Canibus – 2000 B.C.

Canibus - 2000 B.C.Canibus – 2000 B.C.

01. The C-Quel

The album starts alright.The lyrics are good and the beats not too bad.Over the theme of S.W.A.T. canibus starts off with a weird idea with each end of each lines starts the next line blending in his lyrics.After a few minutes it gets back to normal and Canibus delivers some nice lyrics.
(Lyrics 4.5/5)(Beat 4/5)(overall 4/5)

02. 2000 B.C.

What else can i say about this song except DOPE!!!!!!. This is the title song of the album and My fave song on the CD.Ty Fyffe creates a dramatic war type feeling beat. He uses sirens and an opera lady singing background vocals to give this dramatic feel. The drums and bass goes with the siging very well. Canibus serves some dope lyrics. The chorus i feel is a little bit of a diss toward wyclef and his last and very dull album can-i-bus. He also spits “you mad at the last album, I apologize for it / Yo, I can’t call it, motherf**kin’ Wyclef spoiled it /”. The lyrics are his normal dope clever lyrics.And his normal dope flow. This goes with Canibus very well as his a battle rapper and was in the army.
(lyrics 5/5)(Beat(5/5)(overall 5/5)DOPE!!!!!!!

03. Life Liquid (feat. Journalist)

The Prodution is good and lyrics both clever and funny from both canibus and the journalist. Production is from The Beatnuts JuJu.This song is all the ways you can possibly torture or kill a man.It’s got clever Metaphors and wordplay. Also in Canibus’s first verse is about and takes the mickey out of gay’s and describes the stereotypicial gay.
(Lyrics 4.5/5)(Beat 3.5/5)(overall 4/5)

04 . Shock Therapy (skit)

This is a Hilarous skit.Even tho i dont normally like skits i like this one. its getting someone(producer) to admit he been using bits of other songs with a taser if you get the pun in the name.
(not rateable)

05. What Who U Beef Wit

Good beat and lyrics upto his standards. The hook is catchy. The beat has a piano from some song which i can’t remember but works. The track like Life liquid is about violent and watching who you have beef with and how you can be got anywhere.
(Lyrics 3.5/5)(Beat 4.5/5)(Overall 4/5)

06. I’ll Buss ‘Em You Punish ‘Em (feat.Rakim)

This song is another dope one. Not only is it featuring one of the dopest mc’s(Rakim) ever but the beat and lyrics are dope. Rakim and canibus being advance and dope mc’s they try their best to keep up and beat each other lyrics.Rakim outshines Canibus on this track and that hardly happens but with “Put my dick in your ear and ***** what you heard” Ra clearly outshines him. Their flows go really well with this track. The Hook is catchy as hell!
(lyrics 5/5)(beat5/5)(overall5/5) Dope!!!!

07. Mic-Nificent

The beat is alright on this and canibus keeps up with his normal standards but his flow really shines out for me on this. Aint really much to say on this.
(Lyrics 4/5)(Beat 3.5/5)(overall 3.5/5)

08. Die Slow (Feat. Journalist)

The Beat is alright on this one. the Lyrics are upto his standards like usual.This one is featuring Journalist again. He comes off good aswell.Their flows are good on thsi one aswell.The hook is catchy. This beat sound especially made for Cabibus flow.
(Lyrics 4/5)(Beat 3.5/5)(overall 3.5/5)

09. Doomsday News (feat. Panama P.I)

The beat is good.The lyrics are good as usual and his flow comes good on this.again like who you beef with i swear i know the guitar from.Parama delivers a good hook.
[B](Lyrics. 4.5/5)(Beat 4/5)(overall 4/5)[/B]

10. Lost @ ‘C’

I Can’t Beleive I’m about to say this about a Irv Gotti beat but i really like this. Like B.C. 2000(track 2) it feels really dramatic and a war feeling. The opera signing and the bell dongs give this a real eerie dramatic feel. The drums goes with all that and canibus flow. Canibus shows really skill with this song’s lyrics. The 3rd verse really impress me as he goes on about what i feel about certian rappers and hip-hop right now. The hook is catchy.
(Lyrics 5/5)(Beat 5/5)(Overall 5/5) dope !

11. Phuk u

I’m split on this song. I like it and it quite annoying.Lyrics his standards are Kept.His 2nd verse shows reall skill as the phuk’s from the background goes with lyrics e.g. “(phuk)n**ga which you nice than them/who offend coz u gotta fight till the end/if you (phuk) groupie chicken when you out on tour/smoke a little bit of weed and (phuk) her some more”
The beat sounds really energetic and quite kiddy but the hook is annoying as *****.
(Lyrics 4.5/5)(beat 3.5/5)(overall 4/5)

12. Horsemen (Featuring Pharoahe Monch)

Monch just spits a acapella freestyle describing the horsemen, Bis talks at the end…kinda sounds like a outro hook but I don’t’ know…I’m not going to rate this since it really is just an intro to the next song

13. Horsementality (Feat.The 4 Horsemen)

This another really good song. Not only is it featuring some of the most dopest mc’s(ras kass,kurupt,killa priest and canibus) but the beat is really good. Choas the producer creates a really uptempo beat which goes with the rapper delivery. each artist’s have their own style which really makes this a good song. Kurupt is my fave on this track.
(Lyrics 4.5/5)(Beat 4.5/5)(overall 4.5/5)

14. 100 Bars

This is one of Canibus most impressive songs. He spits 100 bars for about 5 mins without stopping showing his advance skills. His lyrics are really dope on this song. The beats is good and definaitly goes with canibus incrediable flow.No hook.
(Lyrics 5/5)(Beats 4.5/5) (4.5/5)

15. Chaos

Bis raps the first verse and hook acapella before the beat kicks in and blends in with canibus dope flow, Bis comes nice and shows his skills.,beat is alright hook is alright.alright way to end the album.
(Lyrics 4/5)(Beat 3.5/5)(overall 3.5/5)


Overall this album gets 4/5.

Buy this album but if you want his best buy rip the jacker(4.5/5) but stay away from Can-i-bus(2.5/5) and Whatever you do stay as far away from c true hollywood stories(1.5/5)as the production is weak as f**k but canibus lyrics are sharp as usual.Buy mic club(4/5) if you heard 2000 B.C. or rip the jacker Canibus shows incredible lyricial skill but repetition in his battle rap type songs and some bland production keep him from getting his props. His Flow is incredible and dope and so is his voice. Canibus has to evole a tiny part from his battle type of raps to be one of the best

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