Sticky Fingaz – Decade

Sticky Fingaz - DecadeSticky Fingaz follow up album to his classic debut – Blacktrash.

1. Intro

a dedication by Sticky to his mentor Jam Master Jay along with Pac, BIG, Left Eye.

2. Let’s Do It ft. X1, Columbo

The computer voice in the background is crazy annoying. If it wasn’t for that, the production would be insane. It’s a slow flow by Sticky but it’s hard and dark. The chorus is simple but overshadowed by the robot voice ruining the track. Sticky’s brother X1 delivers a good appearance.

3. What U Here For ft. Omar Epps 

Another slow flow by Sticky which goes nicely over the beat, which is very repetitive and simple. Not much to the production. The chorus is insanely bad. Omar Epps shows up again on Sticky’s album.

4. Can’t Call It

An Arabic sounding beat in the background but the profuction fails for the 3rd time in a row due to the constant repetitiveness of the bassline. The chorus is another downfall to the track. Overall not a very good track.

5. Hot Now

Another slow flow to Sticky in this track. His lyrics are good but there are points in the track where he’s interrupted and then the chorus kicks in which runs too long for such a simple and not very catchy hook.

6. I Love The Streetz ft. Omar Epps

A more westcoast sounding track and a good flow by Sticky in all verses he drops. The first track on the album worth replaying. It’s a little slow, but not bad, average.

7. Bad Guy ft. My Quan 

The production is a little better on this track. It’s a little odd to hear Sticky collab with a R&B chorus. The flow isn’t too bad, the lyrics come nice. A good track to chill to.

8. Shot Up

Production on this track is dark and hard, something you’d hear in a movie which suits the lyrics and hardness to the track. His flow is nice and the track comes hard, even with the chorus. A tight track, more what you can expect from Sticky.

9. Girl 

Why this track followed Shot Up is beyond me. The styles are totally different, and not in a good way. Production is horrid, and Sticky’s flow/lyrics are shit. The chorus is annoying. Horrible track.

10. Caught In Da Game 

More singsong style to this track again, which just doesn’t work for Sticky. While his verses hit hard with good lyrics and a nice flow, production and chorus take this track down.

11. No More

Another R&B track but this time it works. Sticky gives a laid back flow that makes you listen to what he says in this relationship track. Production is smooth and laid back, decent track.

12. Do Da Damn Thing ft. Est, X1

Ahh man, the beginning of the track makes you think some hardcore grimey Onyx is about to hit, but you get let down quickly when it slows down and switches into some singing again. The verses are slow but not bad. The track isn’t bad but after the initial letdown, you can’t enjoy it.

13. Another Niguh 

You know when someone hits numbers on their phone in your ear, that’s what the production sounds like. Irritating. Sticky does the best he can over the horid production and disguistingly annoying chorus. Bad track, skip it.

14. I Don’t Know ft. Fredro Starr 

A Onyx reunion sampling a TV theme but it reminds you of JayZ’s Hard Knock Life with the children’s singing. A little too much and it ruins the track. Not very good.

15. Suicide Letter

Better production, dark and hard and Sticky delivers finally a track that you expect from him. Grimey as hell, the entire track is off the chains. Maybe it’s my headphones but the production seems a little too loud, but it’s bar far the best track on the album.

16. Just Like Us ft. Geneveese, X1

A slow track with grimey Sticky style lyrics, the production is good, it matches Sticky’s flow in the song. The chorus again is the downfall to the track.

17. Get Smashed Up ft. Tex and Thirty Seven OD

Song takes a while to get going but the production is banging, it’ll hit hard in your speakers and the verses roll nicely over the beats. Decent track.

After Sticky’s Blacktrash album a lot of fans were anxiously awaiting his follow up expecting another classic. But if you were to look up Sophomore Slump in the rap dictionary, expect to see this album’s cover as a diagram. After Blacktrash, rumours were that Dr. Dre was to overlook his second album and lay down the beats. Something you can only wish happened since the production on this album was horrible, plain horrible. The guest appearances were horrible, the choruses horrible, the attempts at R&B style tracks failed.
Sticky himself came decently with his flows but most of them were slow, laid back and not the hardcore grimey many fans come to expect. One word can sum this album up – disappointing. I don’t even want to get started on how bad it let me down. Hopefully the third installment will pick up, as a huge Sticky fan, I can only pray.
Rating 1.5/5

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