Extended F@mm – Happy Fuck You Songs

Extended F@mm - Happy Fuck You SongsExtended F@mm is one of the most innovative groups around. On the top-notch underground QN5 record label, E-F@mm offers guaranteed quality. The group is made up of four spectacular, underrated MCs: Tonedeff, Pack FM, Session and Substantial. The group is a lyrical powerhouse. They make entire tracks filled with nothing but punchlines which make the listener hit the rewind button. This album is their debut EP. It is filled with comedy and outrageous tracks. It’s lyricism is simply amazing because all four MCs come above average all the time. Sometimes, the content seems to be in outerspace but the last verse always manages to bring the attention back. Attacking the mainstream, twisted introductions, awful cellphones; how can you not love it?


1. Intro

E-F@mm is introduced and the one and only Squijee is featured on it. It gets quite psychotic but it’s Squijee, what else could you expect?

2. The Evil That Pens Do

A great track. Each verse is perfect. It is lyrically spectacular. Tonedeff opens up the track with a superb spit and with the bar set extremely high; the other members of the group fail to disappoint. The track is a haughty one, proclaiming that each of the MCs are real battle rappers who have real skills over instrumentals they get dealt with. This track has a nice beat with a piano and drum mixture.

3. Line Drop

Amazing track; one of the best on the album. Full of wordplay and punchlines, E-F@mm comes up with one of their best tracks over a nice, simple, Tetris beat. As the mic gets passed around, each verse speeds up. This track is a notable one, extremely different from much of the rap around today.

4. FYIRB {***** You I Rhyme Better} (Remix)

An impressive track. This track simply is taking shots at all those mainstream rappers who lack skill. Each MC comes with fire as they relentlessly attack undeserving rappers. The track is laced with punchlines which standout. Each rapper rips the track but Substantial stands out with his last verse.

5. Pause

A great skit. It’s about the new spray from Old Spice. Its for modify of the awkward homosexual moments in conversations. A classic, hilarious skit.

6. Good Combination

This is more than a good combination. Pack FM and Tonedeff go back and forth on a hot, inventive beat. They keep naming combinations of things that go well together; just like these two talented MCs do. An extremely innovative track which shows the skills of both rappers.

7. Velocity

This song is straight fire, for the most part. On a dope beat, E-F@mm keeps speeding up. Tonedeff really shines on this track as his fast pace rapping is really the highlight of the track. Substantial is a real letdown on the track. He doesn’t fit in with the whole theme and next to Tone, he really isn’t keeping up. It’s still a tight track.

8. How U Doin’?

This track is centered around the phrase “how you doin’?” coined by ‘Friends’ The track is one of the weaker ones on the album. Each MC comes with a tight verse but listener attention spans may waver. The beat is a bit boring but all in all, it’s still a decent track.

9. Celly

Probably the best track on the album. This track is innovation at its finest. Its simply amazing. It’s basically each MC trying to have a conversation over their cellphones which are extremely distorted. This track is nothing less than a classic. It’s pure comedy presented by four top-notch MCs with pure skill.

10. Murder In The Verse Degree

Following the bewilderment in the cellphone conversation, Session goes solo. Over a tight beat provided by Tonedeff, Session spits extremely well. It was a slight surprise how good it was. He basically raps out a story with complete sentences instead of simply lines. A good track.

11. Pebble Jam

A great, hilarious skit. A simple parody of the popular Scribble Jam battle competition. It’s contains many jokes centered around George Bush and Bin Laden. The two battlers are EyeDubya (Eyedea) and Osama Jin Laden.

12. Obligatory Posse Cut featuring Breez Evahflowin, Deacon The Villian, GMS, Elite, Kameel-Yen, Squijee

This track is fantastic. Over a sizzling beat supplied by Tonedeff; each member of the posse spits 8 bars. This track features each of the artists complaining about how they had to spit on a useless track. This track is pure comedy. They freestyle their hatred for crew cuts. When your done listening, you’ll be sure to hit the back button to catch all the hilarious lines which you missed.

13. Fin

Squijees outro!!! How can this be short of a classic? His annoying voice raps up the album, and if you wait a bit, you can catch him breaking into a freestyle. A great way to wrap up a great album


The production on this album is splendid. It is for the most part solid and unwavering throughout. Most of the beats are supplied by Tonedeff who shows he isn’t skillful on the mic alone. The light beats seem to come together with the great lyrics for a fresh album which stands out.

This album is spectacular. It would take ages to list all of the hilarious lines which are peppered throughout this marvelous EP. But, this album isn’t all jokes. It also is filled with forceful lyrics. The production is dope on the album and all of the MCs on the album are never less than ill. Each of the core MCs bring their own flavor to the album which makes it dope.


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