MED – Push Comes To Shove

MED - Push Comes To Shove1. Intro


2. Serious(Feat Oh No)

Madlib produces a really eerie sounding beat, it sounds like “Meow’s” but more melodic. Good track here as MED(Medaphor) & Oh No drop dope verses. Medaphor is a rapper who can make you listen to what he has to say, he’s got a really powerful voice(Flow) and raps about stuff that matters as opposed to “Yo I be sippin’ lean kinfolk”. Good track. Good

3. Whut U In It 4

Oh No produces the track and really it’s not that good, in fact it’s really sloppy. MED raps about why he’s in the rap game. MED tries to carry the track but the beat is just awful. Average(For MED’s work)

4. Can’t Hold On

DOPE! Madlib produces the beat and it has an 80’s feel to it with a really funky bass added to it. MED does a great job here rapping about the past. The chorus is really Kanye-ish. Great track here, you have to hear it. DOPE!

5. Push(Feat J. Dilla)

Dilla produces the track and really it’s not good, in fact it’s terrible. I don’t know why he was going for a club vibe here but it just doesn’t work. Dilla’s up first with a terrible verse. The chorus is even worse. MED with a good verse but really it doesn’t matter as this track is just a carbon copy club track. Nothing to hear here folks. Wack

6. Special(Feat Noelle Of The Rebirth)

DOPE!!!! I really like the singing by Noelle, it just sounds really melodic. The beat(By Madlib) is piano heavy and really relaxing. MED rips it as usual. I dig the chorus with the singing. Another great track. DOPE!

7. The Offering Interlude


8. Hold Your Breath

Madlib produces a really sloppy verse, it’s like he can’t decide whether to do a “Reflective” type beat or a “Club” beat. MED rules it as usual here. This track is just “meh”. Average

9. Now U Know(Feat Dudley Perkins)

Madlib produces a really good beat, I can’t really describe it as there are about 6 different things happening at once. MED shines here and Dudley plays a small part in the chorus. Overall a good track. Good

10. Pressure(Feat Diamond & Poke)

Fast paced type beat by Madlib, sounds like a mixture of Eastcoast & Midwestern rap. MED flows really well over this type of beat, he even rapid spits. Good track. Good

11. Never Saw It Coming

Great beat by Madlib, just soul samples and bouncy bass type beat. MED raps about hustling, drug dealing, getting busted, and in the end getting shot by the cops. Great storytelling here and man that beat is just genius. You need to hear this. DOPE!

12. So Real

Dilla produces a much better beat this time around. A very bouncy beat here. MED does a great job here, just rapping about different subjects and maintaining a dope flow. Good track. Good

13. Never Give U Up

Oh No produces the beat and it’s very Kanye-ish, it’s really good. This track is about smoking weed and even MED can make this tired topic seem interesting. Good track. Good

14. Mary J Interlude


15. Get Back

Just Blaze produces the beat and it’s really uninspired, it’s like he didn’t even try here and the end result is a sub par beat. MED tries his best to carry the track but the beat is just so basic. The chorus is terrible with the beat changing up for the worst. This track is awful. Wack

16. Listen 2 This

DOPE!!!! Best track on the album. One of my favorite Madlib beats here. This beat is very jazz-like. MED just rips this track, rapping about various subjects. The only problem is that this track is way too short, but man this was great. DOPE!

17. Yeah

Nice Eastcoast sounding beat by Madlib, I can’t really describe it. MED does a good job on this track, nothing really special about it or anything, it’s just a good track, except the chorus is really annoying with the voice synth. Good

18. Nightlife(Feat Noelle Of The Rebirth)

Nice funky-ish beat by Madlib. Noelle does a great job with the singing in the background during the beginning. MED raps about the various subjects of the nightlife. I dig the chorus even though it’s so simple. MED & Noelle do a great job. Great way to end the album. DOPE!


All in all this gets a Good rating. Stones Throw once again deliver with a great album. MED could be the next big star, his flow & lyrics are top notch and he does a great job on this album. Cop it!

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