Necro – The Sexorcist

Necro - The SexorcistSince 1999 Necro has been creating an Underground Cult of Hip-hop fans since his first release “I Need Drugs”. Since then his group ‘Psycho+logical- records‘ signing many good rappers creating different vibes for each record. He now has decided to release something I’ve always liked about him and that is an album filled with Sex tracks.

“Who Ya Daddy” kicks starts the album and its dope from the word Yo. Using a very light bass and a drum loop with light moaning and groaning Necro creates a very simplistic, erotic and mellow beat. Here is where you really see Necro’s versatility when he is creating his masterpieces as this is not really what you expect from someone who creates the most darks beats ever to grace Hip hop. He has really tried to give it that music you find on porno or you find yourself making “love” too although if you played Necro lyrics while doing it she’ll probably put her clothes back on unless she one of many Necro’s crazed female fans you can find on his site. Necro really introduces himself and why he’ll be your daddy with the kinky/dirty things he’ll do. Just before the next song drops you hear one of the creepiest skits to ever be on a song which in all things Necro it is very perverted. The piano the way it’s been record or some atmosphere put on it is quite creepy itself I can’t really explain it. Anyway the beat is very sex track with the piano and light guitars which means Necro has done his research and he even chucked in the awful male singing you seem to get at the hook of these Sex tracks. Necro again saying what he’ll do in the sack although he aims it mainly at the vagina area why the song is called “Pu**y is my weakness” although he kinds of goes of topic. It’s a nice song lyrically and production but the hook lets it down but Necro has done this to create the awful sex track sound.“Wh*re” however has a very simple but effective catchy hook With woman groaning from excitement and it has something familiar to it. The beat is more Necro on this very dark with the up-tempo light piano and all of the arrangement of the beat. I don’t really need to tell you it’s about those women. “Edge play” has a very heavy metalish feel like his other hit “The Pre-fix for Death”. The heavy metalish bass is actually practically the same as the one mention but Necro as the genius he is makes It into something different. This has Ill Bill and Mr Hyde on this and they all come very dope although Ill Bill the most with the little story he spits. The songs about S + m you know the people who like to feel pain during sex and I don’t know if the hook is suppose to be ironic of symbolizing the pain but it’s so bad its like S + M itself. “Suckadelic” is a very up-tempo and has a nice 70’ vibe hinted by the name. With the rapid guitars and xylophone chimes create that vibe and it also reminds me of the music you would find in what you yanks called a mall or in a lift. It just reminds me of lift music! I feel Necro has created this beat due to their being a lot of free loving in the 70’s.

After that flash from the past without the awful haircuts we hear the first skit of many! Each skit has a famous pornstar bigging up Necro in some ways. Lets take Ron Jeremy he decides to write a little poem about Necro while the woman pornstars like Katsumi decide to scream out his name with Excitement while their “thinking” of all the stuff Necro could do to them. He has many appearances from Pornstars: Ron Jeremy, Katsumi, Brittany Andrews, Van Styles are just to name a few give a helping hand.

After a poem from Ron we jump back straight into the action with “B*tches Love To Get F*ucked In The A**”where like Pu**y Is My Weakness he concentrates on one point and that is the booty although again like the other one he kind of goes off topic. The beat again really shows Necro’s artistic side by understanding everything Sex wise. It sounds like something 50 cent would be spilling his corny sex raps to. It actually reminds me of Ski mask way the way it is beautifully composed and the grunting. And for once the hook steals the show on this one. The hook first has Necro singing in a very high pitched queer voice and then with a much more manly mucho voices. This is a obvious p!ss take of people like 50 cent where they’ll be bopping around singing like that on their sex tracks which shows even more of necro’s understanding. Talking about “P!ss” that is the next song title on this album. The song like you can guess is about water sports but yet it is very entertaining! The beat has a very nice mellow feel with a continuous sample of who I think is Marvin Gaye (due to Necro mentioning it at least once) saying P!ss. This is one of my favourites on this album especially due the quite racial slurs he as about the Chinese and so on I find them funny as they’re not to hard.“Out of Pocket” while it has a nice little simplistic piano looped beat the hook again kills the whole song. It has a pornstar with an electro/techno/robot voice singing a terrible hook. Like Senseless Violence this kills the whole song. And unlike most songs there is no logic or irony behind this terrible hook. “She’s got a great A–” again has what I believe is a nice electronic piano loop the hook (if you can call it that) kills this. Someone shouting abuse it seems like its Kid Joe’s replacement. Not even Bill can save this. “I Wanna F**k” is a remake of “I Wanna Rock” so it has a nice rock vibe. Jenny Krenwinkle..ughh is back once again I’m sorry to say although it isn’t that bad as she only seems to be saying one abusive word and hitting more correct notes. “We F**K Virgins” is next up and it is a nice song. Again he has a corny hook but with reasons this time as Antwon comes back for that corny awful male singer. The simplistic beat has outburst of instruments which gives it its entertaining side. Sabac also appears and has a nice little appearance and you can guess what they rap about. “Horny Honeys” has nothing new as it has a nice beat something Goretex would use which is handy as he appears and does well while the hook is awful. “I Remain Stiff”has a nice rugged beat while having groaning as a back drop. The hook rapped by “Manson Wh*re”?? is suppose to be one of those awful Female vs. Male songs which makes it good as it’s bad by purpose which means it ironic. No brownie points for guessing why its called that. “The Sexpert” is a refreshing as it has a nice little simplistic piano beat (again) while having outburst of some sort of horn. The hook supplied by Necro is nice as well is familiar from somewhere. “I Degrade you” again a very straight to the point song you know whats it about by the title. It has a nice organ loop on this and its good to hear it once in a while being used. “Vaginal Secretions” has a nice beat while Necro raps about eating pu**y and a nice way to end the album (excluding the outro).

In all this album gets a 4/5. Necro really understands what makes a sex track and really has done his research to create the sound so that why I would like to entitle him as something I don’t normally title many rappers/producers and that is a Artist! WHY? As well as the experimenting and creating the right sound for them well although most hooks where corny as f**k they suppose to be but not many will get this and put half of the good (ironic good) hooks in the wack pile. Now you are thinking what makes Necro different from other people who spit cringe worthy sex raps and that is Attitude. Unlike most Necro doesn’t grovel for his Pu**y like some. Necro isn’t interested in the women’s pleasure he rather get his and leave. Another Flaw a lot of idiots will complain he is too vulgar. WTF you idiots??? To quote another member on Acknee “What do you expect from Necro’s sex album?? Tiddywinks??”

Recommendation: Buy this album! Necro really has experimented with his beats creating that sex sound and unlike most he still the pants wearer or the rap game.

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