Onyx – All we got iz us

Onyx - All we got iz usWhen i got this i already had Bacdafucup and that was brillaint. Onyx coming fromNY spit true street poetry. Their style is very paranoid,eerie and dark and grimy.

Life or death skit

typicial onyx wailing in the background. Very eerie and enchanting. The skit is about someone commiting suicide dont know if its a bloke and his mind or two blokes. Typical onyx skit which introduces the next song.

Last Dayz 

This is so *****ing dope you wouldnt believe it. This is one of the best beats in the world IMO. I can’t believe this is produced by normaly rapper Fredro Starr. Eerie dark beat which onyx normally do the best. A simple drum loop,some brass instrument outburst,strings (i think) with some soul sampling repeated to give it that eerie feel.The lyrics are of a dark matter, Suicide. Very consterverisal song. Everyone is on top of their game. Easily a 5

All we got iz us

Again very very good. The drums are quite rapid and uptempo and strings giving this a enegetic yet very eerie feel. Street poetry at its best. Fredro shines by his energetic flo. They flow well. Sticky is good aswell

Purse snatchaz

Alright when you look at the title you can tell what is the topic. This is dope. Again a simple drum loop with strings with samples of some singing giving this a very eerie feel. Their flows are crazy! They give a view about street life and what they do to get by delivering a very brutal and dark story.


This is great. To begin with the beat with very light piano keys seems very calm especially for Onyx. Then the drums hit the beats and onyx start spitting and make it one of their typical shouting violence songs. Very catchy lyrics and very good lyrics.

I Murder U (skit)

One of those onyx skits where a sample of them is played over and over a beat.

Betta off dead

This is good. To begin the eerie onyx wailing is played over and over while some shouting. Very simple drum beat and nice simple bass thumps and some weird sound effect like a g-funk sytheniser and the onyx wailing. The lyrics are shouted right at you, Onyx are prob the one of the only ones which can do this and not sound repeative and annoying. Really the lyrics are about how they are living, they are better of dead.

Live Niggaz

This is like betta off dead where they have them shouting. Its a hard beat to describe but its very good for quite a simple beat. The hook is very catchy.


To begin with we have onyx describing the different between a ‘real’ nigga and a fake ass nigga then a quick rappin bit is done. I surpose its surpose to be a skit.

Mos Def

This is great. With some keys twinkling in the background and is very good to create a calm atmospere and like the last two IMO very hard to explain but Great! Very catchy hook. The lyrics are the battle type/life lyrics onyx do good.

Act Up (Skit)

Like i murder u except take away the words i murder u and replace them with act up.

Getto Mentalitees

As the name says its all about thier Ghetto Mentalitys. How ruthless they are is easily shown with their battle type lyrics. Sticky tho goes on about how mistreated his family been and i like it more than the rest it is one of the best verses on this album IMO. The beat is a simple drum and some sort of instrument and at the end of a few bars a organ is struck. Like the last few very hard to describe.

2 wrongs

This is dope. To begin with some scatching of Mr. fingaz is played sayin “2 wrongs dont make us right but it sure makes us standard” which brang a smile to the face. Fredro deleiver a very political view about the justice system with lines like “It’s killin me, callin these factilities,correction” and is prob the best verse on the song maybe on the album fighting against stickys on the last. Again the scrathing is played. Then sonsee raps and again very policitial but seems sloppy seconds compared to fredro. Then sticky drops a verse and is verydope. Its like his ruthless yet knowing what he is doing is trying get even. The production is upto the dopeness standards. Very dope song

Maintain (skit)


Walk in New York

This is great. Like you can guess by the name the onyx paint a picture of their grimey streets of new yorks. The hook(s) is catchy and very simple. The beat has a hard hitting bass,simple drums and skipping of the record catches even more attention. Also what is a xlophone (these speakers are shit im finding it hard to explain especially hearing bass)Great way to end this practially Perfect Album.

Overall this album gets a 5

Overall this album has the mentality of the dark and grimey street like new york sound i like the best. this album has very dope lyrics and production is perfect. All songs are above 4 (meaning they get a 4.5 or 5)They spit street poetry which is believable. Their voices add to the paranoid status they are in. Onyx are one of the only poeples who can pull of shouting.

Recommendation :- BUY THIS DAMM ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Already got it? Then buy Bacdafucup (4/5). Got that? Buy shut em down(4/5). Got that? Then if you got money and a fan buy Bacdafucup part 2(3/5). There is one more *cough*Triggernometry*cough* but even tho the idea/concept was clver and lyrics might have been upto standards, the beats are very lame and just bearable at the best of times.