Daz Dillinger – Retaliation Revenge & Get Back

Daz DIllinger - Retaliation Revenge & Get BackArtist: Daz Dillinger¨
Title: Retaliation Revenge And Get Back
Lable: Death Row
Year: 1998


1. Gang Banging Ass Criminal (feat. Tray Dee, Soopafly, Kurupt, Bad Azz and Technique)

Great way to kick off the album. What a track. Basically features the whole Dogg Pound posse. Great production here. Perfect to freestyle over. Everyone for the most part is correct with their verses but Technique easily steals the show. Probably his best verse ever.

Technique: “The same thing, different place With snakes, cowards and strong grown Robbery cases, niggas faces On paperchase It was seen, it was written It ain’t forbidden For homies to be splittin’ Disagree, no one was hitten Known with the curls The many obstacles Impressions to the feet from gettin’ served”

2. It’s Going Down (feat. Kurupt)

Nice track. The production is good but after a while it get’s too repetitive. Daz and Kurupt both spit great verses. Nice chorus as well.

3. Playa Partners (feat. B-Legit)

Definently a favorite of mine. The track features Bay Area vet B-Legit. I love the production here. Nice bouncy G Funk. Both Daz and B-Legit are nice on this track. I wish they would work together more often.

4. It Might Sound Crazy (feat. Too $hort)

Classic track. One of the singles from the album. Basically a pimp song about females. Good track overall. Too Short and Daz make a great duo.

5. Our Daily Bread (feat. Kurupt)

Tight track from Daz and Kurupt aka Tha Dogg pound. The beat here sounds oddly familiar to 50 Cent’s “In Da Club”. Both and Kurupt spit great verses on the song. Surprisingly Daz outshines Kurupt.

Daz: “Revolved around forty-four niggaz for the rep Sweat the whole block with the Mack-90, automatic semi-tech Now the whole shit is respected Slowly but surely homies catching death wishes, and laugh You’re trying to catch a check you can’t cash I do, for the rapper the name and for the hood that I claim After the kill, it’s remains the same”

6. In Califonia (feat. Val Young)

The first single from the album. Definently a classic track. Daz flows over the bouncy beat nicely with is trademark style. Daz definently does California justice with this one. Val Young adds to an already great song with a smooth chorus.

7. Initiated (feat. 2pac, Outlawz and Kurupt)

Definently a hot track. Kurupt starts off the track with some crazy battle rhymes.

Kurupt: “For real I got it bought you the blue steel cowards hit the panic button thinkin’ that it was what it wadn’t shit’s hectic the bomb Vietnam rhyme Don with the semi-auto fracture your torso to ya spine the back cracker smack you with my verbals & graphic grammar My verbal murder strech from Alaska to Alabama”

Up next is Pac and The Outlawz. Pac’s verse is pretty good but Fatal totally outshines him and The rest of The Outalwz. Daz is last and his verse is nice, basically spitting gangsta stuff.

8. Oh No (feat. Tray Dee and J-Money)

Nice track. Like a lot of songs on the album it’s mostly about gangsta stuff and shit on the streets. The first verse by Daz is lethal, and it’s directed at all his enemies. J-Money is next and he spits a nice verse. And as usual Tray Dee lays down a hard ass verse.

9. Retaliation Revenge And Get Back

One of the few solo joints on the album. Daz comes off nicely on this. He flows perfect with the beat. Pretty angry track for the most part. The production is what really keeps you listening.

10. O.G (feat. Snoop Dogg and Nate Dogg)

Classic G Funk track right here. Definently a good track to ride to. The production is perfect here. Definently reminisent of 1994. Snoop’s first verse is classic. He raps about his first time getting arrested. Nate Dogg is really smooth on this track too.

11. Baby Mama Drama (fea. Lil C Style and Big C Style)

This is a song about how Daz’s ex-girl is filing child support to get his money and support her and her current boyfriend. Both Daz and Lil C Style come off really nice on this track. It was a little odd hearing Big C Style on the chorus, but he did a great job.

12. Only For You (feat. Val Young)

Really nice track. Daz raps about falling in love with a good girl. That’s not something your gonna hear often from Daz. Daz’s storytelling is nice and he flows well with the smooth production. Val Young is simply awesome on the chorus as well. She truly has a gifted voice.

13. Riding High (feat. WC)

This track features West Side Connection member WC. Good track. I really like the production. Soopafly is great as always on the piano. Daz’s verse is so-so, but WC comes off nicely.

14. The Ultimate Come Up (feat. MC Eiht and Bad Azz)

This is a great track. It has one hard ass beat. Definently a lot of bass. Daz’s first verse is about him and everything on his block. Bad azz’s verse is nice too. I love Eiht’s verse. He flows really nice with the beat.

15. Thank God For My Life (feat. Tray Dee and Bad Azz)

More of an introspective track from Daz and Tha Gang. The track is about trying to do right in life, even though life is hard. Daz also sings the chorus. It’s actually pretty good. I wish their were a few more tracks like this on the album.

16. Outro ‘Why Do We Bang’ 

Just the outro. Daz shouts out Death Row.


Overall rating: 4.5/5. Could possibly be Daz’s finest album. I would definitely recommend this album to any rap fan, especially if you like the DPGs. Daz is a very talented rapper and producer. Definently an album you should have in your collection.

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