Madvillain – Madvillainy

Madvillain - Madvillainy1. The Illest Villains


2. Accordion

Nice beat by Madlib, he samples from Daedelus(“Experience” is the song). Really good track, and Doom flows well over it, this whole concept is great because it has Madlib doing all of the production and Doom doing all of the rapping(Well except for a few tracks). Great track. Good

3. Meat Grinder

Great starting before the real beat kicks in, I wish Madlib used the first one instead of the second. Nice dark beat here with some old 1950’s type beach sound that kicks in. Doom’s flow here fits the beat perfectly. Great track. Good

4. Bistro

Great little skit here, great beat by Madlib here, I wish there was some rapping over it. I can’t rate it though.

5. Raid(Feat Medaphoar)

I like the beginning as it sounds like Lootpacks “On Point”, but then a different beat kicks in, it’s a lot more bouncy. I dig the chorus here as it’s just weird voice samples piling up on each other. Doom & Medaphoar come tight, I like Medaphoar a lot, he did a great track called “Listen To This”. DOPE!

6. America’s Most Blunted(Feat Quasimoto)

Weird intro but it works. This track is great because it shows great chemistry between Doom & Quas. You know what this track is about so I’m not going to get into it. Doom starts it off with a great verse, then QUAS!!!!!!! with an even better verse! One of my favorite tracks on the album. DOPE!

7. Sickfit(Instrumental)

Yup this is an instrumental, it has an Asian feel to it with a heavy bass line, pretty good. Good

8. Rainbows

Eh, I’m not big into Doom’s singing, nice old school 70’s cop show beat by Madlib though, overall this track is average. Average

9. Curls

Pretty good track, the beat isn’t that great but Doom carries it well. Good

10. Do Not Fire(Instrumental)

Nice sinister type beat by Madlib, it has that evil Arabian feel to it. Good stuff. Good

11. Money Folder

Nice eerie type beat by Madlib. Doom does a good job, about 35 seconds into the track it cuts to some weird beat and no rapping very crudely, that was weird. Good

12. Shadows Of Tomorrow(Feat Quasimoto)

No Doom on here, it’s a Quas and Madlib track. Quasimoto starts it off with a pretty good verse, it’s not like your average run of the mill type verses. Madlib with a pretty good verse. Great track. DOPE!

13. Operation Lifesaver AKA Mint Test

Great track name. Beat sounds like something that Doom would produce. Good but short track. Good

14. Figaro

Nice bass heavy type beat by Madlib, beat is very low and semi dark. Doom does a great job on here as well. Good

15. Hardcore Hustle(Feat Wildchild)

A Wildchild solo track, you know I usually find Wildchild to be boring but he does a great job on here, in fact this is his best track ever. Madlib does a great job with the beat as well. Track is only about a minute 30 seconds but it’s great. Good

16. Strange Ways

I don’t really like this track, the voice samples just annoy me here. Doom does a good job on here though. Average

17. Fancy Clown(Feat Viktor Vaughn)

Well this is a Viktor Vaughn solo track(In case you didn’t know Viktor Vaughn is to Doom how Quasimoto is to Madlib). Nice beat here, has a nice laid back feel to it. Great track. DOPE!

18. Eye(Feat Stacy Epps)

Great track here, this is a Stacy Epps solo track and she does a great job singing the repeated lines over and over and over again. Madlib produces a really good beat here, it’s pretty relaxing, man Madlib is such an overlooked producer. Great track. DOPE!

19. Supervillain Theme(Instrumental)

Pretty good Madlib beat here, it has a sinister feel to it, like an evil villain is fighting a super hero(Stupid description I know). Short but good. Good

20. All Caps

This was the single to the album and the video to this track is amazing. The beat is so Doom-like it’s not even funny, sounds just like an old school super hero theme. Doom does 2 verses here with a nice chorus consisting of heavy bass & piano’s. Very original track. DOPE!

21. Great Day

Doom sings and I cringe, but he finally starts rapping and it gets really good. Nice beat by Madlib, it has a good jazz feel to it. Great track. DOPE!

22. Rhinestone Cowboy

Great beat by Madlib here, it has a nice singing sample on here. Doom does a great job here, nice way to end the album. DOPE!


All in all this gets a Good rating. Wow such a brilliant album, and the concept was pretty clever, have Doom rap and Madlib produce. Madlib tried to go for a Doom feel here with the production which was really interesting, he did a good job as well. Doom of course did a really good job on lyrics. You have to get this album!