Tha Realest – Tha Death Row Dayz

Tha Realest - Tha Death Row DayzOk so I first now got my CD that I was waiting a long time for and when I got it, the CD cover was kind of low budget and I was like, man I paid $30 for this??? But anyway ***** all that, I popped the first CD in the CD Player and I was like daaaaaamn this shit is off the hook!!

CD 1:

1: Intro / Big Game Hunter

A dope ass intro with the sample of the Nightmare on Elm Street theme along with samples from Chronic 2000 and also samples of Tha Realest and other people talking about him, real good introduction to the CD. After that Big Game Hunter starts and this song is just a classic, the flow and beat is hella dope and it really brings back the Death Row feeling from the mid 90’s.

2: High Powered

This song is cool, the beat is kind of simple, but it goes. The track is only 1 min and 39 sec so it’s basically a album filler but it’s a good one.

3: U Can Count on Me

This track is real good, nice west coast vibe with real good lyrics about real homies who you can count on at all times. The track is hella laid back, so if you like to smoke, you just gonna want to light up a blunt to this one.

4: Syde 2 Syde ft. El Dorado

This track is another classic with a laid back west coast beat. Tha Realest talks about back stabbing homies and the life on the streets and he also throws shots at Eminem. El Dorado does a good job on the track too.

5: Drunk Drivin’ In My Glass House ft. Crooked I & Swoop G

Most Realest fans allready heard this track, but now it’s in full CD quality and the track slaps even more then before. Tha Realest, Swoop G & Crooked I do a real good job on this track. The track is just a classic.

6: I Wonder Does God Care? (OG)

This track is real good, the beat is dope Tha Realest is just speaking his mind about the way the world is in his point of view. His Verses are on point and the track goes hard.

7: Summer Time Fling (OG)

Well this track it says OG on the CD cover, but honestly I heard the OG track of this way back and it does not sound anything like this one, but don’t get me wrong, this one is good too. The OG beat on the leaked one is better though. The track is real good for cruisin around in the summer time or just kickin’ it with a fine lookin gurl.

8: Ghetto Prisonerz

The beat on this track is dope, has been used before on a 2pac track, I forget wich one right now…. Tha Realest’s flow is cool on this one too. He’s talking about the street life, snitches and his mission to find freedom. The featured artists on this track did a good job too. Defenitly a good track.

9: Can’t ***** With Us

This track is ok, the beat ain’t nothin special though. Tha Realest’s flow is ok too, he spits some real shit, but his flow get’s off beat a lil bit. This song is more of a album filler. You might like it or you might want to skip it.

10: For Money I Will

This track is just a classic in my oppinion. The beat is another laid back west coast beat and Tha Realest’s flow is real tight on this one too. He’s talking about the hustle and what people can do for money. It’s not a money track like people do now dayz, this track has a real meaning to it.

11: Incase I don’t wake up

Another track that most people probably allready heard before, but not in this quality that’s fo sho. This track is a classic nuff said!! 1 of the best tracks Tha Realest has ever done.

12: I Know I’ll Die Soon ft. Nutt-So

Now I thought this CD was only from Tha Realest’s Death Row Days, but nope apparently not. This song was made after his DR Days, but that don’t matter because the track is on the CD anyway. The beat is more of a East Coast Beat and Tha Realest does a real good job on his verse. Nutt-So is ok on his verse and the hook is all right. If the song was mixed properly the track probably would have been better, but because of the poor mixing the track is just another album filler.

13: 99 Bonnie & Clyde ft. VK

This track slaps. The beat is cool and everybody does a good job on the track. It’s more of a track where they showin off they skills on the mic.

14: Hustlin’ ft. San Quinn & Jewell

This right here is a good track to end the first CD with. It’s laid back, but still with a lil faster tempo. Everybody does a good job on the track, and the Jewell gives that sound of perfection on the track. Defenitly a classic.

CD 2:

1: Can’t Mobb Deep

A perfect way to start off the beginning of CD 2. A dope diss track where Tha Realest goes after Mobb Deep, No Limit, Bad Boy and everybody else he had beef with. The track could’ve had better sound quality, but I ain’t trippin on that because it’s good enough and the track is just a classic!

2: Kiss All Night ft. Doobie

A track for the ladies with a nice laid back beat. It has more of a East Coast feeling to it and Tha Realest and Doobie do they thing and it’s cool, but to me the track is just another album filler. I could skip it.

3: Just My Type ft. Sheeba Black & Blaqthoven

Another track for the ladies, but again it’s another album filler. The beat is nothing special, the flow is good, but that’s enough to save the track. The hook is good too, but it still ain’t enough to keep me listening to the track.

