C-Murder – TRUest Shit I Ever Said

C-Murder - TRUest Shit I Ever SaidAnother album from an incarcerated rapper, which can sometimes be good and sometimes be complete shit. C-Murder, facing a life sentence on a shady murder charge, managed to complete an entire album from behind bars. Unlike Shyne and Pimp C, this isn’t previously unreleased material mixed with an occasional verse from a phone. Because of this, the entire album is up to date and fresh. The sound quality is questionable, but the album is more or less decent. To the Review:


1) Intro:

When first hearing, if you know anything about rap at all, you will know that this is reminescent to 2Pac’s intro on ‘Me Against The World’. By that I mean, that it’s basically instrumental with evidence and news reports read about C’s current situation. The beat is perfect, and it opens up the album well.

2.) My Life:

Produced by KLC, this track isn’t what I thought it’d be. It could’ve been better, but the beat is on point and C spits about his current situation and how his life has played out.

3.) Skit: 

A 15 second skit about being black.

4.) Stressin: 

Also featured on the new TRU album, this is one of the better songs on the album. 2 verses from C, but both are extremely on point over a Bass Heavy produced joint. The only weak part of the song is the hook, but still doesn’t take away from what it is – a good track.

5.) Won’t Let Me Out feat. Akon: 

Not anything new if you’ve heard the song ‘Locked Up’ by Akon ( which came out last September ), then you’re not really missing anything. C spits 3 short verses in quality that really sounds weak over the actual song. It would’ve been better if he didn’t sample Akon’s verse.

6.) Hustla’s Wife: 

A Daniel Kartel produced song, which sounds a lot like his other work ( meaning its heavily influenced with guitar rifts ). Overall though, a decent song, that could’ve been better talking about hustla’s wives. The sound quality is noticabley better then the previous track.

7.) Holla @ Me feat. Soulja Slim: 

Easily one of the best songs on the album, is another Daniel produced joint. Slim’s hook flows smoothly, and C spits 3 hard verses ( which is unheard of from him previously ). The only downfall is Slim is only on the hook, but never the less it’s still a good track. C shouts out Slim and his mama at the end.

8.) Skit # 2: 

Another skit that’s basically filler, skip it.

9.) Yall Heard Of Me feat. B.G.:

The first single off the album, is an X Filez produced track featuring B.G. The beat, the verses, everything is smooth and on point. Despite people sayin C, sounds lazy on this track, his verse actually works the track well, followed by B.G. who steals the track. Overall, one of the best songs on the album.

10.) Betta Watch Me feat. Fiend, Popeye: 

Former No Limit Soldiers – Fiend and Popeye reunite on this track, and it’s easily my favorite on the album. Fiend’s production is the closest to a BBTP sound that you will get, and Popeye and C rip the verses. One of the best tracks on the CD.

11.) Did U Hold It Down feat. Bass Heavy: 

A laid back track dedicated to C’s girl, Bass is on the hook, and the song is smooth. The sound quality is probably the best on this track, and it stands out in a good way on the album.

12.) I Heard U Was Lookin For Me feat. Montez, Capone: 

Another track with a BBTP type beat doesn’t dissapoint. C’s verse is the best here with lines like ‘In 2002, C-Murder died and later came alive/2005, Im saved and now Im back from the grave’. Capone from Queens and Montez from the ATL follow w/ hard verses.

13.) Back Up:

An XL produced joint, this song unfortunatley sounds weak. The beat isn’t great to begin with, but the flow over it sounds uninspired. It wouldn’t be that hard to flow over, but there is no improvement throughout the song. The album, almost completely playable all the way through, suffers from this song.

14.) Camoulflage and Murder feat. Mac, Curren$y: 

This song was released not too long ago by Curren$y, who jumped on the original C/Mac collaboration. The beat is shaky at times, but the song doesn’t dissapoint and it’s good to hear C and Mac on another song, because they never dissapointed in the past.

15.) Started Small Time:

Another good track, the beat, the hook, and the verses don’t dissapoint. The sound quality ( along with Did U Hold It Down ) is the best on this track, and it doesn’t dissapoint.

16.) Mama How U Figure feat. Ms. Peaches:

This is my 2nd favorite joint from the album, and it’s gritty. This is the vibe that some of the album should’ve had all along. C spits about his case, and how he’s destined for pain.

17.) Outro: 

45 second outro with the same beat as the Intro, with C shouting out fallen soldier – Soulja Slim at the end.


Overall, this album doesn’t dissapoint. When I first heard about this, I was skeptical because of sound quality and the fact that the ENTIRE album was being done while in prison. However, I’m glad I was wrong, because C delivers a solid album far better than C-P-3.com and Bossalinie. The lyrical game has stepped up completley with C spittin at 3 verses on at least half the songs. The production is flamez, and I’m glad the CD ended up dropping. Recommended to buy.

Overall: 4/5

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