One-2 – New Day, New Money Mixtape

One-2 - New Day, New Money Mixtape1. The Return(Intro)
The beat is nice & bouncy, with some decent accordion sounds thrown in. One-2 does a pretty good job, and sounds really polished. With many mixtapes, you hear people fumbling their lines, and rapping off beat. That doesn’t happen here. Also, it’s nice to actually hear someone not waste an intro. So many people tend to waste disc space by putting painfully unfunny skits, or just introducing themselves in a vague manner. Good track. Good.

2. New Day, New Money
The beat is cheap sounding, and lifeless. But, One-2 is talented enough to do something worthwhile with it. I mean, it’s nice to hear someone motivated enough to rap over a beat so bland. Average.

3. Shoot To Kill(Feat Crooked I)
One-2 decides to diss backpackers, and people who are too uninspired to bring the West back. Nicely done. Crooked I just sort of sleep walks through his verse, but does so in a manner that it’s actually better than some inspired material. That is talent, my friend. One-2 does a good job. This is pretty much a “Yea! The West rules! We are here to stay!” type track, and that’s not really a bad thing. Good.

4. Guess Who?
The violin laced beat is so sappy, that I’m expecting a lumberjack to come plowing through my wall, and telling me he’s “Nonplussed”. Oh well, atleast it’s short. Wack

5. Get It Jumpin
Ok, now this is a good beat. Nice, bouncy, and it fits the tone. One-2 should just stick to these type of tracks, because he has the energy to really perfect this kind of style. Leave the sappy stuff to emo rappers, who haven’t gotten their Paxil filled. Good stuff. Good

6. Message From The Middleclass
Reggae flavor is added to this track, and it’s not that bad. This is your standard “Fight for your right!” type track, and that’s not really a bad thing. Average.

7. Work Hard(Feat Quiz)
Quiz is pretty good, and this bouncy, piano type beat is pretty good. Simple chorus, but it fits, and doesn’t end up sounding awkward. One-2 does a pretty good job as well. Good.

8. Fly Away(Feat K-Young)
Nice slow paced type beat. This track is about getting away from the world for a moment. Good chorus. Good.

9. Grand That Pole
I’ll give you a hint to what this track is about. ….Anything yet? Anyway, this is your standard “We screw women, we watch strippers, and we are cool” type track. You know, this type of subject matter is a dime a dozen, and if you can’t make it sound interesting, then why even bother? Don’t waste the listeners time with this type of stuff. Wack.

10. 120 Bars Of Fire
Pretty decent southern crunk style beat. One-2 does a pretty good job rapping over it. See, this is good for a mixtape, unlike the last track. Good track. Good.

11. Casanova(Feat Romeo From DNR)
This is pretty much another “Hey, I like to screw all kinds of women. I’m also the man because of it. Yea, I’m pretty cool”. The chorus consists of bad singing. Yea, this isn’t that good. Wack.

12. Good Girl Pt 1
Ok, so now you want to find a good girl? Didn’t you just make a track about screwing every girl in town? This isn’t good, and just sort of a slap in the face to the listener. Wack.

13. Get Ya Guard Up(Feat Human)
Human may be the greatest rap name ever. Maybe not on par with “Mr. Dog”, but close enough. I want to name myself “MC Person”. Is that name taken yet? Oh, right, the track. It’s a crunk, party type, and it’s pretty average stuff. Average.

14. Hector The Hook
I was expecting a pirate type of track, but it didn’t come to pass. I am left feeling a little empty inside because of it. Nice fast(Mixed with some slow elements) paced Chi-Town beat. Really good track, and One-2 does a pretty good job storytelling here. Good stuff. Good.

15. What The Deal Is(Feat Das From I-15)
Bad mixture of West & South here. Other than that? Nothing much. You have a chorus consisting of lifeless singing, and even more lifeless rapping. I don’t like it when rappers act like rapping is a chore rather than something they’re interested in. These type of tracks just scream “Let’s get this over with”, and if that’s the case, then why should I even bother listening? Wack.

16. Good Girl Gone Wild Pt 2
Oh, this is the much anticipated sequel. One-2 raps in such a way, that the stench of machismo is noticeable, and about as subtle as a guy yelling “I’M HUNGRY!”. This was just not that good, and I don’t want to hear a part 3. Wack.

17. Meet Me At The Gates
This samples Eric Clapton’s “Tears In Heaven”, and it’s actually somewhat refreshing to hear. I have to applaud him for rapping over it. Emotional track, and it’s actually pretty good. Good.

18. Jewel City(Feat Komplex & WordsWrath)
I’m losing patience with this mixtape. Standard track, that sounds like he found the beat in Scott Storch’s garbage. I mean, the rapping isn’t bad, but is there any hint of originality? Average.

19. My Life(Feat Charon & Aryn)
Pretty good track about One-2’s life. See, this was a well done track, and it was honest. Nice way to end the album. Good.

Ok, this mixtape was about 7 songs too long. This was long, tedious, and felt like a chore for not only the rapper, but for the producers and guests. I’m giving this an Average rating. One-2 has promise, but him trying to be like every other rapper is tiresome.

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