4: Played Yourself

yeeeeeah now after 2 album fillers comes a real tight track! The beat is real dope and has a lil bit of that Ruff Ryders feeling to it and the featured artist does his thing too. The only thing that brings the track down is the end of the track, there’s space for at least another verse and probably a hook, but instead all you hear is the beat.

5: M.O.B. ft. CPO Boss Hogg

Another dope track and this one goes real hard. The beat slaps, Tha Realest comes correct on his verse as well as CPO Boss Hogg. It’s DEATH ROW!!!

6: God Bless Your Thugged Out Soul

This track is cool, a nice layed back beat and the track sounds like it was probably done back in the late 90’s. The Verses are good and Tha Realest comes correct and spits some more of that reality shit. The only thing that brings this track down is the sound quality and also the mixing of the track. The track is good, but could be a lot better.

7: It’s better This Way

This track is ok…. Just another album filler in my ears, but hey, somebody else might like it. It’s a track for the ladies, but it’s not a hit.
I don’t know what else to say about it lol…

8: Ride For Me

Finally another classic track! A real good track for the females, where Tha Realest talks about having a girl who will ride for him. The hook is real good and has a female singing. This is what was needed after a few album fillers, a classic!!

9: Waitin’ for Jesus to Come part 2

A nice slow song about homies who passed on and trying to find hope in the streets. Another classic about some real issues that we all have to deal with.

10: We’re Untouchable ft. Amp Pacino

This track is a cool song about a relationship with a down girl who’s down to ride. The verses are real good and the beat is the type of beat you just wanna light up a blunt anc chill out too. A classic track.

11: Would You Be My Girlfriend

The name says it, another track for the ladies… The beat is cool, the verses are on point, but once again the quality was not the best.
The song is good though and that makes it worth listening too…

12. All Night Long ft. Jewell

And once again we have another track for the ladies, but this one is also a track that would be cool at the club. It has a cool clubbish beat to it and Tha Realest and Jewell are just made for doing tracks with eachother!

13: We Won’t Die (ft. Nutt-So)

The beat is simple, the flow’s are all right, but nothing special. I could skip this one, this is mix tape quality, not album quality…. It’s too bad that both songs with Nutt-So had to be this way, because they’re both artists who are capable of making a classic together.

14: Way 2 Real ft. Daz Dillinger

A great way to end the album… Tha Realest and Daz do a good job together, can’t complain at all. The beat is simple and has a closure feeling to it, so when you finsihed with this song you will feel that the CD has come to an end.

Ok, so I paid 30 bucks for this CD and when I got it and saw the artwork for the cover I was a lil bit dissapointed and there was no booklet with track info or anything inside it. When I heard the CD I kind of got over that part though because the CD is good. It has a few flaws but every CD has it’s flaws. Thanks to the classic material this CD slaps and is worth listening to, and I’m defenitly gonna be listening to this CD alot. The album fillers and the poor quality on some of the songs are what bring the CD down a lil bit and because of those tracks it can’t get a 5 star rating….. I give it 4 stars out of 5. Is it worth paying 30 bucks for?? well honestly NO because of the low budget front cover and it not having a booklet or even a back track list inlay. For 30 bucks I would expect to get more and better quality on some of the songs. I don’t regret buying it though because the CD is still unleaked and it does have classic songs in there that are worth the money, but honestly I just gotta say something to FTP: Y’ALL BETTER LOWER YOUR PRICES ON YOUR SHIT OR PUT SOME MORE MONEY INTO MAKING THE CD CASES LOOK PROFESSIONAL BECAUSE I GOT HOMIES WHO RELEASE INDEPENDENT CD’S AND THEY PUT REAL MONEY INTO PRESSING THEM UP WITH REAL BOOKLETS, REAL PRESSED CD’S AND THEY ONLY SELL THEM FOR 10 OR 15 BUCKS AND THEY GOT JUST AS BIG AND EVEN BIGGER NAMES THEN WHAT THA REALEST HAS!

Tha Realest & 730 – East 2 West

Tha Realest & 730 - East 2 WestTha Realest has a very strong work ethic. Hundreds of songs exist from his Deathrow period, and he has since backed that claim up, releasing countless more songs throughout the last 4 years. So when it was announced he had agreed to due an entire collaboration with Mob Life Records new signee – 730, for free, many weren’t suprised. Although recorded in 2005, the lack of pre-orders haulted it’s release, leaving many fans anxious and frustrated. Tha Realest, fed up with the situation, decided to show the fans some love and release the album via his website, in July, 2007.


1.) Intro

This is a 20 second skit to start the album off. It features a plane flying across the US, signifying the ‘East 2 West’ collaboration.

2.) Me & 730

Perfect way to really get the album going. Over a very bouncing instrumental, Tha Realest and 730 show great chemistry, trading verses throughout the track. Although the hook is a little corny, the chemistry between the two artists make for a great opening track.

