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C-Murder - C-P-3.comThis is C-Murder’s 4th solo album in a span of only 3 years. While his previous albums all have a variety of concepts and music, “C-P-3.com” was heralded as C’s first album entirely under his TRU Records imprint (which was founded in 1998). The album was released well after No Limit’s decline, and features new TRU Records artists – T-Bo, Wango, New-9, as well as C’s brothers Master P and Silkk The Shocker.


1.) Start: Any fan of C-Murder knows that all his albums usually feature an intro, produced by C’s in house production team. This ‘song’ takes a slightly different approach, with C’s homeboys claming that “C-P-3.com” is so hot, it’s illegal.

2.) What U Gonna Do feat. Silkk The Shocker, Master P, Ms. Peaches: Released as the album’s first single, this track features TRU, and is a lackluster song in all aspects. Ms. Peaches’ reggae themed hook over this bland beat, make for a dissapointing track. Silkk’s style hasn’t upgraded any, and Master P has fallen off harder then ever.

3.) Don’t Make Me feat. T-Bo: Production is a key here, as C’s “Deadly Soundz” serves C, and Mystikal-soundalike T-Bo to a pounding piano loop to work with. While C sounds exceptionally lazy, T-Bo manages to save the song with a strong verse, and a noteworthy hook. Decent song at best.

4.) I’m Not Just feat. Soulja Slim, T-Bo: Quite possibly the best song released on No Limit in years. This song features Soulja Slim (fresh out the pen), supplying C with a classic hook, and verse, over great production. C-Murder’s verse is on point, and T-Bo provides another great verse. Classic song in every aspect, and was also released as a single (complete with video).

5.) Get Bucked, Get Crunk feat. T-Bo, Silkk The Shocker, Master P: Production is once again a plus here, as T-Bo very energetically puts together a nice hook. Unfortunatley, the energy C showcased in his previous albums is nowhere to be found, and Master P and Silkk The Shocker sound completely out of place. Decent song for T-Bo’s verse alone.

6.) Let Me See: C’s first solo track on the album is a weak attempt at a song for the strip clubs. C’s flow is is very lazy again, over this over the top beat. Below average lyrics (“Bounce left, bounce right/Girl you look alright”), weak production, and an even weaker theme make for a terrible song. Skip it.

7.) Boat Ride (Commercial): A pointless skit about a mob boss taking care of a snitch by throwing him off the boat and killing him. Skip.

8.) Criminal Minded feat. Afficial: East Coast No Limit affiliates – Afficial, show up to help C-Murder remake KRS 1’s classic of the same title. The beat is extremely old school (which is good or bad, depending on the listener), and C unfortunatley doesn’t do the original any justice. Once again showing that his energy and delivery has hit an all time low, this makes for another non-entertaining song.

9.) Don’t Matter feat. Erica Fox: Over very bland production, Erica Fox provides a noteworthy hook. Describing how it don’t matter what anybody else says, C-Murder details his come up in the rap game, with decent charisma. However, the hook, the beat, combined with the concept seems a little pieced together and awkward. Average track at best.

10.) Young Ghetto Boy feat. Ms. Peaches: Another remake of a classic song (“Lil Ghetto Boy” by Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Nate Dogg), this unfortunatley lacks the charisma Dre brought, the smoothness Snoop brought, and the hook Nate Dogg delivered on the original. C’s weak delivery make for a dissapointing remake, offering nothing new to the song.

11.) Ya Dig feat. K-Lou: Easily the worst song on the album, this song features a terrible hook, over a very simplistic beat. As C raps the first verse, he mistakenly chooses to end every line and bar with “ya dig”, making for an overall corny song. The ruggedness of “Trapped In Crime” seems to have all dissapeared on this album, most evident by this track. Skip at all costs.

12.) Drive Thru 1 (Skit): Trying to be funny, this skit features C and his boys pulling up to a drive thru of “Slophouse Chicken”, wasting 2 minutes of this album’s run time. Skip it.

13.) That’s Me: While this song is possibly the first track C-Murder has spit 3 verses to, the beat is completely boring. C’s delivery is mediocre at best, as the song runs on a little too long.

14.) Do You Wanna Ride feat. Slay Sean, Black Felon, Traci: Only the second great song of the album, this features fast paced production. C’s flow is on point, as he meshes well with the beat. Slay Sean’s delivery is the best on the album, and Black Felon (aka X-Conn) also does his thing. Traci (TRU Records affiliate), also works the beat well, making for a surprisingly good track.

15.) NL Soulja feat. Wango, New-9: Although this topic has done over and over and over and over again, C still finds a way to put a twist on the fact that he is a “No Limit Soulja”. Featuring his new click – The Cutt Boyz (Wango and New-9), this is one of the more entertaining songs on the album; which still isn’t saying too much.

16.) Drive Thru 2 (Skit): A continuation of the last ‘Drive Thru’ skit, which was boring enough. Skip it.

17.) Down 4 My *****es feat. Mia X, Traci: This song is a remake of last year’s monster hit – “Down 4 My Niggas”. While it is great to hear Mia X on the mic again, Traci isn’t anything worth listening to, and C-Murder isn’t even featured on the song. Decent song for Mia X alone. Otherwise, skip it.

18.) Thug Boy: Completely out of C’s element, this song features a very somber instrumental, with C’s boring and lackluster flow dragging the song down. The hook is as corny as it gets (“Whatchu want? I want my Thug Boy”), making it very hard to even begin to take this song seriously.

19.) Projects: Choosing to close the album out the way it should’ve started, C-Murder cleverly combines gunshots into the hook, and spits 2 very hard verses describing the dangers of growing up in the projects; specifically the 3rd Ward, New Orleans. Great song.

20.) Finish: Much like the intro, this is some futuristic outro featuring weird voices. Doesn’t even flow with the rest of the album.

In conclusion, this album is by far C-Murder’s worst release to date. Whether or not the album was rushed, or C just slipped up for the first time is debatable; but unfortunatley doesn’t make any difference. Even C’s compilation “TRU Dawgs” is better then this, and this was unfortunatley C’s last album for 4 years.

Overall Rating: 2/5

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