Kastro & EDI – Blood Brothers

Kastro & EDI - Blood Brothers1. Makaveli & Kadafi Intro 

Just an intro no rating.

2. Desperation 

Good track, EDI starts it off as he raps about having no other choice than to smoke PCP, because his brother is successful and his girl been cheating on him. Kastro comes tight but his verse is short. Good

3. No More 

Standard new Outlawz track, boring beat but lets see if EDI & Kastro can carry the load. EDI starts it off with a rapid smooth verse, say what you will but EDI IMO was always the most consistent Outlaw. Kastro of course rips it. Song really doesn’t have a good beat but EDI and Kastro carry this and work their asses off so you have to appreciate that. Good

4. Lost Love 

Different beat, more rapid and EDI of course takes advantage of it, rapping fast and showing his versatility. Kastro does a slow chorus for the beat but he does it well, then Kastro raps and well it’s the usual which is always dope. You can say what you want abou the Outlawz but they bust their asses on songs. Song’s about the evil in people including the evil in drugs and money. Good

5. Never Givin it Up 

Dope guitar type beat, the chorus is pretty standard but that’s not a bad thing, everyone comes tight. Good

6. Just Us(Feat Dirty Bert Of Jerzey Mob) 

Beat is softer and it’s pretty basic and boring. They try, but that’s not going to save this song. Average

7. Born A souljah(Outlawz, Hellraza, & Yukmouth) 

Good track as it’s lyrical slaughter time! Noble starts it off with a vicious verse and seriously has this guy ever came wack? I never heard him come weak, he has always gave it a 110%. The chorus is good albeit simple. EDI with a good verse but not as good as Nobles so it comes off semi weak. Hellraza with a vicious but short verse then his brother Napoleon takes over with a vicious verse, man this guy has such a great flow. Yukmouth with the best verse and…they cut his verse short? WHAT!?!? They cut Yuk’s verse off! Doesn’t matter still a good song. Good

8. Same Shit Different Day 

Starting is stupid but gets good when the rapping starts going on. Everyone comes tight. Good

9. Thug Law(Feat Miko) 

Good song, EDI shines, but uses a dated Ras Kass line so I have to deduct points, still everyone carries their load. Good

10. Ride Wit Tha Lawz(Noble) 

DOPE DOPE DOPE!!!! Nice bouncy West type beat, the chorus even fits. Jersey’s finest right here, all we need are Treach, Chino XL, Redman, & The Outsidaz and it’d be the Jersey anthem. Best song on the album. DOPE!

11. So Wrong(Feat Jazzy Pha) 

Wow we go from dope to this? Ugh this song is terrible. Wack

12. Guns & Butter 

What a title name lol. Good track but the slow sneaky whisper type flow doesn’t work. The chorus has a nice piano beat in it but it’s pretty basic. EDI does rip it though. Good

13. So Hard(Feat Tre) 

Good track, even a Dogg Pound shout in the beginning. Nice bouncy weird type beat with a good singing sample in it. Tre’s slow then fast type flow is great, this guy needs a solo out. EDI with a calm but rapid flow(!). Kastro with a good verse. Good stuff. Good

14. It Is What It Is(Feat Big Syke & The Homie Wack Deuce) 

Beat is basic and boring, nothing special but it beats an outro. Average


All in all a Good rating. Nice effort by 2 of my favorite Outlawz. One problem was there shouldn’t be any guests, but you take what you can. This was EDI’s time to shine and he took the ball and ran with it. I recommend this album!