VA – Celly Cel Presents: Live From the Ghetto

VA - Celly Cel Presents: Live From the Ghetto 1. Dirty Work(B-Legit)

You know naming yourself after a great movie won’t equal a great song and this just proves it. Beat is by Bosko and it’s as basic as it gets, really boring stuff here as B-Legit raps about making money and what not, yawn. Wack

2. Let’s Get High(AllFrumThaI Feat Boo Kapone)

Nice beat here(By Binky Mac), really relaxing. This has a older feel to it and that’s a good thing. Chorus is a little silly but it gets the job done. Good

3. All In Your Face(Marvaless)

Some people don’t like Hollis’ beats and I believe those people smoke crack. Hollis produces a pretty good relaxing beat here, Hollis is one of the bright spots in the Bay/No-Cal scene. Marvaless does a good job here, she’s overlooked, you know people throw around the word “Remy Martin” and “Foxy Brown” around a lot but Marvaless is better than both. Good

4. Murder(Kingpin Skinny Pimp)

Weak track, you know I’m glad Celly is trying to make this compilation different but I cannot stand this Memphis rap, way too boring for me with slow “dark” beats and the word “murder” said a million times. Skip this. Wack

5. Goodfellas(Rich The Factor & Rush N Roulette)

Rich is a pretty good rapper, he had a different style and I dig that. Beat is mobbish and good. Rush also does a good job. Good

6. Thug S**t(SPM, Frost, Jay Tee, Rasheed, LiL One, & Bad Boy)

Yikes talk about a cluster***** ready to happen and it does just that. SPM is one of the worst rappers I have ever heard, seriously how can people like this guy? Not a bad track though, it’s sloppy but I like the beat and some of these guys do a good job. Good

7. Here Come The Stranglaz(Celly Cel Feat The Hillside Stranglaz)

Bouncy beat here, good stuff. Celly Cel does a good job introducing the Stranglaz, whatever happened to these guys? They weren’t that bad, and where is Celly Cel? He’s one of the best Bay Rappers ever, I’d cop a new Celly album. Anyway good track. Good

8. Go To War(Ghetto Mafia)

Beat is pretty good albeit simple. The rapping on this track is sloppy but it actually works. Not that bad of a track, in fact it’s pretty good. Good

9. You Know The Deal(San Quinn, Fully Loaded, The Riddla, & Willie Hen)

Done Deal track here, decent line up of rappers. Not bad of a track though I think San Quinn is heavily overrated. Everyone comes tight. Good

10. How Many B**chez(Richie Rich, Young C Major, & Hogg Boss)

I like the beat, the album title is goofy and the subject matter is stale but it works. Richie Rich actually sounds interested here. Good

11. All I Know(MC Eiht)

Beat is decent, nothing great or anything. MC Eiht hasn’t been good since Section 8 so I’m not feeling him here. Average

12. Biank Zone(Tech N9ne & Don Juan)

DOPE!!! Tech gets things started with a great intro, then Don Juan rips the first verse. I dig the beat, nice mob style beat. Tech takes the second verse and rips it, he doesn’t go crazy on the track, he takes it a little slow here and he still rips it. Chorus is basic but it fits. Don Juan with the third verse and it’s pretty good. Tech with the fourth verse and it’s the best on the song. Track is pretty crazy. DOPE!

13. Connected(Big Pokey & Nino of PKO)

I like the beat by Nino, it has an old school H-Town feel to it, sort of like something Fat Pat would rap on. Pokey is terrible, utterly awful. Nino does a pretty good job on his verse. Good

14. For Da Hood(Celly Cel)

G-Man Stan produced the beat and it’s not that good. Celly Cel tries his best but this track is just not that good and it’s all because of the beat. Average(For Celly’s work)

15. What Would You Do(Luni Coleone, Skee 64, & Mad Dog)

Hollis produces a pretty good beat here. Luni starts it off with a good verse. The chorus is weird but pretty good. Everyone comes tight here. Good

16. Live From The Ghetto(Riderlife)

Decent track, they try and everything but this album should’ve ended after the Luni track. Average

17. Get Em Up(Felony One)

Weak track, really boring, yup this album most def should have ended after the Luni track. Wack

18. Iz Ya Wit Me?(J-Biggz Feat Cool Nutz & Sarkastic)

No I’m not with you, in fact your track isn’t that good. I just don’t care about any of these guys and they make average music to boot, the first guy is really bad talking about parsley and Bob Marley. Don’t care. Wack


All in all this gets a Good rating, pretty good concept here as Celly was trying to bring all the sides together, it worked for the most part. Underrated compilation that should’ve atleast gotten some props. This album serves as a pretty good blue print.

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