Mr. Cheeks – Ladies and Ghettomen

Mr. Cheeks - Ladies and GhettomenAs a long time fan of legendary Queens group Lost Boyz, I know what Mr Cheeks can bring to the plate. With Tah, Spiggs and Lou he brought straight classics to the world. Considering Mr Cheeks did most, or all, of the rapping a solo album from him is very interesting for me to get my hands on. After the death of Freakie Tah, Mr Cheeks has been releasing a few projects. I haven’t been very impressed even though some bangers have been put to birth by Cheeks. Seems like Freakie Tah’s adlibs did a lot to Lost Boyz. However, I’m was very excited when I heard about “Ladies and Ghettomen” being released.


1. Mass Homocide (Skit)

I don’t write about skits normally, but this is actually a tight skit. Mr Cheeks giving some shoutouts and dropping a verse over a real nice beat. It’s like a mini-song. Don’t let the label fool ya – don’t start your CD on track 2. If you wanna be negative, you may ask yourself why Cheeks didn’t make a full song out of this.

2. Tonight feat. Babydoll

Now-Na-Now… Tonight has a dope beat just like the intro track. Mr Cheeks has the same flow back in the day and memories are coming to life. I can’t help to think what this track would have sounded with Frakie Tah going nuts in the background tho. Still, this is a f*cking banger. Mainly because of the beat… Hook’s tight too and Babydool’s 5-something words on the track is a good addition.

3. All I Know feat. Babydoll & Madman

“All I know” is more of a slow type of track on some girl shit. Your girl might like this but I’m not really feeling it. Mr Cheeks is coming out allright but it’s not a type of song I’d expect him to do. Madman is allright too. Babydoll once again contributes with a few words on the hook.

4. It’s Alright feat. Truth Hurts

Former Aftermath singer Truth Hurts comes in on “It’s Alright” to do some hook-singing and some background vocals. She’s doing it real well too. Mr Cheeks is on some commercial shit with a happy bumpin’ beat I’d expect from Black Eyed Peas. It’s all good though. Mr Cheeks has done his term and deserves to do what the ***** he wants. This was a hig and it’s still a hit. Good for you, Cheeks.

5. Keep It Movin

The beat on “Keep It Movin” is back. With that in mind, Mr Cheeks does an effort to save the track. Unsuccessful. Skipper.

6. What’s Happening feat Babydoll

“What’s happening” has a kind of sad sound to it. Mr Cheeks has always been a good story-teller and this is an other track formed like a story. It’s not as good of a story as in i.e. “René”, but it makes you listen to what he’s got to say. All in all a real cool song.

7. Turn It Up feat. Wild Walt & Madman

“You at the car, in the club? Tell them: Turn it up” goes the hook on “Turn It Up”. The song’s a collabo between Mr Cheeks, Wild Walt and Mad Man and it’s a little different from the rest of the tracks on the album that way since Mr Cheeks is only doing one verse. It’s a pretty cool song. Something I’d bump in the background, but not really turn up in the car or at the club.

8. The Girl’s Mine

“The Girl’s Mine” is a cool song with a tight beat. Judging from the title I’d assume Mr Cheeks would do his own version of “The boy is mine” from Brandy and Monika but that’s not the case at all. Like I said though, real nice cut. Mr Cheeks is steppin’ it up.

9. All Nite Long

The second “All Nite Long” started playing, I started bumpin’ my head. The beat’s real catchy. Unfortunately, Mr Cheeks is not the right rapper for it. This is one of a very very few times he should let someone else have the beat. The hook’s real nice tho. Could be a single.

10. Four Walls

I don’t know how to say this… but Mr Cheeks kind of bores me. I guess it’s because I’m missing Freakie Tah. Cheeks is doing his best and he’s not wack or anything, it’s just that I know he can do better. This song is an other of those average tracks.

11. Blind Fold feat. The Garcia Brothers

This cut is one of those tracks that sounds “big”. I guess it’s because of the chorus singing on the hook. I’ve heard The Garcia Brothers before and they usually come out tight. This is no exception. I’m not even sure Mr Cheeks is on this one. Definitely check it out if you cop the album tho.

12. LB Family feat. Madman & Babydoll

I’m not sure this is a tribute to Lost Boyz, or an introduction to the new Lost Boyz. Either way I hope that if Mr Cheeks get a new group he name it something else. Lost Boyz is legendary and nobody should attempt to take their place. It’s not fair to the new rappers in the game. Madman is a tight rapper and he shows it on this track, but I doubt he’s ready to carry the legacy. It’s a pretty good song where Mr Cheeks speak on LB as well as the new generation, saying they try to hold them back.

13. It’s Alright (Remix) feat. Truth Hurts

Just like you guessed, this is a remix of “It’s Alright” with Truth Hurts. Even though the remix is cool, it’s not as good as the original. A lot of times when a remix isn’t as good as the original people say it’s wack. I won’t go that far. It’s a cool song… but the original’s better.


Mr Cheeks has dropped a solid effort with “Ladies and Ghettomen”. It’s nowhere near the two first, or even the third, Lost Boyz albums but it’s a pretty good Cheeks album with a few real tight tracks and a few less good ones. It’s real hard to rate an album like this. It’s not a bad album at all, but I know Mr Cheeks can do better. I can’t really rate the album below 3 since I do like it, but at the same time I don’t really want to rate it any higher since it could be better. So there you have it, I rate this album 3 out of 5. Average.

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