The Luniz – Bootlegs & B-Sides

The Luniz - Bootlegs & B-Sides1. Scandalous(Feat Suga T) 

We start with an intro with C&H & Richie Rich discussing women, Richie Rich would’ve been perfect for this track. The beat is a nice funky pimp type beat and Yumouth starts off first with a great verse mixed with humor, man Yukmouth is an incredible rapper and this song proves it. Suga T has a decent verse, but I don’t really like her that much unless she’s singing. Numskull has the last verse and man he outshines everyone, Numskull is such a great rapper, he really needs a solo album out and I’m not counting that album with Clee. Yukmouth does a funny chorus making his voice low and sinister talking about ho’s being scandalous then adds a Wizard Of Oz reference to it. Good

2. Doin Dirt(Feat Dru Down)

DOPE! Now this is a track that should have been on Operation Stackola, they use the same beat Brotha Lynch Hung used for his 24 Deep song but they add that Luniz flavor to it. The chorus is so dope, they use samples from “C.R.E.A.M.”. Numskull starts it off with a great verse that only Numskull can do. Yukmouth then with a great verse, oh man this song is crazy! Then DRU DOWN! Dru has such a great verse, his flow here is crazy. Classic song with that Luniz flavor that only they can do. DOPE!

3. Dirty Raps

Beat is on some funky pimp shit, it’s ok but a little annoying. This song is about….well screwing ho’s, funny stuff though as the Luniz can make a dirty song into a humorous track. C&H & Dru Down do the chorus and they just basically talk over it. Yukmouth with a good verse. Yuk & Nukm carried the beat quite well. Good

4. Scope

DOPE! This beat is really weird, I can’t describe it, it’s just odd but very dope. “I know the whole deal on you tramps” is said like 5 times by Yuk in the beginning in this funny ass voice. Numskull starts it off with a funny and dope verse then Yukmouth takes the mic and rips the shit to pieces, man they’re flowing so smooth here, they’re riding this beat well. Numskull raps again and tells a pretty funny story about spilling his Kool Aid. Then Yuk raps again oh man this song is insane, I don’t know why this was never added onto Operation Stackola. DOPE!

5. Just A Freak

Same track as Operation Stackola, I have no clue why this is on here. I don’t really like this track, the beat is slow, the chorus is funny though as they twist the Barney song into something really dirty. Not into this track. Wack

6. Stupid

The outro to Operation Stackola is used as the intro here. Nice funky type song, great Luniz flavor here as Numskull starts it off with the typical dope Nummy Num verse. Yukmouth starts out calm then just rips it. Classic Luniz here. DOPE!

All in all I’m giving this a Good rating leaning towards DOPE!, a very dope collection of songs that never made Operation Stackola, some tracks deserved to be on Operation Stackola. It’s a pretty rare album but I hear they’re re-releasing it and adding some new tracks(!) so if you can find this then definetly cop it, and if not then wait and cop the rumoured re-release.

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