Sense Wondah – Year Of The Wondah Mixtape

Sense Wondah - Year Of The Wondah Mixtape1. Intro(Feat Artifakt, Stryke, & DJ Spyncere)

Intro, but it’s pretty funny.

2. Death Certificate

Wow, this is really good. Nice Premo-ish beat. SenseWondah is great, he sounds like he’d fit in with the East Coast elite. Real sharp sounding rapper here, complete with really good lyrics and good wordplay. Great track. Good

3. Year Of The Wondah(Feat Artifakt)

They use the El Presidente beat and I applaud them for that(I love that beat). Wondah & Artifakt trade verses and really work well together. Artifakt rips this track to pieces, but Wondah does his best to keep up. This is insane. DOPE!

4. Beginning

Slower paced track here, but it works. Wondah rips the track here and proves that he’s ready for the big time. Wondah raps about damn near everything on this track from growing up to snakes. He does this in 2 minutes. Wondah doesn’t like to waste time and for that I applaud him. Good

5. Circles

This is a nice conspiracy-heavy track. Like a Non Phixion track only with one guy instead of 3. Wondah does a good job here, he keeps my interest and spits some good stuff. Good

6. Sense, Baby!

Wow, this is what rap is all about. Great beat and a guy giving it his all. You can’t really ask for more in a track. This reminds me of those old Eastcoast tracks where rappers would buy a Premo beat and try their best at making a great lyrical track. Wondah has no problem spitting dope lyrics. Great track. DOPE!

7. Straight Jacket Rap Shit

Eerie beat here, really dope stuff(Yes I know it’s a mixtape and it’s likely a previously used beat). I was worried about this track, I thought it’d be some weak attempt at Horrorcore, but I *thankfully* was wrong. Nice well thought out lyrics, too short to be anything great but it was good. Good

8. Art Of Wondah

Premo beat here, great stuff. Wondah sounds like a star here. Nice mix of charisma and lyrics. Good

9. Pardon Me

Pretty much an ego driven track. Nothing wrong with that. I like how Wondah’s all “Yea I’m trying to earn a buck, who the ***** are you?”. Great stuff. Good

10. Elevation(Feat Artifakt)

They use the Drugs(LiL Kim) beat here. You know, I’ve always liked that track, Kim did a decent job on there and Biggie ruled the chorus. I’m getting off track here. Wondah starts things off with a vicious verse. Nice chorus, it’s not simple but it’s not really complicated. Artifakt is another star, the guy is really good. I am digging this. DOPE!

11. Feel It(Feat Stryke)

Slower paced beat here, but that doesn’t stop anyone here. Wondah starts it off with a good verse. Stryke rips the track here, he sounds like Prospect(From Terror Squad) and that’s not a bad thing. Great track. Good

12. Napolean Dynamite

BEST TRACK ON THE ALBUM! Man, I am digging the beat a lot and it was made for Wondah. Nice jazz-heavy beat here(Nice is an understatement). Wondah just kills it here, man this guy is READY! DOPE!

13. All In To It(Feat Artifakt)

We take a totally different turn here. Still great stuff from the All Business crew(Who are really impressing me). Wondah starts things off and is all “Yea I just did that great Napolean Dynamite track, and I’ll make this one a great as well”. Artifakt and him sort of do the “I’ll do a verse then you do one”. Great stuff as usual. Good

14. Monkey Wrenches

Nice bouncy beat here. Wondah raps about Hip Hop and how it’s not all just a cash game. Good stuff here. Good

15. Channel 300

Nice beat here. Wondah does a great job rapping over this beat. Good

16. My Life

Wondah raps over the “My Life(Styles & Monch)” beat. I love that beat and Monch ruled all on that chorus. Ok, back on track. Wondah raps about how music is his life and how he has made it through the pain and strife. Nice stuff. I like the chorus, it gives a good look into Wondah’s life. Wondah’s second verse is about his life and how he struggled. Great stuff. Good

17. Airwaves

Weird beat here, I like it though. Wondah does a good job rapping over this(It would seem hard to rap over something like this, but Wondah does a great job). Really good track. Good

18. He Hungry

Piano heavy beat here mixed with some song samples. Good stuff and Wondah rips it to pieces. This was about a minute so I can’t really give it much of a rating, but I will anyway. Good

19. Sign Of The Times(Acapella)

Wondah’s charisma can do this kind of thing. Some rappers really can’t pull off something like this. Good stuff. Good

20. The Wondah Years

Wow, was this recorded low. Good way to end the mixtape though. Good

All in all this gets a Good rating. Wondah is a star and is a natural. One of the best mixtapes I have ever heard(And no that’s not hyperbole). Great lyrics, great features, and great beat choices. Man Napolean Dynamite is one great track. Go to and BUY THIS NOW!

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