3.) Who *****in’ Wit Us feat. Solja Boy

This beat is hard to describe. A mix between techno, pop, and southern influence apparent. Solja Boy and 730 work the beat well, but Tha Realest’s delivery doesn’t give the beat it’s just due. Decent at best.

4.) My Life Ain’t Easy feat. New Child, Captain Hook

An 80’s synthesizer is used, making for a very mellow beat. All four artists do exceptionally well, while expressing the struggles of their everyday life, over great production.

5.) ***** You

This song was the first song presented to the public back in 2005, when the album was originally recorded. Clocking in at just over 2 minutes; the beat is mediocre, and neither artist spits anything special. Skip it.

6.) I’m A Mutha*****in’ Gangsta feat. Swoop G, G Money, Known

Great, great song from start to finish. Over a mellow West Coast instrumental, Tha Realest’s reunion with former Deathrow labelmate Swoop G is a memorable one. Both artists stand out, and deliver good verses. Definatley recommended.

7.) Party On The Mob feat. G Money, Lil Bo

This song is West Coast certified all the way through. Over what sounds like something Dre is capable of producing, 730, Tha Realest, G Money, and Lil Bo croon the beat perfectly. Very, very West Coast, and one of the best tracks on the album.

8.) Beautiful Day (730 Solo)

730 introduces his single “Beautiful Day”, which boasts a thought provoking piano loop, but fails to garner any real attention. The lyrics are something more aimed towards the club, which ends up dragging the song down.

9.) I Don’t Know

This song is a very conceptual song. Both Tha Realest and 730 work this solumn instrumental, with a clever bass guitar string in the background, perfectly. This is more of an album track, and proof 730 can hold his own.

10.) Me & My Mu*****a’z feat. G Twin

Also released back in 2005, this track features Tha Realest and G Twin trading verses over a beat with a soothing piano. Great track, and remains fresh even 2 years after it’s initial release.

11.) Show Me Luv

This track is very country; and unfortunatley not in a good way. 730 is from New Jersey and while Tha Realest is from Oakcliff, Texas, he sounds somewhat out of place over this beat. If you can get passed the fact the production is underachieving, the delivery from each artist is above average.

12.) Easy To Be A Soldier Pt. II feat. Swoop G

When making a sequal to a classic, make sure you go about it properly. It’s hit or miss (see Snoop Dogg and “Still A G Thang”). “Easy To Be A Soldier” was released back in 1999 and was a harsh diss track directed towards Snoop Dogg and No Limit. This version features the same beat, and is directed towards nobody in particular. Nothing worth attention, and not even Tha Realest can redeem this track. A dissapointment.

13.) U Represent, I Represent feat. Captain Hook 

A very different type of sound is used here, and works great. 730 hops on the track, and absolutely destroys it, and the hook is excellent. Tha Realest’s verse is also on point (although his outro is classic) making for another great track.

14.) This Is My Life feat. Nzingha Shakur

This is more out of what was expected with 730’s solo. This track, from beginning to end, is very, very good. Nzingha Shakur soothes the hook perfectly, and 730 shows emotion on this track well.

15.) I Luv Bein A Nigga (Tha Realest Solo)

On one of the only mellow tracks on the album, Tha Realest pays his homage to Tupac once again (“And all day homie, we love to bang ‘Pac, cause deep inside our hearts, homie, ‘Pac won’t stop”). Great track.

16.) From East 2 West

Over a simple, uptempo track, Tha Realest and 730 finally touch on the cross country collaboration they’ve put together. Both east and west coast love is being shown here, as Tha Realest and 730 trade verses on each side’s prominent features. Great way to end the album.

So, thanks to Tha Realest, this album finally managed to see the light of day, and doesn’t dissapoint. 730’s east coast grittiness blended well with Tha Realest’s southern (but west coast inspired) delivery. While some songs are obvious fillers, and studio scraps, there are some classics (“Party On The Mob”, “My Life Ain’t Easy”) and for free, who can really complain?

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Tha Realest – Witness Tha Realest Mixtape

Tha Realest - Witness Tha Realest MixtapeTha Realest’s name is synonamous with ‘Pac biting. Ever since his debut in 1997 on the “Gang Related Soundtrack”, Tha Realest’s style, demeanor, and even tattoos and looks have been 2Pac related. Ironically signed to Deathrow Records for 5 years, Tha Realest made his name known nationally appearing on compilations like “The Chronic 2000” and “Too Gangsta 4 Radio”. However, after being shelved like everyone else on Tha Row, Tha Realest left after his contract expired in late 2001. Serving up the prequel to his national debut “Witness Tha Realest”, Tha Realest offers the mixtape (of the same title), which features renowned artists C-Bo, Kurupt, WC, Roscoe, Dru Down, and Devin The Dude.

