Kurupt – Against Tha Grain: The EP

Kurupt - Against Tha Grain: The EPControversy just about defines this release. With the recent release of Deathrow’s unreleased songs and their vault slowly being emptied, Forthepeople Entertainment has brought forth yet another controversial album – Kurupt’s original “Against Tha Grain”, recorded in 03-04. This album is an EP, and consists mostly of disses to Snoop, and former Dogg Pound affiliates – Soopafly and Daz Dillinger; making for a very interesting project. Kurupt, himself, has also sounded off on the release of this album, trying to hault it’s production, having reconciled with Tha Dogg Pound. On to the review:


1.) Intro: Repetitive gun shots, and chaos ensues in the intro, as reporters from the actual John Gotti’s trial are being dubbed over, with Kurupt (aka Young Gotti) being heard in the background. Nice way to start off the album.

2.) Against Tha Grain feat. Eastwood, Tha Pentagon: A very simple bass line is being provided by Tha Row’s in house producers at the time. Kurupt takes advantage of the smooth production, paraphrasing Tupac’s “Ambitionz Az A Ridah”, and describing himself as a “Vietnam, Napalm, Gotti Guerilla.” Eastwood, who was also signed to Tha Row at the time, also comes very hard on this track. Great guest appearences, and a great beat, make for a great track.

3.) U Don’t Know Who U *****in’ Wit feat. Kokane: After listening to this track, it’s clear Kurupt’s vocabulary has stepped up a notch, compared to prior releases. However, the beat is lacking something, and former Dogg House affiliate Kokane’s singing brings this track down. Although Kurupt’s lyrics are on point, it’s a bit under what the potential of this track could be.

4.) No Vaseline Part 2: WOW just about sums this track up. Quite possibly the hardest diss track heard in years, Kurupt takes his then feud with Daz, Snoop, and Soopafly to a new level. Over Snoop’s original classic “G’z & Hustla’z”, Kurupt flips the hook (“This is for the g’z, and ***** all you bustas/this is for you bustas, you fake ass g’z”). Just when you thought the track couldn’t be any better, about half way through Kurupt flips Snoop’s “Murder Was The Case” and goes on yet another lyrical onslaught. (“You went from Deathrow to doin porn, to poppin Cris with shit in it, saying you the Lt. of No Limit”). An album highlight, at the least.

5.) One Thangs Fo Sho: Classic Deathrow production is laced here. As the instrumental starts to pick up, it’s clear Kurupt is using this track as yet another oppurtunity to destroy any credibility Snoop, Daz, and Soopafly have. Even taking a shot at Eminem, Kurupt’s lyrics fail to garner as much attention or charisma as the last track, but still make for an entertaining track.

6.) One Thangs Fo Sho (Reprise) feat. Danny Boy: Personally my favorite track on the album, long time Deathrow singer Danny Boy reverses the original concept of the “One Thangs Fo Sho”, and harmonizes over the instrumenal making for a very laidback track, with Kurupt featured on the intro, and adlibbing the end. Great song.

7.) Holocause 3000 feat. Eastwood, Gail Gotti: Another classic track. Featuring a well used Arabian sample, “Holocause 3000” is another diss track to the Dogghouse camp. Eastwood follows up with a good verse (also getting at Snoop), and Kurupt’s fiancee – Gail Gotti, does the same. Classic track, and probably the album’s second best behind “No Vaseline Part 2.”

8.) Just U & Me: The definition of a Westcoast beat, is what Forthepeople Entertainment chose to end the album with, and it’s easy to see why. While the album was filled with disses and hard felt feelings, Kurupt effectivley bounces over this loopy instrumental. Good track, and obviously better then what is being put out today.

So, was this album worth the hype? I think it’s apparent the answer is yes. This was obviously a time in Kurupt’s career (during his return to Death Row), where he had a lot he felt he had to air out. Whether he was Suge’s mouthpiece or not is still in question, but the entertainment of these tracks alone make for a good purchase. Album highlights include “No Vaseline Part 2”, “One Thangs Fo Sho”, and “Holocause 3000.” Support future Forthepeople Entertainment projects to hear more of that classic Deathrow material still left in the vaults.

Overall Rating: 4/5

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