Snoop Doggy Dogg – Dead Man Walking

Snoop Doggy Dogg - Dead man walkingAround the same time Snoop was ready to drop “Tha Last Meal”, Suge and the staff of Death Row went into the vaults and released this album of previously unreleased tracks by tha Doggfather.

1. May I ft. Lil Malik – Production: Soopafly

Snoop has a nice flow on this track over a Soopafly beat. Reminiscent of tha Doggfather album. Snoop gives a few good shout outs in the lyrics to the other inmates on Death Row. The production could be a little better but it’s a nice speed to match Snoop on this track. The downfall is the chorus.

2. C Walkin – Production: Big Hutch/ Myrion

Hutch lays out a hard beat and Snoop gives a good laid back flow. While the track is nothing to party to it’s good to sit back and chill with. At times it reminds you of a young Snoop, but leaves you hanging as you almost expect him to let loose like he used to. Still not a bad track by any means.

3. Head Doctor ft. Swoop G – Production: Kurt Kobane

The single off the album on probably the best track. A nice beat, good verses by both Snoop and Swoop G, tight production throughout.

4. Hit Rocks – Production: Snoop/ DJ Pooh

Another track that reminds you of tha Doggfather with it’s bouncing beat. The production is definetely on point. A few recycled lyrics but it works well with Snoop’s flow. Takes a bit to get used to the chorus, but doesn’t let you down.

5. Tommy Boy ft. Daz – Production: Daz

As much as you may expect a Snoop/Dillinger collaboration to be off the hook, the beat is a little too slow. Not horrible flows but nothing about the track grabs your attention.

6. Change Gone Come – Production: Snoop/Soopafly/LT Hutton

Slow beginning with a weak jingle but Snoop starts to rip this song up. The beat makes you nod your head but when the chorus starts it takes the song down with it, you wish Snoop would just keep going. Would be a really good track if remixed with new chorus.

7. Too Black – Production: Snoop/LT Hutton

Slow flow to this track, it sounds like Snoop is storytelling but the lyrics go nowhere. Beat is repetitive and slow. It’s a great track if you feel like hearing Snoop mumble for 5 minutes straight like he just smoked 6 pounds of weed.. How many times does he have to remind us that he’s Snoop Dogg?

8. Gangsta Walk ft. Tha Dogg Pound – Production: Daz

A pretty good beat laid down by Dilli. Kurupt spits first and puts down an average verse for him. Snoop drops a decent spot. Daz uses much the same lyrics he did in “Gangsta Rap” on Dogg Pound 2002. Overall a decent track.

9. County Blues ft. KV – Production: Daz/Big Hutch

The beat gives the feeling of being in an old county jail in the south, with the harmonica going. Snoop gives a good spot about life in the pen and the gang life on the inside. An excellent chorus, but the skit in the middle of the song takes away from the tracks massive potential.

10. I Will Survive ft. Technique, Kurupt, KV – Production: Soopafly

Technique comes out of the gate spitting over a smooth Soopafly beat. Snoop slows it down, Technique then speeds it up, Snoop slows it down again. Kurupt gives a good chorus to match Snoop but there is no set tempo to the song. Snoop and Technique didn’t match well on this one.

11. My Favorite Color ft. Big Hutch – Production: Big Hutch

Hutch lays down a G-Funk beat but it still lacks something. Hutch’s verse matches his beat. Snoop does allright over the beat but you get the feeling the other members of Above the Law should step in and save the track. Tight chorus.

12. Me and My Doggs ft. Technique – Production: LT Hutton/Snoop

This beat is crazy, but oh wait, that’s because we already know it from tha Doggfather album when it was already a tight track. Recycled track gives us nothing we already haven’t heard. Unfortunetly, it’s also one of the best songs on this album.

Overall this album makes you wonder about the value of the infamous Death Row vaults. Did someone accidentely grab the discard bin? The best track “Head Doctor” would also be the worst track on “Doggystyle” or average on “Tha Doggfather”. The beats are average, the lyrics decent at best. Album is short, 12 tracks, be thankful for that.

Rating 2/5


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