Missin’ Linx – Exhibit A

Missin' Linx - Exhibit A1. What It Is 

Necro produces the beat and it has a disco feel to it, very funky, really good beat. In case you haven’t heard of Missin Linx, they are Problemz, Al Tariq & Black Attack and they have done tracks with The Beatnuts, in fact Al Tariq used to be in the Beatnuts(He went by the name Fashion). Problemz shines on this track as he says the best line in the song(“Shit is off the Rick James”). Amazing track, everything was right here, from the beat(NECRO!) to the chorus, to the verses, to the flows. Great way to start off the EP. DOPE!

2. Ain’t Nothin 

Adam 12 produces the beat and it’s ok, nothing really good or anything, in fact it’s pretty sloppy. Al Tariq is terrible on this track. Problemz tries to carry the track but this beat is a no go. Black Attack’s appearance is a little sloppy but overall he tries. This was an average track at best. Average

3. Hotness(Feat JuJu) 

DJ EMZ produces the beat and it’s decent but I’ve heard this sound before, even on a Cash Money release. Black Attack starts it off with a good verse. JuJu does the chorus. Al Tariq with a pretty good verse. Problemz finishes it with a great verse, man Problemz has such a unique flow and has great wordplay. Good track although I wish JuJu had a verse. Good

4. Family Ties(Feat Freddie Foxxx) 

FREDDIE FOXXX!!!!! Is featured on this track and gues what? ALCHEMIST produces the track! This track is DOPE! Great beat here, has an eerie sound to it. Al Tariq starts it off with a great verse. Black Attack with the next verse and it’s really good, Black Attack is another rapper who needs more respect. Freddie Foxxx does a great chorus. Problemz is up next with a really good verse. Al Tariq is next with another great verse. Black Attack is up next and spits another great verse, he’s shining on this track. Problemz is up next and again he spits a great verse, this track is insane. Foxxx ends it with words(He doesn’t rap on the track). What a great track, this needs to be heard. DOPE!

5. That’s That 

DJ EMZ produces the beat and it’s good, not great or anything, it has a fast paced style to it. It’s hard to follow the last track but atleast this is a different style. Everyone comes tight. Good track. Good

6. M.I.A. 

DOPE!!!! V.I.C. produces the beat and it’s the same as Dr. Dre’s “Next Episode” but with better rappers and better lyrics. Everyone rips this track. This has to be heard. DOPE!

All in all this gets a Good rating. This EP was slept on, and it should be heard. Missin’ Linx are a great trio. Cop it!

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