Habitt – Talk Of The Town

Habitt - Talk Of The TownOakland rapper Habitt is the first rapper to release an album on new label Fat Daddy Records. I’ve never heard anything from Habitt nor his label in the past so I had no idea what to expect when I started writing this review.

1. Marc’s Skit 

2. N From Tha O feat. The Luniz 

The album’s starting with a real nice cut from Habitt and the Luniz. The trio’s basically saying that they’re from “Tha O” as in Oakland. I’m definitely feeling the beat and all three MC’s are showing off with a tight flow and sharp lyrics. N from tha O is definitely a banger and a great way to start off the album even though it’s making me higher my expectation level for the rest of the album. Habitt’s proving that he’s a tight MC right away. Single material.

3. Cross Me Border feat. Ellie 

Cross Me Border is a reggae influenced cut with reggae singer Ellie on it. When I went on to fatdaddyrecords.com, this song started playing with a video to it so I think that it’s the first single but I’m not sure. If it indeed is the first single, it’s an excellent pick. The bouncy beat’s making it bound to be a song played at clubs.

4. We Got (Mooch’s skit) 

5. We Got 

The Mooch shit was a skit with Mooch telling Habitt that we, the listeners, need something more gangsta for the streets, and that’s just what’s given to us here. We Got has a harder hitting and darker beat. Habitt’s talking about the people on the street. It’s a real tight track.

6. Strictly Game feat. Blk Diamond & Queen 

Habitts label mate Blk Diamond’s making his entrance on the album on this track and I have to say I’m impressed. Habitt’s lucky he’s a tight rapper, or he would have been outshined by his label mates tight flow. Once again Habitt has gotten a top notch beat to work with.

7. Lessions feat. Ellie 

Lessions is a track for the chicks. Habitt’s talking about how he learned his lesion with a girl and that you shouldn’t hurt the ones that you love. I know, I know, it applies to everyone but since most guys won’t admit that, these kind of tracks are often said to be for the chicks. All the beats seem to be top notch on this album, so I stopped noticing the tight beats.

8. Shakin’ It Up feat Ken & Lamont Bentley 

Just like the title implies, Shakin’ It Up is a party track about being all up in the club. The beat’s more funky than clubish tho and I’d rather bump Cross Me Border or N From Tha O at the club. This is still a tight track that makes you nod your head to it. Ken & Lamont Bentley’s doing nice guest appearances and it’s all in all a track that I know I’ll be bumping several times.

9. Yvette’s skit 

Yvette Wilson’s skit is basically her telling Habitt that his strong pimp hand made her the hoe that she is. It’s obviously a joke and it’s a funny skit.

10. Have U ever feat. Knoc-Turn’al 

“Have you ever said something in your life that you never thought that you would ever say? Or better yet, have you ever done something in your life that you never thought that you’d ever do?” Habitt asks us. The content of this track made me forget about the review for a minute. It makes you think… I guess I was, like Knocturnal put it, “in the zone”. The beat’s average but the content of the lyrics still makes this a track rated above the average track out there.

11. Hypnotize feat. Ahu G Fort 

Hypnotize is on some Timbaland tip. Timbaland didn’t produce the track, but it’s got his style. The tight hook by Ahu G Fort and the laid back flow from Habitt makes this a smokers track. It’s got a musical depth.

12. Watchin’ Out feat Blk Diamond 

Blk Diamond is doing an other guest appearance on Watchin’ Out, and just like last time he’s doing it real good. I heard Blk Diamond was taught how to rap and flow by Tupac and if that’s true, Makaveli has once again set his mark in the history books. I’m already looking forward to Blk Diamonds solo album. Habitt’s showing off a real tight flow over the tight drum and bass based beat and it’s an other tight track from this album.

13. Come Get It feat Slim 

On this cut, I’d say the chorus is at the centre of attention. Don’t get me wrong; Habitt and fast female rapper Slim are doing tight verses, but when the hook kicks in you’ll have a hard time not singing along. The strong hook is what makes this track to be single material in my opinion.

14. Riders 

Riders is a rock influenced track with electric guitars and live drums on it with a metallic sound mixed in. I can imagine it being hard to find a flow for this type of production, but Habitt succeeds on this track making it a solid cut.

15. What U Need 

Habitt’s once again showing an excellent skill in writing and doing hooks. Others have proven hooks to be real important for a mainstream appeal so it can only be a good thing. I’m really feeling the verses on What U Need too, so the hook’s not as much the main thing here like on Come Get It. The thing I noticed when listening to the track was that I thought it was too short… but it’s 3:30 so I guess I just felt like I wanted to hear more of it!

16. Street Life feat Blk Diamond 

The last track of the album is just like an outro track. It’s like it was meant to be put as the last song on the album. He’s also shouting some people out at the end so I guess it was planned all along. I’m not trying to set a bad example for the kids or anything… but this is a track to smoke to!

17. Curry’s skit

Just a skit.

This debut album from Habitt and his label, Fat Daddy Records, surprised me. The album’s surprisingly well produced and Habitt seems to be experienced with the way he kept delivering tight cuts track after track. His flow and the way he built the hooks makes me think this album’s going to be a hit. Habitt’s also got a mainstream appeal with some radio friendly songs.

I’ve been bumping the album for a while and my favourite songs from day to day. It has songs for many different moods, and a rare solidity without a bunch of album fillers.

I rate this album 4 out of 5.