1.) Street Lyfe feat. C-Bo, Jewell: A smooth piano loop is laced, as C-Bo serves up one his best verses in a while. Tha Realest follows (although a little off beat) with a good 16, while Jewell sings another beautiful hook. Good track.

2.) Tha Pressure’z Of Man feat. Crooked I: After garnering attention with their successful collaboration ‘Drunk Driving In My Glass House’, Crooked & Tha Realest return with this hard hitting track. Crooked I clearly steals the show, though, with his delivery, and equally impressive lyrics. Great collaboration.

3.) Everyday feat. 6’9: A laid back track, Tha Realest bounces over this smooth instrumental, with introspective lyrics, and deep message. Great track, and could’ve easily been used for his debut. Solid production, a smooth hook, and Tha Realest’s surprisingly deep topics make for a good track.

4.) The Life feat. WC, A-Bo, LBG: CLEARLY the best track on the album. This is the West Coast at it’s best. Featuring Westside legend – WC, Tha Realest serves up his best verse in a long time. After nearly 4 minutes of LBG, A-Bo, and WC tearing it up, Tha Realest comes with a noticable flow, very reminiscent of ‘Pac in his prime. Great track, and without a doubt, the best on the mixtape.

5.) That Don’t Make U My Gurl: East Coast production don’t suit Tha Realest; point blank. Southern beats and West Coast instrumental are what he needs to stick to, and this is a prime example. Over a soulful sample, Tha Realest tries his best to detail his struggle with women getting attached. Not a good look. Skip this one.

6.) R We Really Homiez feat. A-Bo: A-Bo guests again, and doesn’t dissapoint. Similar subject matter for Tha Realest, as they go back and forth over another smooth sample. Fake friends is the subject here, and while Tha Realest’s lyrics could use an upgrade, it still makes for a decent track.

7.) Nigga What: The first real southern-themed track, features Tha Realest in his purest form. While the hook is definatley as generic as it gets, Tha Realest rides the beat perfectly, making for a suprisingly great track. “Quicker then your average, a West Coast savage” is about as good as it gets.

8.) This Dream feat. A-Bo: Another deep track (to balance the mixtape out), features A-Bo once again. This, however, is obviously the deepest song on the entire mixtape. Over a dark instrumental complete with violin chords, Tha Realest pours his heart into this one. Good song.

9.) Ridin feat. LBG, Bonecrusher: This is yet another attempt at an East Coast crossover. While Bonecrusher rides the beat perfectly, and doesn’t dissapoint in the least, Tha Realest shows once again, while his style’s just not suited for NY flavored hip hop. Decent track, for Bonecrusher’s feature alone.

10.) Hoez’z Iz Trouble feat. A-Bo, Gonzoe, Finesse, Dirty Black, WC: A Regime rollcall (minus Yukmouth), features the Bay Area based group trading stories on troubling hoes. Smooth instrumental, plus good features from each artist make for a noteworthy track.

11.) Thug’n In Tha Summatyme: Great, great, West Coast summertime track. Featuring Nate Dogg-soundalike, Boskoe, Tha Realest rides this Westside banger smoothly. Zapp effects are used here, demonstrating Tha Realest can switch up the subject matter, and make a smooth, ride out song. Perfect for the BBQ’s.

12.) Why Iz Tha World So Bad: Despite the fact most of his song titles are a little too much like ‘Pac’s, Tha Realest serves up another above average track. As he questions why the world is so bad, the beat manages to save the song.

13.) ***** U If U Lonely feat. Tha Gotti Boyz: More of an R&B track catering to the ladies that are lonely. Tha Realest doesn’t care, cause he’s gonna ***** you either way. Good song, as I think most listener’s wouldn’t expect a more laid back cut like this.

14) Sumthin Like A Pimp feat. Devin The Dude, Dru Down: Although billed as the first single for “Witness Tha Realest” back in 2005, this song has been shelved for the mixtape, as a long 2 years has gone by. Never the less, this is cleary Dru Down’s song as his macadoshis flavor completes the track, and only features one verse from Tha Realest. Good song for Dru, only.

15.) 2 Live & Die 4 Tha Westside feat. Kurupt, Roscoe: Featuring D.P.G. brothers, Tha Realest ends the mixtape with another track similar to Tupac. In full blown war-mode, Tha Realest, Roscoe, and Kurupt correctly represent their coast to the fullest with this banger. Great way to end the album.

In conclusion, if you can’t get past the fact this guy sounds like Tupac, and you hate him for “biting” or “swagger jacking”, there is no point in even listening to him. But if you appreciate the music he actually makes as an artist (similar to ‘Pac or not), then peep this mixtape, as it is a very good apetizer to what his national debut could be. Hopefully all the years on the independent scene will pay off, and the world will finally be prepared to “Witness Tha Realest”.

Overall Rating: 3.8/5