Fredro Starr – Don’t get mad get money

Fredro Starr - Don't get mad get moneyI don’t know how ya’ll feel about Fredro Starr, but in my opinion he’s a tight rapper who dropped a supprisingly good debut album with “Firestarr”. I’m not expecting this album to be as good as that album, but hopefully it is!


1. Man up (Feat. Dirty, Get-inz & X-1)

Man up is a track with a funky up-tempo beat. Fredro Starr, Dirty, Get-inz and X-1 are all doing cool individual effort and the track as a whole is a nice cut to start off this album with.

2. Dangerous

The first thing that’s coming to my mind while listening to this is how great Fredro Starr is flowing to this beat. The beat is a nice, east coast style, thing. The only bad thing about the song is that it’s only about 2 minutes long.

3. California girls (Feat. Dirty & Get-inz)

Judging from the title of this track, you’d think it’d have west coast production… Well it’s not, which is too bad since I’d like to hear Fredro over some g-funk shit. Don’t think that I’m complaining tho – The production is tight. Fredro’s coming out raw and the two “guests” got one verse each where they’re doing a great job. The hook’s nice too.

4. Rambo

I’ve heard Fredro Starr showing that he can be really wack, but once again he’s showing that he’s got a really nice flow whenever he chooses to put his mind into it. This track sounds like the east coast version of “In da club” or something. Dr Dre with an east coast touch. Tight.

5. Finer things

“Finer things” is some weird ass beat with some kind of fleut over it… Sounds weird but I’m feelin it. I’m not feelin Fredro’s shit over it tho. It’s cool but I’d expect better from him over this kind of beats. Not one of my favourite tracks on the album. Once again the length of a track on this album is under 3 minutes…

6. Just like that

I had to listen to this track a few times before being able to say something about it. The production is some rock influenced stuff with a funky touch on it. Fredro Starr is spitting some cool shit with a raw but still calm voice-style. With a better chorus this one would be a banger.

7. Yo Mike (Skit)

8. Funtime

“Funtimeeeee in the city, rollin to the club where the girls look pretty”… This slow jam is starting off with its hook and it’s tight! After that, Fredro’s spitting some tight shit about partying and just having fun. The way this track is produced makes me think it’d be really tight to smoke to… oh wait… it is!

9. All out (Feat. Sticky Fingaz, Begetz & X-1)

Before ya’ll get started – this track is NOT biting 2pac’s “All out”. It’s not a diss track and it’s just called “All Out” because they say all-kinda-skit out. Like “hang out”, “blow out” “work out”, etc. A cool quote is: “Suge Knight over the terrace, you gonna hang out”. I’d call the production a renewed Wu Tang kind of production with a Roc-A-Fella touch over it.

10. Timberlands

“Timberlands” is a track with wack production and weak verses. I guess some people will love the production, but I’m not feeling it. It sounds like something DMX or P. Diddy would rap over, but it doesn’t fit Fredro Starr at all and you can tell when hearing him over it right here.

11. Where’s the love

This is some Roc-A-Fella wannabe type of shit and it’s wack. Fredro should never do a track like this ever again! I like the chorus tho and with Jay-Z on there this one could actually be tight. Fredro Starr, if you read this, please don’t give up your old taste in production. The message is very good but this is the wrong way to get it out there! People will skip to the next track before you get your message out there! It’s true tho, there’s no love out there…

12. Don’t get mad get money (Feat X-1)

This is more like it. Tight production with Fredro *****ing up the microphone and a tight ass chorus! X-1 has been coming out tight this far on the album, but they coulda kept him off this one… But in the words of Fredro Starr; Don’t get mad, get money!

13. Reaper’s anthem

“Reaper’s anthem” is some rock influenced heavy “Lord of the ring” shit. I guess Starr’s a lil DMX influenced with the “WHAAT”’s in the backround but this is still one of my favourite tracks off this album. One thing tho… it’s too short.

14. California girls (Remix)

This is a remix off of track number 3, “California girls”. The original was really tight, but I still have a hard time deciding which one I like better. Both are very tight.


I reviewed the Fredro Starr album titled “Firestarr” before, and I think I gave it 4 out of 5.

“Don’t get mad get money” isn’t as good as “Firestarr”, but it’s still a good album. Most tracks had a tight production and I usually like what Fredro’s spittin. He’s got a raw style and a tight flow. The guests of the albums all came out nice, even tho noone really outshined Fredro Starr. I’d say this album is gonna grow on me.

The only thing that’s annoying about this album is that most tracks are shorter than 3 minutes.

I rate this album 3.5 out of 5.

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