Max Julian – Smoke N Roll

Max Julian - Smoke N RollBefore I get started, yes this is former Regime member Mad Max.


1. Smokin N Rollin

Great way to start off the album, no stupid 30 second intro just straight music. Nice bouncy West Coast beat that you can bump in your car, Max raps in a deeper voice than he did with the Regime but he still raps tight on here. Good track. Good

2. This Is How We Get Down

Has an apoloyptic end of the world type sound in the beginning then resorts into pretty basic stuff. The repeated “This Is How We Get Down” sayings get annoying but once it gets to Max rapping it gets pretty good. Good

3. We Havin It

Your basic West song but it’s really good and something to bump in the ride. Max sounds more like Mad Max here which is pretty dope. Beat is pretty good on here as 3 different sounds take place and works pretty well. Good

4. L.A. L.A.

Song is about…of course Los Angeles. The beat is mellow and pretty dope with some decent guitar work thrown in there. Chorus is simple but it works, Max raps pretty dope on this. There’s a guest on here but the bad thing is he’s not listed as a feature which is pretty annoying, in fact there are some more guests, this is sloppy work on the album designer’s part because he should’ve listed the rap names. Still a good track. Good

5. I’m In Love

Wow this beat sounds like some 70’s sitcom haha, I guess Max is trying to channel Sanford & Son & The Love Boat at the same time. I really don’t like these kind of tracks, this is one of those slow, plodding, & boring tracks. Skip. Average(I do however dig the sitcom beat)

6. Forget About The Bad Times

Great starting with the sped up soul sample. Max raps about his struggles and such. Pretty good track. Good

7. On My Way Now

Boring beat, Max raps about his struggles growing up and making it in the rap game. Good lyrics but really boring overall. Average

8. Baby Girl

Really bouncy piano beat, not a very good track all in all. These tracks in my opinion suck because they have no value to them. Wack

9. Havana

Speaking of no value. This is like some low rent Fiesta Remix. Horrible track, seriously I cannot believe Max would stoop this low. Skip this and never look back. Train Wreck

10. Ready For A Thug

Looks like they’re getting the crap out of the way now because again this track sucks. I don’t care what you bought your girl and where you took your girl, seriously why would anyone listen to this garbage? This makes me despise current rap. Train Wreck

11. Hummer For The Summer

-Much better, I dig the bouncy West Coat beat, but the “Hummer for the summer” sayings are pretty annoying. This is about riding in a Hummer, yea great subject matter but it’s catchy so I’ll give it a Good rating. Good

12. Ready For War

DOPE!!! Here is the main reason to get this album! This is easily the ebst song in 2004! Max uses a Lord Of The Rings line which is kind of lame but he’s MAD MAX!!!! so he can get away with it. Beat is gangsta and easily the best beat of 2004! Chorus is great and you can bump this in the car, in fact I bumped this straight for 20 minutes in the ride just because it’s that dope of a track heh. DOPE!

13. C’Mon People

Annoying starting but once it kicks in it gets pretty good. It’s basically a club track but it’s still pretty good and well done. Nice bouncy gangtsa type beat and Max comes tight on this. Good

14. Pop Them Bottles

Yea I don’t care either, in fact the starting will automatically make you skip the track. Wack

15. Why You Wanna Hate Me

Decent beat and a really annoying chorus but Max carries it well and he channels the Regime here with the gunshot sound effects. Good

16. Just Cause I Didn’t Say

This is not the kind of sample to rap over, seriously. This is such an awkward track. Wack

17. Champion

Great way to end the album, see no stupid 20 second outro’s! Max showing the world that he’s here and that he’s….well a champion, pretty dope track with a Southern type beat to it. Good


I’m actually going to give this album and Max Julian the benefit of the doubt and give this a Good rating. No skits which is always good! If you’re a Regime fan then yes cop this, and you have to listen to Ready For War!

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