back to back. The last song on the album is the only real stand out banger, thanks to Snoop. I wouldn’t be surprised if DJ Quik and Slick Rick sued No Limit after the destruction of their classics by Silkk for defamation of character. Download the songs produced by Sons of Funk, and the last track featuring Snoop. Although you should really hear track 9 and 10 if nothing else for a laugh or if you want to torture somebody by locking them in a room with them playing on repeat.

Rating – 1/5

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