Canibus – Mind control

Canibus - Mind controlThis is Canibus 6th album to be released but most of this material was wrote between 2000 B.C. And C True Hollywood stories but money problems was the cause of such a late release and now I suppose it is a clever tactic as everyone is waiting for his return Hip hop for sell from releasing the dope Rip The Jacker. When listening to this you must remember this was wrote ages ago and was his and Ricky Lee attempt for an independent label and this is his attempt ti write deep lyrics from his typical battle raps. I’m going to give this score which first come into my mind.


1.33 3’s (4/5) 

This is a pretty good way to begin the album. Canibus does a sequel to Jay-z’s 22 twos with 33 3’s. On this record he bases everything around the number 3 and shows his creativity. The song doesn’t make sense althogether but it’s cool. The beat is quite uptempo which is made of this piano/keyboard instrument and Canibus flows well. In all good way to begin the album. The not making sense lowers the mark.

2. Canibus man. (5/5) 

I love the guitar in the background gives this an aggressive feel. You can hear scratching of his famous 2nd round knockout. This is really a typical Bis battle rap song which proves how great he is. The hook is alright pretty simple tho. This is pretty dope.

3. Atlanta. (3/5) 

The beat is nice on this one but yet lyrically this isn’t Bis at his best. He spits about how he love Atlanta yet isn’t he from New York? Nevermind about that tho he spits stereotypical stuff of a south rapper and even gives himself a south flow like Lil’ Flip about how. Like CTSH I think this is Canibus trying to be clever by chucking irony in it. Pretty average

4. Gybaotc (4/5) 

The beat is pretty alright but the drums I hate as they sound like a typical club shit which I don’t like tho the violin type of instruments and the guitar loop is pretty good. The lyrics are about strip clubs and are bearable if it was a different rapper but yet again it irony which doesn’t drag this down. The hook is pretty funny tho. It’s quite a storytelling story as Canibus is a customer and the lady rapper is the stripper. Its pretty hilarious as instead of being a rapper who is iced up and touches the *****es during they dancing but Canibus is a broke rapper who touches a stripper by accident. Pretty good

5. In the rain (3/5) 

The beat is alright and the lyrics are alright . This song is average at it best time and spits one of the most stupidest lines every “you don’t know nothing I said well at least I know something”. The trumpets are alright on this one. Canibus tries to be deep on this one but doesn’t come well. He looks at himself optimistic as a rapper/artist. The hook is pretty annoying. He flows well that’s another pro of this song which is painfully average!

6. Mind control (2/5) 

The title song of the album yet it’s a stinker pure filler. The beat is painfully average with it electronic based stuff. The hook is pretty poor as well. The lyrics are in storytelling form and he warns you the dangers of the career he does placing it in his shoes and how you should take control of your life. It’s a nice idea but Canibus doesn’t pull it off and wern’t expecting this from Canibus with the name of Mind control. With a name like this I was expecting shit about how he can control your mind and dope stuff but this isa attempt of Bis breaking Mainstream.

7. Last Laugh (5/5) 

This is pretty dope. The beat has a Jamaican/Caribbean feel which you don’t hear that much no more. The hook is pretty good as well. The second verse reminds me of Phuk you where he shows he skill by placing a sample with his lyrics which always shows skill to me. The lyrics in general are his battle advanced style which is great IMO.

8. Not 4 Play Feat. Kurupt (3/5) 

Alright when I read this I notice two of my favourite mcs together I thought great going to be my favourite but it like most of this delayed album incredible painful to listen to. The beat is pretty nice witht that string instrument in the background but the lyrics are just pain terrible if the name hasn’t gave it away. I would rate this a 2/5 but the beat brings it up a little.

9. Stupid producers (2/5) 

This is a storytelling track and it is average (what a surprise). The lyrics are about some producer and Canibus making a deal with each other and Canibus take shots at producers and certain flaws they have. The producer’s voice is annoying as ***** and the beat is pretty simple and can’t save this. It’s a nice realistic story but I don’t like the beat and I don’t like the producer voice. The best bit is when Canibus starts beating the producer ass! Yes give it to that squeaky voice Bis!!

10. Talk the talk (3/5) 

Again the beat has a nice guitar loop but something makes this pretty average (beatwise), must be that synthesizers loop thing which replaces the guitar loop. I hate the hook. He raps about how you can’t talk about him and his stuff until you been in his place. Again the lyrics are his battle type of lines. He does that “you can talk about this you can talk about that you can talk about anything you want” type of thing where each line concentrates on a word. The hook and the synthesizer shit makes this not get above average.

11. Nobody 

The beat is more of a slow tempo and again has that synthesizer stuff which I don’t like making the beat an average one. There isn’t any lyrics just talking down the mic which doesn’t end the way how he could go out IMO.


I would rate this 3.5/5 and his 4th best album out of six

When you listen to this album you must remember that this was written as his 3rd lp so you shouldn’t really put it against his new work and say how bad it was compared to it and say he fallen of because he has gotten back up since this was written. Production lets this down in most but it an independent company with one producer and has done his best. Lyricially he still good. Most song appear on a Canibus mixtape which also brings this down. This is just a filler for the anticipated album “Hip hop 4 sale” which will probably production from Stoupe and A rumour Is Kanye west.

Recommendation. I would buy this if you are a big Bis fan but if its your first album of Canibus then Buy Rip the Jacker. You shouldn’t try this if you are ignorant and not willing to try something new then “Dat Gangsta Shit!!!11oneone”

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