Cassidy – Split Personality

Cassidy - Split Personality1. My Interpretation

Weird opera type intro but then it gets really dope as Cassidy spits some dope rhymes. The thing about Cassidy though is that he lacks substance but for what it is this track is good and is a nice way to start off the album. Good

2. Hotel(Feat R-Kelly)

You all have heard this and I cannot stand this horrible piece of fluff they call a single. R-Kelly is worthless on here and Cassidy’s style is not suited for lovey dovey type fluff, man I cannot stand rap love songs and this one is really cheesy. Wack

3. Lipstick Feat Jazze Pha

Club track but it’s really disjointed, Swizz does the intro and of course I could care less, it’s odd when Swizz usually does an intro the song seems to suck and this is no different. Wack

4. Get No Better(Feat Mashonda)

Another love song, Cassidy can not and I repeat CAN NOT do a love song, leave that to LL Cool J or Too Short(heh). I think Cassidy should be tearing it up over some “WW3” type Swizz production. This is just more fluff, skip it. Wack

5. Make U Scream(Feat Snoop Dogg)

Decent use of the Bootsy Collins “I’d Rather Be With You” but it comes off as cheesy. Cassidy once again dissappoints me by trying to do a rap love(Boy is that a *****in oxymoron) song. Snoop earns his pay by doing nothing note worthy. Average at best. Average

6. The Problem


7. Tha Problem

DOPE! This is what I’m talking about, the beat is nice and has an old school feel. This is what Cassidy should be spittin over. I think he’s alot better when his style isn’t toned down. Your standard Cassidy rips a hard beat but for this type of album it’s refreshing. Good(Not DOPE! material but still a very good song)

8. Pop That Cannon(Feat Styles)

Nice to hear Styles on here, dope Ruff Ryders vintage type beats with the “Whoooo’s” all over the place, Cassidy has some dope lines(“Sicker than full blown aids”) and Styles rips it. Good

9. Blood Pressure

I love the beat, it has an eerie type horror movie vibe mixed with dope guitars in it. Best track on the album, Cassidy doesn’t soften up here, he just goes balls through the walls on this one. Good

10. Can I Talk To You(Feat Jadakiss)

Nice old school james Bond type feel to it and man this song is really dope, maybe I was wrong this IS the best song on the album, I love the old villain type beat going on and Jadakiss only adds more dope to the mix. Cassidy and Jada make for a great team and this song shows it. DOPE!

11. Real Talk


12. Real Talk

Didn’t think Cassidy would use West slang but still it’s a decent track with a nice 70’s type soul beat, well I take that back it’s a good song and is above decent here. Cassidy has proved me wrong, he has substance when he wants to and this shows. Good

13. Husslin

What is up with the rodeo beat? Then it cuts to some 70’s soul type beat(HUH?) weird styles clash of beats and Cassidy sounds awkward and forced. Average

14. I’m Hungry

The beginning is annoying with the “I’m hungry” said a million times, yea you’re hungry we get it. Cassidy raps about trying everything he can to make money and never be poor again, it’s actually a good concept once you think about it and Cassidy convinces me that he will practically do anything to provide for himself and his family(If he has one). Good stuff. Good

15. Around The World

Really weird beat as it’s some eerie type beat mixed with women singing. I don’t like this track because Cassidy tries to be all “happy and friendly” and it comes off as cheesy. After the consistently good matches this album was getting towards the end I guess something had to stop it. Wack

16. Hotel(Remix)(Feat R-Kelly & Trina)

And well speaking of sucking. Really annoying beginning with 2 women talking on the phone. Same concept who cares about Trina’s rapping ability? I don’t, sure she may have a thick body and a decent face but she’s like death on the mic. Wack


All in all I give this an Average(Leaning on Good) rating, there were some really good tracks(And 1 DOPE! track) but it just seemed so forced and Cassidy wasn’t himself on a few tracks, alot of times he seemed awkward on songs and the some of the songs itself were atrocious. Pick it up if you’re a Ruff Ryders fan or in that case a Cassidy fan. Cassidy is a perfectly acceptable rapper and is capable of doing much better.

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