Killer Mike – Monster

Killer Mike - MonsterBig Boi from the group Outkast discovered Killer Mike. After that, he made a buzz in the rapgame and went on to make tracks with rappers and groups like Outkast, T.I., Bonecrusher and more. This album features hits like “Akshon (yeah!)” & the big hit “A.D.I.D.A.S.”


1) Monster (Intro) 

2) Monster

Right from the start Killer Mike is letting us know that he’s serious about his rap. You can definitely hear his aggressive style on this track. The lyrics he spit are raw and the beat is fast-paced and very nicely done. I also like the hook – it contains sample from a track with the techno group Prodigy.

3) Akshon (yeah!)

I’m not sure but I think that this was the first single of the album. Although I love this track, it shouldn’t have been the lead single. The lyrics/beat is just to complicated for the mainstream audience and that makes it non-radiofriendly for the mainstream radio listener. For a real rapfan that doesn’t care much about “Rap-Pop” this track will be tight. The beat is hot and the hook is catchy. Don’t forget to listen to the lyrics since they are tight too.

4) Rap is dead

Too many rappers still ride, Big and Pac’s dick “***** that, next year, they more deader. And I write more rhymes, more deadly and more better”.

With these words, Killer Mike is dropping one of the realest rap songs in a long time. This track is real controversial and I’m very surprised that many people still haven’t heard this yet. For those who haven’t heard this song I will let you know what the big deal is. Killer Mike is basically dissing everybody that is on Pac/Biggies dick – without saying names of course (but they know who they are). This track is basically a wake up call to everyone that is unoriginal. No rapper could have done this better then Killer Mike. His style is perfect for this track since it’s very aggressive. It’s the best track on the album and in my opinion it’s a track that everyone should check out!

5) Scared straight

This track is about the dope game. Mike is telling everybody what happens if they continue to sell crack. I like this track because he is dropping knowledge without making it corny or soft. Very tight track with a good message in it.

6) All 4 U (Niecys song)

The producers from Terror Squad ”Cool and Dre” are producing this track. They are using a vocal-sample that is very popular on the east coast. That’s why I’m very surprised that Killer Mike used this production since it doesn’t fit his category. Still I’m not disappointed because Cool and Dre are making a tight beat and Killer Mike flows tight over it. All in all a good track.

7) A.D.I.D.A.S. feat Big Boi 

“A.D.I.D.A.S is an other single from this album. This is exactly how a single should be; nice catchy hook and beat with a tight feature from Big Boi and radio friendly lyrics. Not only is this a perfect single, it was the reason I bought this album. For those who haven’t heard this track yet; Check it out!

8) Creep show feat Bizarre of D-12

I was very skeptical since Bizarre of D-12 was featured on this track, he isn’t exactly the best rapper in the game. That’s why I found it very strange that he’s dropping a tight verse here. As a matter of fact, this beat was perfect for the weird rapper from D-12. They pulled of a tight collabo and that surprised me.

9) U know I love u

Andre 3000 from Outkast gives Mike a weird but very funky beat. You’ll either love or hate it. I like the so-called Outkast sound so this beat sounds very good in my ears. Mike is making an “I love you girl” type of track. He pulls it of good without sounding corny. Even the RnB hook is good and will have you singing along to it. Good track, I suggest that you listen to it with your loved one.

10) Home of the brave feat Slimm Calhoun

Another banger by Cool and Dre. They definitely made the best beat on this album. Slimm and Mike make sure that this tight beat doesn’t go to waste when they are spitting hard tight lyrics over it. The hook is also catchy and one of the best hooks on this album. Tight track!!!

11. .L.I.V.E.

This is the only wack track from this album. I don’t know how to describe it… The beat is too weird for my taste. You hardly even hear it. Since the beat is so wack the lyrics and even the hook can’t save the track. Wack track that should have been left off.

12. Blow (Get down)

I like this track. It’s not the best on the album but its ok. I love the hook it’s catchy as hell. The beat is good too. This track could be tight at the club.

13. Sex, Drugs, Rap & Roll 

Laid-back rock beat with Mike rappin about Sex, Drugs, Rap & Roll. The theme to this track isn’t original since it’s been done about a hundred times but I still can’t front on the beat or the hook. His flow and lyrics are on point too. Good track.

14. Dragon 

This song is very deep and I wish that more rappers would make tracks like this. The beat is very dark and is one of the best on this album. I love the hook too, it goes well with the theme of the track. Killer Mike is dropping heartfelt lyrics that make you listen to them. Tight track! One of the best on this album.

15. Re-Akshon Remix feat T.I., Bun B & Bonecrusher

I don’t know if this track is better than the original. It’s tight tho but that’s what you can expect when you get features like T.I., Bun B & Bonecrusher. Since Lil Jon is producing this track and Bonecrusher is doing the hook this track can’t be anything but “Crunk”. These rappers should form a group since they made many tracks together and they’ve all been tight. God way to end the album with a crunk track.

Bonus track

At nr 30 there is a bonus track. Don’t know the name of it but it’s tight. Got a rock beat to it. Mike is dropping hard lyrics, so check it out.


This album really took me by surprise. I’m very impressed with Killer Mike on this debut album. If he continues to make albums like this he’ll definitely be around for a while. I think it’s good that he doesn’t sound like other rappers. He’s got his own style. He doesn’t rap about money or cars. He’s just spitting raw verses with a message behind them. I recommend this album to everyone and I hope that Killer Mike will keep his own, original, sound.

I give it 4/5 since it’s very original and fresh.

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