Mobb Deep – Amerikaz Nightmare

Mobb Deep - Amerikaz NightmareMobb Deep first blew in the early-mid 90’s. Hip Hop fans loved their chemistry, Havoc’s dark, grimey production fit perfectly with Prodigy’s strictly gutter style. Since then, their music slowly evolves every time they put out an album, from their original dark shit to more piano-laced, to this.


Amerika’z Nightmare 

The title track starts off the album here. The beat is constructed from guitar riffs and a snare that seems too high. The shit that annoys me, though is the constant windy sound in the background. Prodigy’s verses here aren’t his usual illy, and Havoc’s is tpically nothin special. Neither is the hook. (Poor)

Win or Lose 

This is the first real deviation from the classic Mobb sound. Over a Jigga-ish, lavish-livin type (think of Annie) beat with horns and shit, and a sample of a woman crooning on the hook late 80’s/early 90’s “romance song” style, seems like a toast to the high life but it’s really about hustlin, doesn’t really fit. The verses are aight, again P’s better den Hav’s. (Decent)

Flood the Block 

The beat here is really hard to describe, but it gets type annoying after a while and it’s distracting. There’s some type of buzzing sound in the background that really does it. Havoc actually leads off here. Prodigy’s verse is much better. (Decent)

Dump ft. Nate Dogg 

A more urgent “action” beat with a crazy fast violin with a complex snare. Prodigy leads off, finally coming with his sick style, followed by Havoc trying his best…but what was Nate thinking with this hook? The hook god is good until the end of every hook, that monotonous “dump dump dump” throws the whole shit off. (Good)

Got it Twisted 

You can’t tell me you ain’t heard this recently. The Mobb’s first club banger (I think ever), and it’s not a bad first try. The beat is more like the older style den the previous tracks, it’s pretty good. My only problem is the subpar verses. (Decent)

When You Hear The 

AIGHT finally back towards typical M-O-B-B. Prolly cuz Alchemist produced this joint. The beat is annoying as hell, some type of discordant piano with a cheap horror movie horn thing. Sounds more suited to OutKast. P’s verses are nice, tho. (Decent)

Real Niggaz ft. I-20

Really 70’s style beat, Havoc comes on and raps a long, decent first verse. Prodigy comes on after and doesn’t do much better. HATE the hook, deep-voiced motha*****in I-20 (DTP) rumbling almost incoherently. (Poor)

Shorty Wop 

Hav n P are startin to scare me. This track is odd to say the least, it’s almost like G-Funk NY style. Listen to hear what I mean. Not that it’s a bad beat, it’s good. But the hook, is just *****in strange, and P’s verse isn’t in his style at all. Track really throws you off if you’re not expecting it. (Good [but *****in odd])

On the Run 

I really ain’t feelin this beat, at all. Shit is sloppy, chaotic and just doesn’t fit. On a high note Prodigy’s verse is some illy multies shit, but really that’s the only redeeming quality about the track. (Poor)

Throw Yo Hands 

Here’s the Kanye produced joint ehbody been talkin about. It’s a pretty good beat, creative in a good way, wit guitars and a bumpin drum track. As you listen to it it grows on you. Prodigy’s verse is some good shit, too. Even Hav has a good appearance. (Great)

One of Ours pt 2 ft. Jadakiss 

This is a beat I can feel. The snare is fast as HELL, can’t figure why, but otherwise it’s a pretty good beat. Jada spits his fire, does his thing for basically the whole song with Hav on the chorus. (Great)

Get Me ft. Littles, Noyd 

Seems to sample Raekwon’s classic song Criminology, slightly sped up with a weak, shuffley snare but backed up by a thumpin base..not really feelin it. The verses are good here, notably Littles’. (Good)

Real Gangstaz ft. Lil John 

Irrefutable proof that Lil John does not belong tryinna make dark beats and Mobb doesn’t belong on a crunk song. The beat is kinda disorienting, while you’re tryinna listen to Prodigy’s good verse, this construct of whistles and one deep, repeated piano chord is distracting you. It gets old and annoying pretty quickly. Best part about the song, besides P’s verse is the hook, REALLY not feeling Lil John come on and give instructions for the clubbers. (Poor)

Never Change 

A more interesting, better sound for the Infamous M; almost like they’re rhymin on a Pete Rock beat. It’s not a bad beat and it seems to fit the track pretty well. The hook is unimaginative, but Prodigy comes nice. (Good)

We Up

The beat here is heavily piano-laced with not much of a snare, but still a good beat. Prodigy laces it with a nice first verse, his next one is aight; Havoc comes next, his verse is of course nothin special. (Good)

Got it Twisted Remix ft. Twista 

Don’t like this one as much as the original. Same beat, same hook, but this time Prodigy’s verse is subpar and Twista’s not on his usual level, one of the slowest verses I’ve ever heard him spit and he’s not even that nice on this cut. (Poor)

Bustin ya Hammer 

I really feel this beat. It’s flutey, has a kind of Native American tribal/chanting flavor. For once I like the hook, verses aren’t good, aren’t bad. (Good)

We Don’t Love Em 

Some type of smooth, jazzy lounge beat. Real smooth, feelin it. One of the ‘woman *****in’ songs that has to be on every hip hop album after 97. P’s flow is sicc, lyrical tip is cool too. Not feelin the hook/bridge at the end, another monotonous hook that makes me ready to smash Hav in the face. Not really the perfect way to end the album. (Decent)


My Rating: 2.5/5

This album really disappointed me. I know Mobb is jus tryinna try a new style, but it’s really not workin for em, but a few really hardcore supporters of the Infamous like these joints. You could say something was wrong with almost every track, or you could say every track sucked but had redeeming qualities.

My Recommendation: D/L this and form your own opinions on it, if you like it cop it, if you only feel a couple joints keep those.

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